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Year Two

Welcome to Year Two!

Autumn Term 2




Above is the topic overview explaining what we will be looking at in each of the curriculum areas.


We have been very busy learning about two significant individuals: Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole.



Can you remember who was called The lady with the lamp?

Who grew herbs and plants to make medicine?


Click here to find out more information about Florence and Mary 


Whilst on a walk around the Cold East Woods learning about things which are alive, dead or have never lived for our science learning, we came around a mysterious blue egg! 




We were so excited, we decided to take it back to school. In the afternoon it cracked out and out popped THE CHRISTMASAURUS! He came with a chapter book written by Tom Fletcher and we all decided to read it. Our learning so far this half term has been around The Christmasaurus.


One morning, we found The Christmasaurus had eaten some paper and we realised he had not had anything to eat or drink. So, we learnt about instructions and in groups we followed recipes and made special Christmas cookies for him. 


He ate them all and he wrote a note back wanting the recipe! So, we used our imperative verbs to write our own recipes which we gave to The Christmasaurus to take back with him to The North Pole.

Autumn Term 1

'Super Sarisbury'


Above is the topic overview explaining what we will be looking at in each of the curriculum areas.


So far this half term we have read the story Dear Teacher written by Amy Husband. We found it really funny because the character Michael kept giving excuses why he could not start the new year at school. In our classes we wrote to our own teachers with some very funny excuses why we could not come to school. Some of the excuses involved being stuck on the moon! 


We loved learning and performing Please Mrs Butler written by Allan Ahlberg. Check out our amazing performances on Tapestry.

Playground CCTV

Still image for this video
This morning as we came into school, we found a red cloak, a basket full of fruit and some giant paws outside on the path. We quickly came to the conclusion they all belonged to the story of Little Red Riding Hood. We then watched the below 'CCTV' footage of the big bad wolf walking around the playground!

Parent Information





This year we will be continuing to use Tapestry in Year 2. We will use it to communicate with parents any year group messages, children's home learning, as well as some of the children's learning in class. Please speak to your child's class teacher if you need any assistance to access Tapestry. 


Year 2 Presentation


Please click on the below link to see a copy of the powerpoint

we shared to explain what happens in Year 2. 


Our Learning Journey 


Our Vision



The Year Two Crew