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Music at Sarisbury 2023-2024

World Nursery Rhyme Week



The whole school took part in World Nursery Rhyme Week by learning a different nursery rhyme each day. Year R had a focus PLOD on nursery rhymes and they also performed for their parents as part of a sponsored sing whilst dressed up as their favourite nursery rhyme character. KS1 performed all of the songs as one huge choir during Singing Assembly. 

World Singing Day

World Singing Day is the global sing-along for everyone. Each year on the 3rd Saturday in October, people all over the world gather in groups of all sizes in schools, pubs, parks, plazas and homes to sing and celebrate

our common humanity. People of all ages, backgrounds and singing abilities can join in and sing. 


The 2023 World Singing Day Song of the Year was an upbeat version of “Lean On Me” by Bill Withers. This event was shared with all children and they were encouraged to send us any recordings of them singing their favourite songs!

Music at Sarisbury 2022-2023

Ukes of Wallington

We were very lucky to welcome the Ukes of Wallington into school to play for us. We really enjoyed listening to the songs they played and sang along to the ones we recognised. We clapped along to the beat and really enjoyed welcoming them into school. 

Sounds Recycling Workshop

The children took part in a Sounds Recycling Workshop where they got to make music with recycled bins, beaters and buckets. It gave the children a chance to practise their listening skills, develop their coordination and also learn how to make strong rhythm patterns. It was so much fun!

World Music Day

We all came together as a school to begin the day and did some singing, listening and performing to 'Shotgun' which the children really enjoyed. They then went back to their classes to perform the songs and dances they have been working on, as well as lots of other activities too. 

King's Coronation

We all came together to perform the songs we have been learning to celebrate the coronation of King Charles III. It was wonderful to hear the school choir sing and join together for such a special occasion. 

Year 1 Spring Assembly

Year 1 performed to all of their grown-ups some songs and poems all about space as part of their current topic. They also performed the 'Michael Collins' song that the children have been learning as part of their music curriculum in class. 

Turner Sims

We were lucky enough to be visited by the staff at Turner Sims and 2 jazz musicians. We learnt all about the instruments they play and really enjoyed the music.


Their mission is to 'share live music that connects, move and inspires people through extraordinary experiences in our venue and beyond.'

Christmas Plays

All of the year groups performed magnificently for all of the other children across the school, not forgetting their families too. 


Year R - The Nativity


Year 1 - A Wriggly Nativity


Year 2 - The Night Before Christmas

Year 2 Sing, Shake and Sway!

Year 2 did a sponsored 'song, shake and sway' in order to raise money to buy a class set of glockenspiels for the whole school to use. They managed to perform for an entire afternoon with lots of singing, dancing and playing! They were such Enthusiastic Eddie's showing off their musical talents as well as being just like Resilient Rosa whilst they waited for the other children to perform. 

World Nursery Rhyme Week



The whole school has taken part in World Nursery Rhyme Week. We have learnt and enjoyed singing a different nursery rhyme each day! Here they are below:



Year R took part in a sponsored sing where they all dressed up as their favourite nursery rhyme character. 

Some of the children in Year R were lucky enough to visit the residents at Ancasta Grove where they performed their nursery rhymes and chatted to them too. It was wonderful to share our love of music with them. 

We came together as a whole school for a performance of all of the nursery rhymes we have been learning. It was so lovely to hear the children singing and enjoying each of the songs. 

Music at Sarisbury 2021-2022

Year 2 production of Mermaids and Pirates

Year 2 performed to their families for the final time as part of their leaver's assembly. They did an incredible job and amazed us all with their acting and singing!


Year R Titchfield Drama Performance

The children watched the performance of The Three Billy Goat's Gruff where the narrator asked for their help to retell events in the story. They thoroughly enjoyed joining in with the special song!

Whole School singing together for the Queen's Jubilee

We came together as a whole school for the first time in a very long time to perform all of the songs we have been busy learning to celebrate the queen's jubilee.

Marvellous Music Day!



We were lucky enough to have a drumming and percussion workshop run by Tim at Rhymicity which everyone thoroughly enjoyed! The main theme of the session was 'Sammy the Spider' which was all about friendship and we met some of his special friends too. We learnt about rhythm, beat and how to use our voices and instruments at the same time which got quite tricky!


The children took part in a range of different activities in each year group to develop their singing, composing, listening and performing. These included:

  • Singing songs as a class and as a year group
  • Making music using scarfs and using a variety of movements 
  • Creating and making musical instruments
  • Using our bodies as a musical instrument
  • Creating our own musical compositions using symbols
  • Listening to a range of different music and thinking about how it makes us feel and what we can hear. 
  • Learning poems and accompanying them with instruments
  • Made marks to music thinking about what we could hear

Here is the display in our school hall to celebrate all the amazing learning that took place on Marvellous Music Day.