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Whole School singing together for the Queen's Jubilee

We came together as a whole school for the first time in a very long time to perform all of the songs we have been busy learning to celebrate the queen's jubilee.

Marvellous Music Day!



We were lucky enough to have a drumming and percussion workshop run by Tim at Rhymicity which everyone thoroughly enjoyed! The main theme of the session was 'Sammy the Spider' which was all about friendship and we met some of his special friends too. We learnt about rhythm, beat and how to use our voices and instruments at the same time which got quite tricky!


The children took part in a range of different activities in each year group to develop their singing, composing, listening and performing. These included:

  • Singing songs as a class and as a year group
  • Making music using scarfs and using a variety of movements 
  • Creating and making musical instruments
  • Using our bodies as a musical instrument
  • Creating our own musical compositions using symbols
  • Listening to a range of different music and thinking about how it makes us feel and what we can hear. 
  • Learning poems and accompanying them with instruments
  • Made marks to music thinking about what we could hear

Here is the display in our school hall to celebrate all the amazing learning that took place on Marvellous Music Day.