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Year One

Welcome to Year One!


Please keep an eye out on our page for regular updates on what we're learning as well as other important information we would like to share with you. 

Our Vision




This year we are continuing to use Tapestry in Year 1 as a way to keep communicating with our parents. We will be sharing what we're learning each week, any assessments we carry out, home learning and the sounds we're learning each week in phonics. Please speak to your child's class teacher if you need any support. 


Parent Information

Here is a copy of the leaflet we emailed home to help you support your child's reading at home. 

Here is a copy of the Phase 4 and Phase 5 High Frequency Words and Dory we have sent home. These can also be found in the back of your child's reading diary and on Tapestry. 

Here is a copy of the guidance we sent home so you have some ideas of what to write in your child's reading diary. 

Here is a copy of the powerpoint we sent out to parents to explain what happens in Year 1. Please go onto Tapestry to find the video from staff. 

Here is a copy of the recent document we sent out to share ideas and ways to develop a love of reading in Year One. 

Our Curriculum Learning Journey

Let's Go For A Walk...

Summer 1

Our topic this half term will be focused on learning all about journey's through different text drivers. Our first book will be Handa's Surprise written by Eileen Browne. 

Here is a copy of our Curriculum Overview Letter for this topic. 

We have had a very busy few weeks! We have really enjoyed reading Handa's Surprise where we learnt an oral story to help us retell the story. We have also been practising balancing objects on our heads like Handa as well as doing some fruit tasting, fruit printing, weaving paper baskets and think about thinking about adjectives to describe the fruit and the animals. 

The Queen's Jubilee

We are starting to learn all about Queen Elizabeth II. We are really lucky to have some books from the library to help us and give us lots of information. 

To Infinity and Beyond!

Spring 2


This half term we will be travelling through space! Watch this 'space' to see how our learning takes flight...

Here is our new Space role play!


Our main text drivers for this topic will be:




We will also be reading other fiction and non-fiction books all about space. We are learning some space poetry and learnt one call 'Roll Call Planets' to share with our parents during our class assemblies. 

Look at the displays in our classes of the children's amazing work! We have been busy designing new planets, retelling the story of Man on the Moon and we have been thinking about what we would take with us on a trip to the moon. We have also learnt about the different planets in the Solar System. We are really looking forward to our school trip to the Winchester Science Centre!

Resilient Rosa Writing


Here is our new Resilient Rosa Writing! Our current focus is to promote independent writing and we know that this area will be very well used by our children. 

PTA Gardening Cub

Thank you so much to our amazing PTA who gave up their time to help us do some gardening in preparation for our upcoming Spring Day! All the tyres, pots and flower beds are ready for our children to do some planting. 

Educational Visit to Winchester Science Centre


The children really enjoyed our trip to the Winchester Science Centre. We visited the Planetarium and learned all about the planets that are in our solar system. We built rockets and made them fly! We also got to explore the interactive zones too which we really enjoyed. 

Spring Day

We all came to school dressed in spring coloured clothing in exchange for any bulbs, plants or seeds as part of our whole school Science week around the theme of 'Ready, Steady, Grow!'. We had a busy day of learning planting sunflower seeds, doing observational drawings of daffodil sprouting plants, designing new pots, leaf rubbings, seasonal paintings, making a bird box using construction as well as decorating a cup and planting cress seeds ready for them to sprout some hair!

Cold, Cold, Cold

Spring 1


This term our topic is all about Antarctica and the animals that live there. Here is the link to our Curriculum Overview letter to find out more information about we will be teaching. 

For the first part of our topic, we have been focusing on our Antarctica Enquiry and our focus book has been 'Lost and Found' written by Oliver Jeffers. We have made predictions about what we think the story is about and have written our own endings for the story too. This story has also linked to our Geography learning where we have been looking at mapping and the geographical features of Antarctica. 

For the second part of our topic we have been looking at the Penguin Enquiry. We have read The Emperor's Egg written by Martin Jenkins and have been learning all about the different types of penguins that live in Antarctica. We have learnt about the life cycle of a penguin and how it keeps the egg warm until it hatches. We have also been looking at other animals that live in Antarctica, especially those that are a threat to the penguins! 

Here is some of the children's work which is on display in each classroom. We are really enjoying our topic so far!

Our final focus book for this topic is The Great explorer by Chris Judge. We have linked the fiction with the non-fiction, thinking about Captain Scott's journey to Antarctica. 


We were lucky enough to have one of our parents - Mr Simpson - from Turtles come to speak to us about his own expedition to the Arctic! He helped us to make comparisons between the Arctic and Antarctica, as well as talking about Captain Scott's expedition. He showed us some photos of his journey as well as the equipment and clothing he took with him. 

Just look at our amazing penguin hand puppets! We did these as part of our Art learning this half term where we learnt to thread a needle, cut material and embellish the final design. 

After Dark - Autumn 2




We have been busy practising for our Christmas play in our classes and this year we are doing Wriggly Nativity! The children have worked so hard to learn the songs, perfect their acting and dancing and we are so proud to share the plays with our parents. 


Watch this space for the Christmas fun and activities to appear!

Owl Babies

We have been reading the book of Owl Babies written by Martin Waddell. We have learnt the oral story, we have sequenced pictures from the story and we have written the story in our own words using our story paths to help us.


We have been learning all about owls as part of our home learning and we have also been learning about other nocturnal animals in of our science. 


We have used what we have learnt about owls and other nocturnal animals to create our own fact files. We have been learning about the different features and have been spotting them in non-fiction books too.  


As part of our 'Love of Reading' Rainbow Challenge, we have been reading other books written by Martin Waddell.


We have also been looking at stories about nocturnal animals as well as non-fiction books to find out more information. 

Remembrance Day

We celebrated Remembrance Day and thought about the soldiers who fought in the war. We wrote about why Remembrance Day is important and thought about why we wear poppies. 


We learnt a poem all about Remembrance Day and recited it in our classes. 


We made a wreath using our own handprints and poppies we had drawn ourselves. 




We created our own art work using a silhouette of a soldier. We used pompoms and red paint to create the poppy shape and then used a black pen to make the centre of the poppy. 


Be Bright Be Seen Day enlightened


We wore bright clothing to school so we can be seen in the dark! We had a great day learning all about road safety and how to keep ourselves safe at night time when we're crossing the road, walking the dog or riding our bikes or scooters. 




We have learnt the following chant to help us when we cross the road:






We were lucky enough to have Mrs Milam come to speak to us about how she keeps herself safe when she's running. She showed us the bright clothing that she wears and the lights too. Even her dog has a light-up collar so he can be seen in the dark too! 



Fire Safety Day


We have been doing lots of exciting activities throughout the day. We have been creating bonfire art, made posters to show how we keep safe with fireworks, listened to fireworks and thought about what shapes they were making. We also used water pistols to put out 'fires' outside as well as making our own fireworks using the rainbow ribbons. 





Hampshire and Isle of Wight Fire Rescue Service



We were lucky enough to have the Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service come to visit us today as part of our fire safety day! We met Jo the firefighter who taught us what to do if there is a fire and how to keep ourselves self at home. 




We learnt this rhyme to help us remember...


Matches and lighters never touch,

They can hurt you very much. 


Here are some more photos from our amazing day of learning!


Welcome back! We came into school this morning and look what we found! We are wondering what has happened?!


Here is a copy of our curriculum overview for our topic - After Dark. 

Once upon a twisted tale - Autumn 1



 Here is a copy of our Curriculum Overview letter with further details of what we will be looking at in each of the curriculum areas. 

This half term our topic is called 'Once upon a twisted tale' where we are focusing on reading different traditional tales. We will be looking at The Three Little Pigs, Jack and the Beanstalk, The Little Red Hen and The Three Billy Goats Gruff. 


We have been practsising our writing skills lots - we have been learning about speech bubbles, creating story paths, retelling the stories we've been reading as well as writing a new ending! We have enjoyed learning the oral stories with the different actions to help us remember the order of the story. We've had great fun acting out the stories and pretending to be the different characters. We are getting very good with the voices too! 

Rainbow Challenges



Rainbow Challenges form part of our Continuous Provision. The children are asked to complete a range of activities throughout the week that link to the 7 colours of the rainbow. When the children have completed each job, they get to put their coloured lolly stick into their individual rainbow. We celebrate every Friday with our celebration song and everyone who has completed their jobs gets a special Rainbow Challenge sticker! The jobs cover different curriculum areas and allow the children to apply what they have learnt previously and they also help them to develop their independence.



Our Provision


Our shared area can be accessed by all of our 3 classes as part of their continuous provision during Discovery Time.


We have:

  • Block Play
  • Role Play
  • Enquiry
  • Construction
  • Curiosity Cube. 


The children have access to many other areas of provision in their own classrooms as well as in the outside area. 

Our Outside Area

Here is our amazing outside area which has been lovingly developed by our dedicated team. The children really enjoy using this space as a way to continue their learning and build on what they have learnt in Year R through continuous provision and set activities linked to our current topic, as well as our weekly Rainbow Challenges. 

Our Classes


 Turtles Class


Lobsters Class


Seahorses Class