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Year One

Welcome to Year One!


Please keep an eye out on our page for regular updates on what we're learning as well as other important information we would like to share with you. 

Our Classes

Our Vision


Parent Information


We use Tapestry in Year 1 as a way to keep communicating with our parents. We will be sharing what we're learning each week, any assessments we carry out, mental maths, and the sounds we're learning each week in phonics. We will also be sharing a weekly handwriting focus too. Please speak to your child's class teacher if you need any support. 

Here is a copy of the powerpoint we sent out to parents to explain what happens in Year 1. Please go onto Tapestry to find the video from staff. 

Our Classrooms

The team have worked so hard this summer to get the classrooms ready for our amazing children!

Our Provision


Our shared area can be accessed by all of our 3 classes as part of their continuous provision during Discovery Time.


We have:

  • Block Play
  • Role Play
  • Enquiry
  • Construction
  • Curiosity Cube

Our Outside Area

Here is our amazing outside area which has been lovingly developed by our dedicated team. The children really enjoy using this space as a way to continue their learning and build on what they have learnt in Year R through continuous provision and set activities linked to our current topic, as well as our weekly Rainbow Challenges. 

Rainbow Challenges



Rainbow Challenges form part of our Continuous Provision. The children are asked to complete a range of activities throughout the week that link to the 7 colours of the rainbow. When the children have completed each job, they get to put their coloured lolly stick into their individual rainbow. We celebrate every Friday with our celebration song and everyone who has completed their jobs gets a special Rainbow Challenge sticker! The jobs cover different curriculum areas and allow the children to apply what they have learnt previously and they also help them to develop their independence.



Our Curriculum Plan


Here is an overview of our curriculum learning journey for this academic year. 

Our Reading Journey in Year 1


Here are our chosen focused texts for each of our topics throughout the year. We will also be reading additional books to enhance the children's wider reading which include fiction, non-fiction and poetry.


Our Curriculum Learning Journey

Summer 1

Turrets and Tiaras

Our topic this term is all about dragons and castles. Our focus text is Billy and the Dragon written by Nadia Shireen. 


We have been looking at character descriptions, using adjectives to describe them. We thought about each of the characters and created a path to retell the story. 


We have had some focused days:

  • World Art Day
  • Harri Heart Day
  • Year 1 Spring Day
  • History Day


World Art Day

We focused on the artist Joan Miro and created art based on his work. 




Harri Heart Day

We recapped the PANTS rule and how to keep ourselves safe both inside and outside of school.



Click on the link to find out the song we sing to remind ourselves about the PANTS rule. 

Let's talk PANTS with Pantosaurus! | NSPCC


Spring Day

We came to school dressed in Spring clothes and took park in lots of activities.

  • We all planted cress seeds to create grass in the gardens we created. 
  • We painted trees to show how they change through the seasons.
  • We used crayons to create rubbings of objects in the outside area.
  • We helped to plant lots of donated plants in the Year 1 outside area


Here is all of the amazing learning in our classrooms:

Spring 2

To Infinity and Beyond


Our learning next half term will be all about Space and the expedition to the moon. Our key text drivers will be:

Here is a copy of the Curriculum Overview Letter which explains all of our learning for this half term.

We returned to school to some very interesting CCTV footage and an extremely peculiar scene! Over the weekend a space shuttle had crash landed on the playground and left behind some clues. We described what we could see and made a prediction about who might have left it there. See the picture below of what we saw.

We have begun this half term by reading the book 'Man on the Moon' and have focused on describing the different settings in the book. In guided reading we have spent time exploring 'The Smeds and the Smoos' and have focused on the different parts of the book, the character/setting descriptions and have learnt more about the well known author Julia Donaldson. In science we have been busy learning about the different seasons and the effect this has on the weather, animals and plants. In History we have what we already know about the first successful moon landing and have begun to learn about Neil Armstrong and his Apollo 11 crew. 

Spring 1

Cold, Cold, Cold


Our learning next half term will be all about Antarctica and penguins. Our key text drivers will be:

Here is a copy of the Curriculum Overview Letter which explains all of our learning for this half term.

Our topic is in 3 different enquiries:

  • Antarctica enquiry
  • Penguin enquiry
  • Explorers enquiry


We began the term by reading 'Lost and Found' written by Oliver Jeffers. We made predictions about the story, we innovated the story and wrote our own endings too. We used the story in our Computing too where we used pictures from the book to help us on Tux Paint. We learnt all about Antarctica and the animals that live there.


We then went on to read Emperor's Egg where we learnt all about penguins and how many different types there are. We looked at fact files and learnt lots of interesting facts before making our own. 


Our final enquiry taught us all about Captain Scott and his expedition to Antarctica. We thought about what we would need to take on the journey if we went ourselves. We had a big question to answer as part of our History - 'Who was Captain Scott?' to show what we had learnt throughout our topic. 



Autumn 2

After Dark


This half term we will be learning all about what happens at night time! 



We started our topic by learning all about The Gunpowder Plot to find out why we have firework night. We welcomed in the Hampshire Fire Service to talk to us about how to keep safe if there was a fire. We have also learnt about firework safety and how to keep ourselves safe in the dark. We finished off our focus week with a 'Be Bright. Be Seen' day where we all dressed up in bright coloured clothes to keep ourselves safe at night time. 



Our key text drivers for this half term are:


Here is a copy of our curriculum overview letter which gives you information all about our learning for the next half term. 

Autumn 1

Once Upon A Twisted Tale

The children have been learning our oral story all about The Three Little Pigs.

We have acted out the story, learnt actions to help us remember the key vocabulary and time connectives as well as creating a story path. The children have been impressing us with their writing by choosing a picture from the story and writing a sentence to go with it. We have been tracking our learning journey on our writing walls in each class which the children are using as a reference point to support them in their writing. 

We have moved onto our next key text driver which is Jack and the Beanstalk. We have learnt the oral story and remembered the actions we had learnt from when we did the Three Little Pigs. We have been practising our writing skills and have written sentences all about the story. In Music we have been looking at Goldilocks and the Three Bears which is another traditional tale. 

Here are photos of our classrooms which celebrate all of the amazing learning we have done so far in Year 1. 

We visited St Paul's Church to learn all about how Christians celebrate Harvest. We found out that they sing songs, decorate the church with flowers and other autumnal treasures, they give food to those who need it and they also have a special supper for Harvest where everyone comes together to celebrate the food we have. We came back to class and the children were able to recall how Christians celebrate as part of our RE learning. 

Here is a copy of the curriculum overview letter sent out to explain our learning for the next half term.