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Sarisbury Infant School prides itself on its inclusive approach, and the Governing Body has ensured that an appropriate range of policies has been in place to guide the work of staff and volunteers in this area. The Equality Act of 2010, through the Public Sector Equality Duty, requires the school to have due regard to promote disability, race and gender equality and to produce a single policy and action plan. 


This is intended to ensure that every child and every adult in the school community:

· is treated fairly

· is valued as an individual

· is able to participate to the full whilst at school, and

· is encouraged to aspire, and helped to achieve.

Equality Objectives 2019-2023


The ongoing objectives we have set ourselves for the next four years are to:


1. through tracking ensure that vulnerable groups and those with protected characteristics are progressing in line with the wider school population


2. increase the proportion of children from ethnic minorities reaching greater depth in WRM


3. monitor attendance at extra curricular activities including after school clubs, ensuring that children from all groups and backgrounds have access to additional learning opportunities


4. review ways to improve access for all families to attend school events


5. ensure that the needs of EAL families and those with additional communication requirements are met by reviewing communication methods with these groups


6. broaden the availability of school uniform suppliers


7. annual review of school cohort to understand the school community and its needs


8.  Covid Planning.  In the event of school closures or periods of self-isolation, ensure all groups have equal access to online learning tools, paper resources and vouchers (where applicable)


9. Ensure the principles of the golden anchors of inclusion are implemented across the school, giving every child an equal chance of success.