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In Year R we use Tapestry as a way of showing your child's learning journey in school. It is a way of communicating with our parents as well as sharing any learning each week. We working in partnership with parents and would love to see any 'Wow' moments from home too!



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This is why we wear uniform at school.

Spring Term 2 

This term we have been exploring 'Our Wonderful World'. We have looked at different places and compared the landscapes of locations both near and far. We have thought about whether they are hot, cold, wet or dry places and if they are natural or man-made environments. We thought about a world without colour and what this would be like.

We created some artwork which were half with colour and half without. We discussed which we preferred and why. 


As part of World Book Day we focused on the book 'Clean Up' for the week. We explored the country Jamaica and found it on a map. We talked about similarities and differences between our country and Jamaica. We had a focus on recycling and did a litter pick as part of our welly walks. 


Learning about how to look after Our Wonderful World led us nicely onto our next PLOD called 'Ready Steady Grow'. We began by looking for signs of spring in the environment. We also learnt about the life cycle of a frog and and the new life which comes in spring. We explored how we grow and change as humans and looked at our baby photos and talked about changes that have already happened. We focused on the book 'Once there were Giants'. The children were astounded that even the teachers were once babies too! 

To tie in with Science Week and our Ready, Steady, Grow learning we had a focus on growing plants. We had lots of fun exploring all about plants during the week, from planting our own sunflower and strawberry plants to exploring our investigation areas in our classroom.  

Spring Term 1


Year R have been exploring the PLOD 'Tell me a Tale' and have been busy enjoying lots of different books written by Julia Donaldson. We began by reading 'Charlie Cook's Favourite Book' and talked about our favourite stories and why we liked them. We created our own class voting system for the stories which our grown up's read at the end of the day. The children write their name on the list of the book they would like to be shared and the story with the most votes is the winner! Over the past few weeks we learnt more about healthy eating through reading The Highway Rat. We made our own tasty fruit kebabs and learnt how to safely cut fruit with the 'bridge' and 'claw' hold. We made our very own tie's for The Smartest Giant in Town and explored the skill of collaging. We enjoyed role playing as George the Giant and thought about the key parts of the story. The next book we learnt about was Superworm. We made our very own creature puppets practising our cutting skills and used the Beebots to save Superworm from Wizard Lizard! Then we shared the story of 'Zog' and learnt more about how dragons are also significant in Chinese Culture. We found out about how Chinese New Year is celebrated and learnt how to say some words in Mandarin. Finally, we read the story 'Room on the Broom' and used our sound knowledge to write a potion recipe list. 


Autumn Term

Year R have been busy learning all about school! We have had a lot of new rules and routines to learn as well as learning all about each other. We have talked about our families and shared our Summer Scrap Books which we made over the summer. We have been following the Sarisbury Charter and so far have learnt about the CREW characters Caring Carla and Resilient Rosa. We have been learning each other's names and thinking  about how to be a good friend.  

The Year R Crew