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Family Links


We are pleased to be able to offer friendly, non-judgmental support and the opportunity to talk things over with our experienced team.


We are here to help support children, parents and families.


What does Family Links offer?


A link between home and school - by working together we can help your child to achieve in their learning.  Our aim is to encourage and maintain a strong positive link between home and school.


Support and guidance - a chance to talk through concerns or problems.  All discussions will be confidential and shared in accordance with normal school practice if necessary.


Guidance about things which have an effect on how your child gets on at school - behaviours, attendance, punctuality, routines, organisation.


Joint Family Link with Junior School - working together as a family of schools.


Sign post and support information - how to get further help when necessary with outside agencies.


You can contact us via the school office or by email:


Phone:  01489 573800