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Voice of the Crew

The Voice of the Crew is a group of school representatives that have the very important job of speaking up for the other children in the school. Their opinion is called upon for many of the school’s decisions and they are entrusted with making decisions about how some school money will be spent and how we will raise money for PTA and charity events.


March 2022

The Voice of the Crew met together today to talk about the upcoming Comic Relief day and what we could do to help raise money for the charity. This years theme was around doing something funny for money and the children came up with some fantastic ideas which included putting on a pantomime to make people laugh and writing a book to tell others about the charity. The children decided on a whole school non-uniform day where everyone would come to school wearing something to make others smile. The team also set everyone a challenge to prepare a joke for the day to share with our peers. 


The day was a huge success and we raised an amazing £459 as a school. Here are some pictures from the day. 

November 2021

Today the Voice Team met together and we shared the findings to the questions which were asked in the first meeting. These questions were asked to every Year 2 class and here are some of the results:


What do you like about Year 2?

  • Making new friends 
  • Harbour Time 
  • Book corner 
  • Fun learning

What do you like about school? What makes you happy at school?

  • Playing on the playground
  • Visiting the Library 
  • Doing PE
  • Tasty school lunches 
  • Learning different thing
  • Going on school trips

How could we make our school even better?

  • A treehouse 
  • A slide/ swing on the playground 
  • Parents coming into school more
  • More lunchtime play equipment 
  • Doing more things for others


September 2021


Today we had our very first Voice of the Crew meeting with our newly elected representatives from Year 2. We had our photos taken ready for our new display in the school hall. We answered the question ‘what do you like most about school?’ and the responses will become part of our new display. These included spending time with teachers and friends and writing stories in English. During the meeting, each team member was given their own red sash to wear at lunchtimes. We talked about how they could help others during this time.

The children were all given their own class books with questions in to ask their classes. We can’t wait to discuss what they find out at our next meeting!


Introducing our new 2021-22 Voice of the Crew!





21st September 2020


Today we had our second Voice of the Crew meeting. For this meeting we discussed their peers responses to the questionnaire. The first question was about what the children like about school to which we had a range of responses including lunchtime, reading and playing with friends. The second question focused on how we can keep ourselves safe and healthy at school. The children fed back that it was important to wash their hands, always walk inside school and to not eat too much chocolate! The final question was about how we could make school even better. The children's responses included more colouring, a bigger playground, more school trips, a flag for the boat on the playground, football goals and a swimming pool!



15th September 2020

Children from across the Year 2 classes have now been elected as our new Voice of the Crew members. Today we had our very first meeting to introduce ourselves and learn more about what we will be doing over the coming year. Each member was given a red sash so they can be recognised on the playground at lunchtime and each class was given their own folder with some questions in. The children were so excited to collect their classmate's responses!


Introducing our new Year 2 Voice of the Crew!