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At Sarisbury Infant School, we believe in providing our children with a language rich English Curriculum. As a school we aim to develop a love for reading and writing.


Literacy is children’s gateway to learning and develops their ability to listen, speak, read and write within the whole school curriculum.


At the heart of our English curriculum is speaking and listening. We firmly believe children need to be able to articulate their ideas before they write them. Children are taught speaking and listening skills in a variety of ways and all our English lessons contain speaking and listening. This is done in a variety of ways; drama, oral stories, Shipmate and group work and discussion about Wondering Walter's words.


As a school, we follow the programme of study outlined in the National Curriculum for reading and writing. Click here to access the English National Curriculum. To assess and track where children are in their learning teachers use the Hampshire Assessment Model. At the end of Early Years teachers assess pupils using the Early Years Framework. Children in year 1 are required to undertake a statutory phonics screening check. At the end of year 2 pupil's will complete end of key stage tests. These consist of two reading papers and a spelling, punctuation and grammar paper. Teachers will use these tests, their professional judgement and the End of Key Stage Teacher Assessment Framework to judge a pupils level at the end of year 2.


Harri Heart helps us keep safe in English by reminding us how to look after books carefully in the book corner and the library. We always put our books away carefully and treat them with respect. We also use Harri Heart when we are reading books about keeping safe and being kind to others. 

Long Term Plan

Please look at the document below for the English Long Term Plan.

Sarisbury Infant School English Long Term Plan 2022

Year Group

Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2

Year R

Starting School/Getting to know you/Rules/ Friendships

Phase 1 environmental sounds

Phase 2 start

No word books – encouraging language

Mark making


Autumn changes/ People who help us/ Nursery Rhymes/Nativity

Phase 1 ongoing/Phase 2/Phase 2 Assessment

Modelling blending – Bug club

Begin Helicopter stories

Mark making; dominant sounds; word building



Julia Donaldson focus

Phase 3/Phase 2 recap/Phase 1

Rhyming strings

Characters/Character descriptions

Features of non-fiction

Word writing; Simple phrases/sentences/



New beginnings/ Spring/Life cycles/ Growing

Phase 3/Phase 2 recap/Phase 1

Phase 3 Assessment

Settings of stories

Word writing; Simple phrases/sentences/


Handwriting – let’s get ready to write (zig zag monster)

Traditional Tales/ Feelings

Phase 3 recap/Phase 4/ Phase 2 recap

Retelling stories/alternative endings

Sentence writing – extending sentences; conjunctions; different sentence starters

Differentiated phonic groupings – sentence level work

All creatures great and small

Phase 4/ Phase 3 recap Phase 2 recap

Application of sounds

Sentence writing – extending sentences; different sentence starters


Year 1

Text Driver: Three Little Pigs

Jack and the Beanstalk

Outcome: story telling/settings/


Poem: Seas of learning


Text Driver: Owl Babies

Nocturnal animals

The Gunpowder Plot

Outcome: fact files

Poem: Remember, Remember

Text Driver: Lost and Found

The Great Explorer

Outcome: newspaper article

Poem: I’m a little Snowman

Text Driver: Man on the moon

Q Pootle 5

Outcome: recount

Poem: Planet Roll Call

Text Driver: Billy and the dragon

Sir Scaly pants the dragon knight

Outcome: story telling/settings/


Poem: Hairy Scary Castle



Text Driver: Percy the Park keeper

The Growing Story

Outcome: instructions

Poem: A Little Seed


Year 2

Text Driver: Dear Teacher/Little Red Riding Hood

Outcome: Wanted Poster

Poem: Dear Mrs Butler

Text Driver: Christmasaurus

Outcome: Instructions/Character Description

Poem: Twas the Night Before Christmas

Text Driver- The Journey/Aladdin (digital)

Outcome: Narrative

Poem: The Owl and the Pussycat

Text Driver: A Walk in London

Outcome: Recount/ Newspaper article

Poem: 1666

Text Driver: Narnia and Faraway Tree

School Trip

Outcome: Descriptive Narrative/Recount

Poem: Lion Celia Warren

Text Driver: Running Shoes/Human Body Non-fiction books

Outcome: Narrative recount/fact files

Poem: This is Where

This is our reading spine chosen by our teachers. These are the books that every child in our school will be exposed to during their three years here. The books chosen are much loved classics, diverse and we believe will help develop a child's love of reading. Each classroom will have two copies of the text in their book corner that the children can read themselves again and again.