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At Sarisbury Infant School, we believe in providing our children with a language rich English Curriculum. As a school we aim to develop a love for reading and writing.


Literacy is children’s gateway to learning and develops their ability to listen, speak, read and write within the whole school curriculum.


At the heart of our English curriculum is speaking and listening. We firmly believe children need to be able to articulate their ideas before they write them. Children are taught speaking and listening skills in a variety of ways and all our English lessons contain speaking and listening. This is done in a variety of ways; drama, oral stories, Shipmate and group work and discussion about Wondering Walter's words.


As a school, we follow the programme of study outlined in the National Curriculum for reading and writing. Click here to access the English National Curriculum. To assess and track where children are in their learning teachers use the Hampshire Assessment Model. At the end of Early Years teachers assess pupils using the Early Years Framework. Children in year 1 are required to undertake a statutory phonics screening check. At the end of year 2 pupil's will complete end of key stage tests. These consist of two reading papers and a spelling, punctuation and grammar paper. Teachers will use these tests, their professional judgement and the End of Key Stage Teacher Assessment Framework to judge a pupils level at the end of year 2.

 Useful English websites to support your child's learning at home.