Parent Crew

All parents with children at Sarisbury Infant School are automatically members of the PTA (Parent Teacher Association). The PTA is one way the parents can get involved in and support  the school.


Various events are organised throughout the year to raise funds for the school, helping to buy playground and school equipment. Events such as the Christmas and Summer Fayre, sponsored bounce, bingo night and quiz all help to raise money for the school. Over the last year we have funded the trim trail in the playground, new chairs for all classrooms, new curtains for the hall as well as other money given to year group to use in their classrooms or outdoor areas.  Funds are also used to provide learning opportunities to enhance the curriculum. Year 2 enjoyed having the artist Steve Porter work alongside them in school. Under his supervision the children created the wonderful mural on the wall outside the year R gate. He will be returning later in the year to work with the other year groups. The children also enjoyed the production ‘The Calculating Mr One’ a maths based theatre production.


As well as raising funds we organise fun activities for the children to enjoy. With the PTA support the teachers are able to put on events such as the Holly Hill night walk in the autumn term, the Easter fun day and discos.


All parents are very much welcome at the meetings. The date and time of these will be displayed in the notice board in the playground. If you are unable to attend meetings or help organise events you can still support us by helping out at individual event even if for a short time. It is a great way to meet other parents and to help the school deliver the curriculum in a fun and exciting way for all our children. 


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