Sports Funding

Competition Calendar 2018-19

Multi Skills -   Year 2 Tuesday 11th December 2018

Gymnastics -  Year 1 & 2 Monday 28th January 2019

Change For Life Festival- Year 2 Thursday 25th April 2019

School Health and Fitness Week-Week Commencing 1st July 2019

School Sport's Day -  2nd July Whole School 2019


Additional funding has been supplied by the Government to be used by schools to promote sporting activities. 


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    Our multiskills classes provided by Jamie


Sports Funding


Here at Sarisbury Infant School we use the majority of the money to buy in expert P.E. teachers who deliver high quality lessons to our children. Our own school staff work alongside these teachers to improve their skills, thus contributing to their own professional development, knowledge and confidence. Lessons are planned with the staff, so the staff can observe or team teach alongside the specialist. Further planning has been developed and is linked where possible to current topics and other curriculum areas. We have built a bank of high quality planning ideas for each year group, which will be used and developed in future years.

The specialist’s time is also spent helping plan, run and organise intra and inter sports competitions. This current year we plan to participate in Multiskills and Gymnastics festivals/competitions to encourage both our more able and/or least active to take part in these inter school events.

We are developing our whole school intra competition days to encourage a love of sport and exercise. By doing the events within school, more children will be able to benefit from the experience. For example, all our Year 2 children are able to combine moves for a Gymnastics routine. Children in this year group, also learn to play the game benchball and compete with other classes in their year group.

We ensure the children have a variety of up to date equipment to develop their skills in Gymnastics, Athletics, team games, Dance. The purchase cost some of these items has been reduced as we were able to use the Sainsburys Schools Vouchers to buy new consumables e.g. balls, skipping ropes and hoops.


We enjoyed a fantastic Sports, Health and Fitness week. Sports funding allowed to buy in specialist coaches and workshops, for the children to participate in new activities. 


We have a great partnership with specialist coaches to provide fun and exciting, lessons in all year groups. We have lessons in tag rugby, multisports and teamgames. The children will learn all the associated sports and team skills which can be transferred to other sports. We also have a yoga teacher who leads children in fun sessions, to develop core strength and balance.The funding available is allowing us to tap into new resources and we have been keen to establish good links with expert teachers.  

Finally, as a school that is very aware of the need to promote a healthy lifestyle to all our children, we already work with local providers to provide football, gymnastics and dance after school clubs. We are now in the middle of planning exciting improvements to our playground, which are being designed with core strength and healthy aerobic exercise in mind. We will continue to work with members of lunchtime staff to encourage lunchtime games and activities, aswell as safe and good use of our new equipment.


Breakdown of Funding 2017-18

PE and Sports Grant Allocation April 2016


PE and Sports Grant Allocation October 2016



Henry Court specialist teacher


Yoga instructor


Tennis coaching


Henry Court


2xtrolleys and 20x mats


KIDZFIT workshop


Planning days X3 for PE Leader