At Sarisbury we enjoy learning all about the world around us during our Geography sessions. This area of the curriculum is usually taught as part of a topic but can also be covered during specific whole school theme weeks.


As a school we follow the National Curriculum Guidance which specifies:

  • Pupils should develop knowledge about the world, the UK and their own locality.
  • Pupils should understand basic vocabulary relating to human and physical geography.
  • Pupils should begin to use geographical skills, including first hand observation.

 In Year R the children at Sarisbury are encouraged to explore their immediate environment, considering similarities and differences. They produce pictorial maps to record familiar and imaginary journeys.


In Year 1 the children study the map of the UK, identifying the different countries. They then move onto naming and locating the 7 continents and 5 oceans of the world. Children work with maps, Google Earth and the globe to locate familiar countries and some non – European ones. In their mapping skills, children move onto considering the concept of a birds eye view.


In Year 2 the children identify human and physical features in the environment. They compare a local area with a non – European country, thinking about many aspects such as climate, landscape and cultures. Children move onto using a key in their map making work.


0 - geography 1  0 - geography 2


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