Writing Curriculum



We believe in providing our children with writing opportunities that are purposeful and relevant to their interests. To inspire children to write teachers use a variety of techniques such as visual literacy, literature, school trips and drama. Children are taught English in their classrooms and their individual needs are supported by differentiation.


Our English curriculum is based on the New National Curriculum for English. The emphasis of the new objectives allow us to teach grammar and spelling in greater depth. This enables children to gain a greater understanding of the spoken and written language. Children are taught to write a variety of genres allowing us to promote high standards of language and literacy. For more information of the objectives of the English National Curriculum please click on the link below:




Children’s writing is supported by working walls in every classroom. Working walls shows the learning journey during a teaching unit. It enables children to see examples of the genre they are writing, provide them with a success criteria, and key word support.




The handwiritng programme that we follow is PenPals. This is a non-cursive approach to handwiritng and it follows up throughout the school begining in year R and ending at year 2. Throughout the programme the children learn how to form the letters correctly and the correct way to join. It also has a focus on ascenders and descenders being formed correctly. Click on the click below for a handout for parents showing how we form our letters.

PenPals infromation for parents



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