Phonics Curriculum



 At Sarisbury Infant School, early reading is taught using synthetic phonics as the main approach. Pupils are systematically taught phonemes, how to blend the sounds and how to segment the sounds in order to write words. Children are taught to use phonics as their first approach to reading and spelling unknown words. In addition to this children are taught high frequency words, words which do not completely follow the rules of phonics.


Year R Phonics workshop presentation for parents - January 2018


As a school we follow the government published programme ‘Letters and Sounds’. Phonics is taught whole class daily for 10-20 minutes depending on year group. Teachers use a variety of techniques to make these sessions multi-sensory. Children who require extra support in acquiring their sounds will be given this in addition to their daily phonics lesson. For more information about the governments ‘Letters and Sounds’ programme please click on the link below


Children in year 1 will undertake the government’s statutory phonics test at the end of the year. For more information on this please click on the link below.






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Phonics Screening Check Example from gemma fanstone on Vimeo.