Reading Curriculum

Below is our vision for reading at Sarisbury Infant School




Reading Scheme

We follow a colour banded reading scheme that has a variety of books to match children's phonics abilities. Children will be assessed by their class teacher at least once every half term to ensure they are on the correct book band colour. Each book band has a wide variety of texts and genres to engage all readers. Children are encouraged to change their reading book by themselves in years 1 and 2. This allows the children to make independent reading choices. 


Reading Lessons 

Children have 1:1 reading every week in Early Years. This enables teachers and support assistants to develop children's word reading and comprehension abilities. Children will listen to class texts every day and each class has special books chosen from the library to read and enjoy.

In KS1 children have an even balance of guided and 1:1 reading. The focus of reading in KS1 moves from word reading to comprehension skills. During guided reading sessions children learn to analyse texts, ask and answer questions, how to use non-fiction texts, discuss word meanings and make links between texts already read. During these sessions children will also complete independent reading activities.



Sarisbury Reading Challenge

Every child takes part in the Sarisbury Reading Challenge. A new challenge is set each term. Every time the children read at home or in school they can tick off a square. Once 50 squares have been signed off the children go to visit Mrs Weavers or Mrs Marston. They can then select a forever book to take home from the treasure chest. Children are also entered into a prize draw to have a treat with Mrs Weavers and Mrs Marston. This term the children are going to be entered to have hot chocolate! 


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We are extremely lucky to have a well-stocked library at Sarisbury Infant School. Children in Early Years are able to visit the library throughout the year with their class to select special books to enjoy together. Once children enter KS1, they have library time once a week. During this time, children are able to select a book to take home and learn library skills. Children are encouraged to pick a book of their choice to share at home.   

As a school we subscribe to Hampshire Library Service which allows us to have up to date books in our library, teachers have access to group texts to use in guided reading and enables teachers to be trained at the Hampshire Library Service library.


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