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A special Visit from the RNLI

On Thursday 4th October, Year 2 were very excited to receive a visit from the RNLI. Brian from the RNLI was very impressed with the children’s knowledge of water safety and he showed them how they could make sure they didn’t get into trouble near the water. He went on to explain what each of the coloured flags at the beach meant and the children were all actively involved in creating a beach scene, which really helped them to remember the new information. They learnt that they can find a lifeguard by looking for the red and yellow uniform and that there are two numbers to call if you get into trouble (999 or 112).  

All        Beach safety

In our next English lesson, we used this visit to write a very successful recount; thinking about writing in the past tense by using ‘ed’ at the end of a word. It was a very enjoyable visit which I’m sure the children have already shared with you!




Sailing Through the Pirates Next Door....


The children have enjoyed the introduction to our Ahoy There topic by using the story the Pirates Next Door by J Duddle. During guided reading sessions (Harbour Time) the children have been developing their speaking and listening skills asking and answering questions about the book-just like Wondering Walter. They have shown their understanding of the text by drawing pictures using a tiny amount of the text. They also had a go at being better than Johnny Duddle by renaming the book based on the front cover.

We have been ‘all at sea’ using different techniques during art lessons to create different sea scapes. The children have enjoyed experimenting with different types of paint with varying amounts of water and white to create shades of blue. In contrast they used shades of blue paper along with their fine motor skills to rip paper and create ripples using a different medium to paint.

The Pirates Next Door has also provided the children with some inspiration for their literacy and geography work. They were Enthusiastic Eddies when using adjectives to create the start of expanded noun phases; exploding volcanos, spooky cave and chatty parrots were all on their maps. Thankfully they were all able to create a route through a treasure map to help rescue Matilda and get her back to her parents. The directions were put on maps and compass points marked on to show North, South, East and West.


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Starting the year with books...

The children have had a very busy first week in school. They have followed our full timetable including their independent Crew Challenges. Well done to everyone for being resilient like Rosa and adapting to their new year group so well.

This week we have focussed on books. The children have been really challenging everyone’s thinking skills sharing their book boxes. It was great to see the level of effort and attention to detail that children had put in to their boxes. It is always nice to update our own knowledge of the books the children in the year group enjoy.

We used the week to complete our first RE unit on Special Books. The children brought in a very diverse range of books and used some excellent reasoning skills when explaining what made their book special.

Throughout the week the children were considering what it means to be a Caring Carla and they developed their own class charter to help everyone look after themselves and their class. The idea of following some rules continued within our RE work as the children considered how the Bible and Torah contain ideas that people of different religions might follow.

The whole year group have been very physically active with 2 weekly sessions of PE plus their outside Crew-a-Cise time.

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