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Welcome to Whale Class 2017- 2018


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What a busy time Whale class have had since returning from Easter!

In English we enjoyed acting out the Quentin Blake poem “We All Join In” and writing our own verses using the same structure. The illustrations by Quentin inspired us to create or own characters which we have painted using watercolours.

Our new topic “Through the Door” has seen us visiting weird and wonderful lands beyond our wildest imaginations! Our creative descriptions of these lands has led us to think of some really unique settings for our own magical stories.

In maths we have been recapping telling the time, fractions and multiplication & division worded problems. Dolphins worked really hard at their worded problems and were extremely successful.

We have been Wondering Walters in science; finding seeds within fruit and vegetables and thinking about why some have more seeds than others. We will be planting some beans and seeds to see if all seeds grow. We are also exploring our environment and noticing which things are (physical) natural and which are human (manmade).

Now that the sun is shining (most of the time!) we have been able to take our PE lessons onto the field. We have been practising our running and throwing skills in preparation for sports Day and will be moving on to jumping soon.


26.2.18- 11.3.18

This week (well the 3 days we had of school because of the snow) was 'Book Week' at Sarisbury. The children were introduced to our school focus book which was 'Into the Forest'. The children enjoyed pretending that they were going on the walk through the forest and enjoyed reinacting the well known 'traditional tale' characters along the way. Whale Class focused on a particular page in the book and had a game of 'I Spy' to try and work out which traiditonal tale various clues appeared from. They then wrote a descriptive piece of writing to the boy in the stories mum to explain where he was in the woods and what he could see as he was lost. We also had our 'Bedtime Story' day where the children all came to school in their pyjamas/ onesie and enjoyed listening to a range of stories. We also watched a 'CBeebies Bedtime Story' and enjoyed a hot chocolate and biscuit provided by the PTA. We were also lucky enough to have an aspiring author 'Nicki Geoghegan' come into our assembly and share her story 'Fat Cat; with us. Nicki was really enthusiastic about her story and all of the children really enjoyed listening to her. Whale Class were also lucky enough to have 'Laura Hamilton' and her two 'PAT Dogs' Lily and Pilot visit us on Wednesday. Laura is also an author who has recently published a true story about her dog Lily. The children were really interested in listening to Lily's story as she was born as a puppy not being able to swallow. Laura showed the children how she kept Lily alive by soaking her food in water and putting her treats into ice pops. It was a lovely experience and the children asked brilliant questions and loved stroking the dogs. We also had a drama workshop focused around the story of the 'BFG'. The children loved to be part of the story as they guided their friend 'Sophie' around the scary giants to get her safely back to The BFG. I hope you all enjoyed the 'snow days' we had at the end of the week and I cannot wait to hear all of your stories.

 drama whales    bedtime stories whales


dogs whales 

 19.2.18- 25.2.18

I hope that you all had a nice break and are all refreshed ready to work hard again! This week Year 2 had an exciting week as we reinated 'The Great Fire of London'. All of our Tudor Houses that we had made using cereal boxes were burned down in a real fire. All of the children were very excited as they watched the houses set ablaze. As the event was happening we recorded what we could see, smell and hear. We also listened out for what other people were saying in preperation for our newspaper article. Once the event had taken place we put ourselves in the position of a newspaper reporter and we wrote a newspaper article to report what had happened. We used alliteration for our headline and even included an 'eyewitness account'. The children enjoyed completing their article and used adventurous adjectives to exaggerate the event. In Harbour Time we were looking at features of a non-fiction text. We looked at the title, contents, index, glossary and were able to locate these within a variety of non fiction books. We also used the index (noticing that it was in alphabetical order) to find key words and located them on the correct page. In Maths we looked at beginning our 'pets topic' and added up things from a pet store. Some of the children could add the prices up mentally whereas others drew the tens and ones in diennes to support them to add up. In Science we looked at animals being healthy/ unhealthy and designed an assault course for the overweight dog to play on to help him lose weight. We also looked at a variety of mice and had to decide which one would survive in the wild the best looking at the health/ food they had. Next week is 'book week' and we are excited to see what events are taking place.


29.1.18- 4.2.18

In our Harbour Time we have been basing our learning around a book called 'A walk in London'. We have learned lots of facts about London from the book as it took us on a tour all around London. This week we decided to carry out our own 'Walk around Sarisbury' where we visited some of the main attractions of Sarisbury Green such as: St Paul's Church, Holly Hill Play Park, Holly Hill Leisure Center, Holly Hill Woodland etc. At each location we thought about the things we saw, smelt, heard and thought about how each place made us feel. We also had fact cards to teach the children facts which they would later incorporate into their writing. Back in the classroom we had a carousel focusing on sounds we heard at each location, things we may have smelt, photographs to remind us what we saw and feeling cards to help us remember how we felt at each location. We then planned our ideas and the following day wrote our own version of 'A walk in Sarisbury'. The children really enjoyed this lesson and the writing produced was brilliant. We the chose our best sentence from our work and drew a large image filling the page (following the style of 'A Walk In London')  and wrote our best sentence on top. We then made this into a class book which is in our book corner. In Maths we have been looking at fractions of a number, length and shape. This Maths has been linked to our topic and has been made fun for the children as they had to work out how we could split the cakes in half, quarters, thirds etc. In Art we created a silhouette of London's landscape and then created a fire background using the 'swirl technique' by Van Gogh. I would just like to thank you all for attending Whale Class Assembly and I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!




15.1.18- 28.1.18

Over the last few weeks Whale Class have enjoyed looking at diary entries. We then used hot seating/ acting to act out how Thomas Farriner would have felt/ the events as they unfolded from his persepctive. We then wrote our own diary entries as if we were the baker and used our timeline of events to support what happened when the fire started. We then looked in detail at Samuel Pepys who kept a diary and logged the events that occured during the 'Great Fire'. We then wrote a diary entry as if we were Thomas Farryner and the children chose the specific details we had learned about the fire. The children really enjoyed this activity and particlarly loved being in role of the different characters. In Maths we have been looking at mulitiplication and division linking to our topic. We had to solve problems based on the fire, cakes from the bakery and bread. In Science we looked at the skills we had previously learned about manipulating an object: squash, twist, bend and stretch to solve problem based on the 'Great Fire of London'. The children were given strips of newspaper and were told they needed to help the people fill/ lift their buckets of water out of the River Thames to put out the fire (only using the newspaper). Eventually the children thought of twisting the paper together to make it stronger and really enjoyed seeing how much water they could lift beofore the newspaper eventually snapped. We also talked about newspaper when it becomes wet and made a list of other suitable materials they could have used back in 1666.


 8.1.18- 14.1.18

Happy New Year Everybody! Whale Class all came back to school fully refreshed and ready to learn. Here are some photos from our 'Assisting the Elderly' party that we had before Christmas which ended our 'UP' topic. The children wrote invitations to their 'elderly' person and we had a party where the children decorated biscuits with their adult, made them a drink and sang a variety of Christmas and play performance songs as entertainment. The children also thought about greeting their adult, taking their coats, guided them around the school and seated them. It was a lovely event and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. This term our topic is 'The Great Fire of London'. We have a bakery set up as the role play replicating the Thomas Farryner's bakery in Pudding Lane. The children have loved learning facts about the fire and looking at the Tudor Houses from that time. They enjoyed writing their facts on to paper chains and wrote things they would like to find out on to flames. In Maths we have been looking at multiplication and how we can form an array to show it. We also looked at how 2 x 5 is the same as 5 x 2 and we looked at the array for each number sentence to prove it.  In Science we have been looking at manipulating an object by 'squishing' 'twisting' 'bending' and 'stretching' and practically sorted a variety of objects into a venn diagram (hoops).



ass great fire

assissting 1




27.11.17- 3.12.17

This week we wrote our innovated version of the 'UP' story. We wrote the beginning, middle and ending over three days and concentrated on the structure and vocabulary we had learnt from the story. Everyone wrote lots and were able to re-tell the learnt story really well. All of the children were able to include their own character into the story and made sure that the story flowed well. In Maths we looked at 3d shape and were able to identify the properties of many 3D shapes. We also went on a shape hunt around the classroom to see how many 3D shapes we could find. In Science we planned an investigation based on cress and looked at the types of things plants needed to grow. We looked at fair testing and have changed the conditions that the cress is kept on to see the impact it has on its growth. We look forward to seeing the results next week. In PE we had a dance company come in to teach us a small dance routine which we all loved! We have also been very busy practising our school pantomine and cannot wait for you to see it. This week Christmas came to Whale Class as the large 'Santa Postbox' arrived along with 'Elvin Elf', we also have our Christmas tree up and many decorations around the classroom which the children found exciting. We also have a little 'Santa Workshop' set up in the classroom where the children have been writing letters to Santa, writing Christmas lists and tracking Santa as he prepares for Christmas.


 aaa xmas 1               aa dance





20.11.17- 26.11.17

This week Whales Class enjoyed learning our shortened version of the 'UP' story. We used actions to help us remember the story and were able to follow the structure using a story path. We enjoyed sorting good and bad characters from a range of our favourite films and stories. We then discussed why the characters were good and bad and looked at different characteristics. We then used a zone of relevance to sort good/ bad adventurous adjectives which we could later use in our writing. We also planned and described our own character who would feature in the 'UP' story. In Maths we looked at 2d shape and the properties of each of them. Mr Fredricksen also described shapes to us and we had to guess what they could be. This week we had an anti-bullying day where we enjoyed a workshop based around bullying/ how to stand up to bullies. We also enjoyed 'Friendship Friday' where we looked at making a 'recipe for a good friend', 'friendship bracelets' and created a hand wreath with all of our hands/ ideas of being a good friend. We also wore something yellow to show our support.


 aaa bullying 2                         aaa bullyng 1




13.11.17- 19.11.17

This week Whales Class were introduced to the new topic of 'Falling from the Sky' with our featured text being 'UP'. The children have really enjoyed looking at the story of 'UP' and looked at the good/ bad characters. The children used adventourous adjectives to describe their favourite good and bad character to a nan/ elderly person. In Maths we looked at time and recapped half past and o'clock. We then introduced quarter past and quarter to which some of the children found more challenging. We also looked at 'UP' word problems to help Mr Fredricksen get to the shop on time, to help Russell know what time he needed to be at Scouts etc. In Science we looked at materials and sorted materials into what they were made of. We then looked at the properties of the materials and decided which would be most suitale for different parts of Mr Fredricksens house. We also had a lego house made of different materials which we tested with water to see which was the most waterproof. The children found this exciting and showed a good understanding of materials and their properties. In PE we had multi skills and enjoyed practising a variety of skills such as balancing, catching, rolling, jumping etc.


ssss website 


6.11.17- 12.11.17

This week Year 2 had a focus week where we learnt about WW1. We looked ahead to 'Remembrance Day' and why we remember those that fought for our country. In English we put ourselves in the position of a soldier and looked at life in the trenches. The children wrote brilliant diary entries in the first person pretending that they were the soldier. In history we looked at 'rationing' and how foods that we can buy everyday such as bread and milk was rationed. We also looked at how the majority of the food back then was tinned so that it could be preserved during the war. We also learnt about Edith Cavell during our history lesson. The children really enjoyed role playing being the nurse and helping both the German and British soldiers. In our topic groups we then collected medals containing a variety of facts; which the children shared with their group to support their fact file writing. In Maths we looked at half and quarters of a shape. We then looked at using sharing circles to help us work out half/ quarter of a number. Most of the children knew half of a number without the need to use sharing circles. The children have enjoyed yet another busy but successful week and are all looking forward to starting our topic 'falling from the sky' which is based on the film 'UP'.


30.10.17- 5.11.17

This week Whales Class had a good time learning all about firework safety. We look at the importance of being safe during the 'bonfire/ firework' period. The children enjoyed making a poster to remind everyone in the school how to keep safe/ rules to follow when watching a firework display. We recapped the 'Gubnpowder Plot' to remind us why we celebrate bonfire night. The children also completed a acrostic poem spelling 'firework' and thought of interesting adjectives/ expanded noun phrases. In Maths we looked at groupings of 2s, 5s and 10s. We also explored the idea of groups, sharing and dividing all meaning a similar thing and learnt that the dividing symbol represents grouping a number The children explored this using lolli sticks as fireworks and paper plates as the buckets to share the fireworks between. All of the children enjoyed doing this and could all independently work out the division number sentences. In Science we had an interesting discussion about things that were living, dead or never lived. We had an interesting discussion when it came to looking at fire, skeletons and a cactus. The children came up with good reasons to explain their thinking. Whales also went to 'Forest Friends' this week where we explored the water in the stream and looked at the source/ where it leads to. The children also enjoyed looking at the different trees and were able to explain the season we are in relating it to the trees and how they looked.


25.9.17- 6.10.17

This week Whales Class have been designing maps to help send help to the 'dark, scary cove' where Wendy has been trapped. We wrote a set of instructions guiding the ship around the island using time connectives (First, then, next, Finally). As part of our guided reading (Harbour Time) sessions, we have been looking at 'The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch'. We made predictons looking at the front cover of the story concentraring on specific details such as the mood of the Lighthouse Keeper to predict what the story may be about. We then wrote instructions on how to make a jam sandwich for Mr Grinling. We remembered to use our bossy verbs (spread, get,scoop). Some children included adverbs within their instructions so that Mr Grinling knew how to spread the butter (slowly, carefully). In Maths Marines we have been practising counting in 2s 5s and 10s from any number forwards and backwards. In Maths we have been looking at pairs and 'lots of'. We had a washing line set up with pairs of baby pirate socks hanging on it. We were looking at how 2 + 2 + 2 can also be written as 3 x 2 meaning the same as 3 lots of 2. Some of the children used the socks as a practical resource to help them understand the correlation between the methods. In Science we had to help repair a ship that had a leak in the bottom of it. We used our knowledge of waterproof materials to plan an investigation based on the best material to stop water entering the ship. We will be carrying out the investigation soon and looking at our predictions to see if we were correct! The children are all doing really well at completing their 'Crew Challenges' and we are now ensuring that the class based challenges are all completed to our best ability.


11.9.17- 22.9.17

 Whales Class have thoroughly enjoyed learning all about Peter Pan linking to our Pirates and Mermaids theme. We read the story as a class and enjoyed looking at the different characters. We then received a message asking to help Peter Pan and Wendy as they had been captured by Captain Hook and left in a dark, scary cove. We wrote replies and sent them in a bottle to tell Peter Pan we were sending help. We even got a reply from Tinkerbell who left us some fairy dust. In Maths we have been learning to partition numbers into tens and ones. We used the diennes to help us do this. We then drew the diennes to help us solved addition and subtraction number sentences. In PE we are learning a pirate dance which involves us scrubbing the decks, climbing the rigging and setting up the canon. Everyone really enjoys learning new parts to the dance each week. In Science we looked at the things we need to survive and designed Peter Pan a new den to live in. We ensured he had water, shelter and oxygen to help him survive.










 2016- 2017







Marvellous Maths


Over the last few weeks we have been thinking a bit deeper with our maths learning and attempting to divide leaving a remainder. Wow! Everyone was really resilient and showed a good knowledge of their know times tables. The sessions started practically with the children using Party Rings to show how they would divide practically. But what to do with the left over party ring? Whilst many of them were quick to say it should be broken and shared again they soon became content with the idea there might be some left over (so their teacher could get 1). The children then worked on their own to solve their own division problems. If you want to work out the answer to the question: There are 5 cars in a carpark, 3 drive in, then 5 leave. How many are left? The obvious way is to get a garage and cars and then show the class what is happening. The children could then share their ideas about the number sentence that showed what was happening. Once they could ‘see the maths’ they could then go on to solve more complex 2 step word problems independently. The children have shown great progression in their maths skills and the resilience they need to problem solve. 


 Manor Farm Trip



Whale class enjoyed a fantastic trip to Manor Farm as the climax of their Through the Door topic. Upon arrival at the farm the children were transported back in time to when Lucy, Peter and Edmund were evacuees during WW2. The children had to stay in character for much of the day as they experienced life on the farm. I was very impressed with their washing skills and rug making capabilities, but plenty to work to do with their potato peeling skills! Mrs Stubb’s school was a shock for many of them, but they rose to the challenge of the strict conditions. Rationing proved to be quite an eye opener with many of the children wondering how they would make the 1 egg they had for the week go around the whole family. A visit to the farm would not be complete without a good look at all the animals- guinea pigs, pigs, chickens, lambs, cows and the ever-noisy donkey. The behaviour during the day was excellent and the whole class is grateful to the parent helpers who gave up their day to support the learning on the day: A study of a local place from a different time in history.


Through the Door


This half term we have been taking the children on a journey ‘through the door’. We have used the Chronicles of Narnia story as a basis of our thinking about the fantasy that might be behind the door. Whale class have produced some excellent writing thinking about directing people to the wardrobe in Professor Kirke’s house. “First open the big, brown door slowly and creep over the fluffy rug”. All of the class were ‘Enthusiastic Eddies’ about creating a tops-n-tails character book for their own fantasy-land, to mirror the idea of a half goat, half human character. The creative drawings matched the names that the children came up with; such as a Uniseal. The class extended their thinking and designed their own fantasy-land through the door. There were lots of delicious Chocolate islands and fun fairs that were well described in their English books.



The children have heard the Easter story in many different formats during the end of term. These have included ‘open the book’ assemblies where they were able to wave their palm crosses as a sign of celebration. They also enjoyed watching an excellent version of the story, told through song and story by the Year 5s from the Junior school. During our RE sessions we are exploring the happy and sad parts of the story and how Christians prepare for celebration using different traditions. This week the children have been enjoying lots of Easter based activities including helping a bunny to tell the time, making cards and writing property descriptions for the Easter Bunny’s house. Hopefully they will be motivated to use their good cutting and folding skills at the end of the week to make their Easter basket- just in case something is put in it…..

Whale class wish you all a Happy Easter and enjoyable holiday.


Science Week

Year 2 especially enjoyed our science week which followed National Science week’s topic of ‘Change’. On Monday we were treated to an action packed demonstration that included lots of bangs and pops by Eddie from Exon Mobil. The children were quite literally blown away by some of the science on offer! They took a trip around the solar system on Tuesday and their recount writing showed how much they had learned from holding the giant planets. During National Demo Day the children took great delight in watching the dry ice that we had won change from a solid to a gas. On Friday we took on a challenge with the junior school during our Year 2 and 5 shuffle morning using the same theme. The children worked collaboratively to design investigations based on height and jump length, to see what happens to skittles in water and how a paper lily changes in water. A big thank you to all of the children, volunteers and staff that helped to make the week such a success.


Fire, Fire!

This half term we have all enjoyed learning about the Great Fire of London. The theme has provided lots of cross-curricular work with History, English, Art and Geography, PE and DT all blending together to provide an historical and cultural look at the events in 1666. The children have written pretending they are Thomas Farryner using lots of past tense words and trying to include feeling and emotions. This piece of work started as dramatic freeze frames as the story was being told to add a new dimension to their work. The display in our classroom also shows off their art skills which used paintings by Vincent Van Gough as a stimulus for their work. Everyone has been practising their DT skills to make a replica Tudor house which started life as a cereal box! During the topic we have also been thinking of the geography of London including the importance of the River Thames. The children especially enjoyed making lots of London’s landmarks which we displayed along our own make believe river in our classroom. Each week children have been looking forward to extending their PE fire dance which has now made it onto the apparatus.


Year 2 Book Week

The children in Whale class shared their love of books and reading during the week, whilst having fun and raising lots of money in the process. It was great to see so many parents in the classroom helping their children make their book for a younger child. Proving you are never too old to learn something new, parents were enthralled by the demonstration of how to make a book with a large piece of paper and one cut with the scissors. The children really appreciated having extra pairs of hands to hold things whilst they cut, glued and stuck. It was lovely to see so many Enthusiastic Eddies discussing the features of their book with a grown up and what they could do to make it better. Hopefully the books were enjoyed once purchased! Quieter moments in the week came during our sponsored reading times. All of the children took on the challenge and read a lot during the day. World Book Day at the end of the week filled the classroom with some exciting book characters and showed how much children enjoy traditional story books.

Krypto the Super Dog

It has been such a pleasure to read all of the chapter stories that Whale Class have written as part of their English learning this half term. The stories began by thinking about Krypto the Super Dog as a character. The children had some imaginative ideas about what he would and wouldn’t like and then wrote their first chapter using these details and lots of good similes to really create the image in the reader’s mind. They then had to think about the adventure that Krypto would go on, including the problems he encountered on the way. Once their story map was complete they wrote their story over several weeks. Many used Krypto to help save Saints FC, while others saved cruise ships, the gym at Holly Hill and plenty of ‘baddies’ were captured by the end. As their writing skills develop many children were using conjunctions and using some exciting vocabulary for reader interest. Just like any good author the children had a go at editing a small part of their story focussing on challenging themselves to spell correctly and using different word endings. They became their own publishers creating front and back covers with a blurb- enjoy!


Clay Pets

The children have all enjoyed using clay techniques to produce their final piece in their extended Design and Technology project. During the unit of work children looked at and experimented with a variety of techniques that they could use for their own pet. Once they had designed their own animal they then used their knowledge to create a unique piece of work. When they were fully dry the children took great pride in applying their paint to help bring their pet to life. Hopefully they all made it home in one piece to take pride of place in their new home. To finish their work the children evaluated their pet comparing it to their original design and how their learning had increased through the project.


Assembly Success


A huge to congratulations to everyone on a very well presented and informative assembly. All of the children have gained in confidence since the beginning of the year and spoke their lines clearly. Year R looked like that had been well informed about all kinds of animals with Year 2 holding their attention throughout. The children really enjoyed learning their ‘Feeling Waggy’ song and Have You Got a Pet- hopefully they all waved at the correct time! The whole assembly was a real team effort with the children choosing which parts of their learning they wanted to share and how many lines they wanted to say. Should you have not been in attendance you missed: songs, paper plate animals, animals facts, persuasive letters, pets in school photos, caring for a dog information and a doggy assault course!




Ahoy- something new is on the timetable! Whale class are enjoying our morning fitness activity on the playground at 11am each morning. We are trying a range of circuits to help get us fit and ready for our 1 mile run in the summer. So far we have thought of lots of different ways to go around the playground including running, walking, galloping and hopping. The new playground markings have been put to good use too with lots of children very carefully following the instructions on the group of the new activities.


Pets in School.


A highlight of Year 2 is having lots of pets come into school to visit us. To ensure the most learning, children begin the process by writing a persuasive letter to someone who has a pet that they would like to see in school. They used some great language-firstly, surely you can see, furthermore. They thought up some great reasons about why pets should come in to school to help with their science learning and just to show them to their friends! During the week we had some lovely cats, beautiful dogs, friendly guinea pigs, very hardy baby rabbits, a spectacular bearded dragon and even a gold fish taken from its pond. The children used their knowledge of life cycles to think about how the pets changed as they got older. We even talked a bit about reproduction! They related the knowledge they had about what human need to stay healthy to the other mammals that we saw. A big thank you to everyone that brought in pets to share with the class.

Welcome to 2017. Who's ready to Go Wild? It's the half term we love- when pets come into school!


Christmas Fun

Whale class enjoyed a range of activities during the countdown to Christmas. Our spiritual seal helped us look at the religious aspects of Christmas including advent. This was followed by a lovely service in St Paul’s where the year group re-told the Christmas Story and sang traditional carols, plus several members of Whale class read verses from the bible. The children also enjoyed watching the Year 4 Junior School Nativity play in St Pauls- thank you to all of the ‘walkers’ that made it possible! Back at school they used their maths and creative skills to make Gingerbread Man decorations to hang on a tree. There was also plenty of paint and glitter sprinkled around the classroom (plus a bit on cards and calendars too) plus fake snow and artic animals.