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Welcome to Dolphins



What a busy time Dolphin class have had since returning from Easter!

In English we enjoyed acting out the Quentin Blake poem “We All Join In” and writing our own verses using the same structure. The illustrations by Quentin inspired us to create or own characters which we have painted using watercolours.

Our new topic “Through the Door” has seen us visiting weird and wonderful lands beyond our wildest imaginations! Our creative descriptions of these lands has led us to think of some really unique settings for our own magical stories.

In maths we have been recapping telling the time, fractions and multiplication & division worded problems. Dolphins worked really hard at their worded problems and were extremely successful leading to the whole class being entered into the treasure chest! Mrs Bennetts was very proud indeed.

We have been Wondering Walters in science; finding seeds within fruit and vegetables and thinking about why some have more seeds than others. We will be planting some beans and seeds to see if all seeds grow. We are also exploring our environment and noticing which things are (physical) natural and which are human (manmade).

Now that the sun is shining (most of the time!) we have been able to take our PE lessons onto the field. We have been practising our running and throwing skills in preparation for sports Day and will be moving on to jumping soon.


What a fun time we had during pet week! We welcomed a variety of animals into our classroom including a tortoise, a rabbit, a cat and some dogs. We all showed our skills and listened to find out what we needed to do to care for each pet.  We are now starting our own adventure stories about a superdog named "Krypto".


Josh and rabbit         Reuben and dog


Alice and Tortoise


Dolphin class have splashed into 2018 with great enthusiasm!

We have been really keen to find out all about The Great Fire of London and have produced some lovely writing for our class display, showing what we know about the Great Fire of London and asking questions about what we still want to know.


GFoL Big PicGFol Small pic


We have also enjoyed sharing our special books. We talked about why they are special to us and how we look after them. We learnt that some religions have books that are special to them and looked at what they are called and how they take care of them.

In maths we have been learning about arrays and the number sentences that they represent. We learnt that you can look at an array in two different ways and write different number sentences but the answer is still the same.

 Array 2 




What a fantastic term Dolphin class have had!



We have all worked hard to show our skills of resilience and enthusiasm with lots of turtle stamps and visits to the treasure chest. In addition we have shown that we can be caring. Children who have demonstrated this quality throughout the day may receive Flippy, our class mascot, for the afternoon.



We finished off our “Up” topic by having our own “Assisting the elderly” morn


ing. The children thoroughly enjoyed assisting our visitors by taking their coats, making biscuits and showing them to the hall to collect refreshments. I hope our visitors enjoyed listening to our panto songs and Christmas songs as much as we all enjoyed singing them!


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all.

2D Room pic2D William

2D Hayden Oscar 



27th November – 3rd December

We have been super scientists this week.!We designed an experiment to see what things cress needed to grow.  We set up our experiment with cress seeds sprinkled into cotton wool and left one without light (under Mrs Bennetts’ chair), one without heat (in the fridge) and one without water.  We also knew that we needed to keep one as a control which we put on the windowsill and was watered daily.  We found that the cress in the fridge had grown a little but was yellow, the one without water didn’t grow and the one in the dark under Mrs Bennett’s chair did seem to have grown more than we expected (possibly because little hands had spent the week taking it out to check on it!).


We have shown our resilience this week just like Resilient Rosa in completing our innovated “Up” stories.  Over three days we wrote the beginning, middle and end of the story, introducing our own character along the way.  These were so fantastic that some were used as examples of our work on the “Up” wall display, along with some of our tissue paper balloons made during crew challenge time.

Dolphins have been exploring the properties of 2D and 3D shapes and have been very successful in identifying which 2D shapes appear on the faces of 3D shapes.  We explored nets and took apart some packaging to look at the shapes they were made of.  We found that a triangular prism (toblerone packet) was made of two triangles and three rectangles and a medicine box was made of two squares and four rectangles.

Rehearsals for upcoming “Pirates v Mermaids” production are well under way and we can’t wait to share our panto with you!


13th November – 26th November

Year 2 have enjoyed learning about the story “Up” and Dolphin class have been learning actions to help them remember the sequence of events in the story.     In the story, Mr Fredricksen travels to Paradise Falls in his house, carried by thousands of colourful balloons. He is joined on his journey by Russell, the enthusiastic Wilderness Explorer, who is keen to earn his “Assisting the Elderly” badge. 

We wanted to find out where Paradise Falls was and how long it would take to get there so we used maps to find Brazil and looked at the route we would have to take across different continents and oceans. We plotted the route and found out the names of the continents and oceans along the way.southampton to brazil


In maths Dolphins have been getting crafty making their own clocks to help them tell the time and to have helped Mr Fredricksen and Russell to solve problems involving time.


30th October – 9th November 2017


World War 1Image result for poppy clip art

We have been thinking about what life was like in WW1. We role-played life in the trenches to begin to understand how uncomfortable life was for the soldiers. From this we produced a diary entry from a WW1 soldier and have also used the idea of rationing to introduce our work on fractions.

Dolphins were given a slice of bread and were either lucky enough to have one whole piece or had to share it between 2 or 4 people so that we could see what ½ and ¼ looks like.

We also learnt about the important work of Edith Cavell and how she helped soldiers, no matter which side they fought for.


Image result for fireworks clip art

Bonfire Safety

Dolphin Class have been learning how to be safe around fireworks and have produced some excellent Firework Safety posters. In addition they have been using their experience of Bonfire night to produce some acrostic poetry relating to the things they hear, see, smell and taste.


30th September - 14th October 2017 


Crew Challenges

Dolphin Class are certainly Enthusiastic Eddies when it comes to completing their Crew Challenges!  We are now focussing on producing our best quality work  and challenging ourselves to get the most out of each piece of independent learning.  


 Instruction Writing

In English, we have been looking at 'The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch'. We made predictions about the story from the details we could see on the front cover.  We also thought about the impact of the words used to describe Mr Grinling's lunch.  We thought about how we give instructions and Dolphin class had great fun putting this to the test as they instructed Mrs Bennetts to make a jam sandwich in front of them.  They quickly learned that they needed to be specific and use imperative (bossy) verbs (get, spread, dollop).  Some children were able to use their knowledge of adverbs (slowly, carefully) to make their instructions more specific.  We followed this up by writing instructions for Mr Grinling on how to make a jam sandwich.


Pairs on the Washing Line

In Maths we have been looking at pairs and 'lots of'. We were looking at how 2 + 2 + 2 can also be written as 3 x 2 meaning the same as 3 lots of 2. Children drew pairs of socks and linked them to the number sentence and the multiplication (x2) that it corresponded to. We also linked this to doubling by using dominoes which were blank on one side to practise drawing in the double and seeing how this related to 2 lots of.

We have been counting in 2s, 5s and 10s in our Maths Marines sessions and are developing our skill of counting in 10s from any number.




16th - 30th September 2017


Saving Peter Pan and Wendy from Deadly Scary Cove

Dolphin Class have really enjoyed coming to the rescue and helping to save Peter Pan and Wendy. We shared the story as a class and enjoyed looking at the different characters. The children were very excited to find a message in a bottle from Peter Pan and Wendy asking for help as they had been captured by the evil Captain Hook. They wrote to Peter and Wendy telling them to stay calm and await help and also to Captain Hook persuading him to set them free. They also created a map and wrote directions should they need to send others to help. They produced some very imaginative places on their maps showing that they could apply their knowledge of expanded noun phrases. 


Practical Place Value

In maths we have been partitioning numbers into tens and ones using dienes to reinforce our knowledge of place value. We used the dienes to help us do this practically and then drew the dienes in our books to help us solved addition and subtraction number problems.


Pirate Dance

In PE we are learning a pirate dance which involves us scrubbing the decks, climbing the rigging and setting up the canon. Everyone really enjoys learning new parts to the dance each week.



In Science, Dolphins have been using their scientific skills to think about the properties of materials so they could sort waterproof materials from those that were not.  It was not as straightforward as it seemed as some materials appeared waterproof at first but then seemed to absorb the liquid. We used Education City to help us reinforce what it means to be waterproof. The children predicted which materials would let water through and as a class we poured water over each type of material so they could check their prediction.

Great Start!

Dolphins have had a fantastic start to year 2!  We have really enjoyed sharing our story shoeboxes and guessing the book that inspired them.  Some books were obviously linked to a special person or place that had been visited and were particularly tricky to guess! 

Our topic this half-term is "Peter Pan" and has inspired some very creative writing.  The book corner and role play areas have been a big hit and we enjoy spending time relaxing with a book or pretending to sail the high seas with an eye patch and a telescope.


  Book Corner role play area

English display - msg in a bottle




We have had a really exciting Geography week in Dolphin's Class learning all about life in the Indian village of Chembakoli.  We have thought about the houses, landscape, climate, food and many more things.  On Thursday we were really lucky because our lovely school cook Emily made a vegetable byriani to taste.  Lots of us really enjoyed eating this.  We hade fun tasting poppadums and mango chutney whilst listening to some Indian music in our restaurant!


curry tasting1curry tasting 2







Farm2D1 Farm2D2

We went to Manor Farm and had such a great day.  The sun shone and we got to explore the whole farm, including having a scary lesson with the very strict Miss Stubbs!


 The Great Fire of London has been such a fun topic!


The week has started really well with a visit from Perform Drama Company.  The children dramatised the story after a visit from Samuel Pepys.  They travelled back to 1666 in his time machine and experienced baking with Tom Farriner and saw St Pauls Cathedral burnt to the ground! The children even learnt a Great Fire of London rap!GFOL1GFOL  gfol2


An Amazing Science Week!


The children have thoroughly enjoyed being scientists and have enjoyed wondering about the world.

We had lots of visitors sharing their skills.  Eddie taught us about sound waves, how heat changes things and even set fire to Methane!


We had lots of other visitors including Mrs Master-Coles who showed us all the planets in our solar system and we found out lots of facts. We thought about change and looked at changes over time using the book 'Window by Jeannie Baker.  Mrs Coull was very proud of our poetry writing where we used alliteration in our writing.

We finished the week off with a shuffle day with Year 5 from the Junior School.  We investigated the question, Do longer legs mean higher jumps? We discovered what happens when skittles are added to water and also made Lilys that opened in water.  We used our wondering skills like Walter all week long!science   scienceyear5  lily science




What a wonderful start to the new half term!

We had a wonderful first week back as it was book week!  We thoroughly enjoyed having so many parents in school.  We were so impressed with the children's book making skills, we seem to have quite a few authors in the making!  The children were very good at reading during the Sponsered Read- thank you very much for supporting us with your kind donations.  We will be buying new guided reading books to use with your child in school shortly.

So far in our Topic the 'Great Fire of London' the children have found out how the fire started and some of the famous people involved.  They have collected and sorted lots of information, and compared differences between 2017 and 1666. They thought it was hilarious when I pretended to be 'Tom Farriner', although I'm not sure they were totally fooled!

We are looking forward to Perform Arts Company coming into work with us later in the month to act out the story.

Today we had a very exciting day meeting Sophie's fish, Masons's dog and Theo's snake and hermit crabs!




mason dog      sophe l fish

theo snake


 What a busy couple of weeks it has been!

This week has been 'Bring a Pet to School' week.  We have enjoyed learning about how to look after different pets.  We have had a tortoise, a gecko, rabbits, guinea pigs, cats, a bird, dogs and more!  They have been fascinating and even the grown ups have learnt a fact or two!  Thank you for taking the time to share your pets the children have all been so excited!

pet 1pet2



Thank you all for coming to our assembly, we hope you enjoyed it.

We are ready to 'Go Wild' for our topic on 'PETS'


Happy New Year. 

The children have come back to school very excited about our new topic on 'Pets'.  We have started developing our drawing skills and have been sketching some lovely, detailed drawings of different kinds of pets.  We have discovered which pets are the favourite ones in the class and made a bar chart to show our results.  We have already started thinking of exciting reasons why it would be a good idea to bring some of our pets from home into class to share with each other.  Look out for some very persuasive letters in book bags soon!


This week we have started a new initiative we have aptly named 'Crew-a cise' (exercise for the Sarisbury Crew!)  This involves an extra 10 minutes a day of activity and exercise.  So far we have been playing a huge game of 'Follow my Leader' - Mrs Coull has come in quite exhausted as some of the children have been very active leaders!


What a delicious week!


The children have been thrilled to share their homelearning with everyone in the class.  We have enjoyed finding out about their relatives who served in the war. The children have been very pleased to show their trench cakes and bread and butter puddings. We have enjoyed sampling them in school too!  We had a visit from one of the grandparents in school, who gave the children lots of information and showed them some artefacts such as bullets.  It helped the children understand more about what it meant to go 'Over the top' and the battle of Somme.  We also learnt why the soldiers had to carry with them, a shovel and empty sandbags. I wonder if they can remember?


Welcome Back!


Our new topic is 'World War 1' and we will be thinking about Rememberance Day and Poppies towards our Christmas Play 'A Night Before Christmas'.  We will be thinking about what life would have been like in the trenches and differences between 'Then and Now.'


Thank you for all your home learning over half term.  It looks like the children have had a fabulous time exploring in the woods.  We have displayed some of it in our classroom.  It will be a great stimulus for this week's writing!


IMG 0964  IMG 0962 IMG 0963


We have had a great week in Dolphins.  The children have been working really hard and have enjoyed our new Early Bird activities 


The children have had a fantastic start to the new school year.  We have busy with our new topic 'Ahoy There!'


The children have started their Crew Challenges, been great readers in Harbour time and sent messages in a bottle to Pirate Paul!  We have been impressed with their independence skills and they are rising to new challenges each day.


We have tested how we can change the shape of a ball of plasticine to make it float in Science.  We were delighted when we discovered how to make this happen.


IMGdolphinweb                         Image result for pirate clipart



Dolphin Class 2015-2016


On Friday 13th May we celebrated the Queen's 90th birthday. During the morning we designed a new postage stamp, wrote a letter to the Queen and also researched the royal family tree.  We ate our picnic lunch in the hall which was bedecked with bunting that we had all made and the teachers all looked as though they were going to a garden party with their scarves and fascinators.


 dolphins queen bday




On Thursday 5th May we had a Year 2 Trip to Manor Farm.  We were very lucky with the weather and had glorious sunshine all day.  We learned about what it was like on a farm during World War 2 and the life of an evacuee. We had a go at rag rug making and thought about what we would take with us as an evacuee.


manor farm 1   Manor farm 4

We learned about milking cows and that you had to get up very early!

We visited the school house and discovered it there was an air raid the children had to hide under their desks.


Manor farm 3   manor farm2




On 8th March we had a PSHE shuffle day and spent the morning working in different classes.  We even spent part of the morning with Mrs Beynon and she was really pleased to see us all and said how much we'd grown!

First, we thought about things we are grateful or thankful for.  We thought about lots of different things like our family, friends, home, pets, toys, food, water and even our warm beds.  Then we wrote our thoughts down on strips of paper and made them into a huge paper chain which is now hanging from our ceiling.

IMG 1727             IMG 1728


We then made 'thankful' clouds, writing or drawing on them all the things we are thankful for.  We were really focussed and thought carefully about what we chose to put on the clouds. 

IMG 1737


Finally, we ventured down to Year R to Mrs Beynon where we worked on our teamwork and resilience skills.  We had to persevere and try to solve a really tricky problem.  What do you think the answer is? (scroll down to the bottom of the Fire of London pictures, and you'll find the answer!!)


IMG 1730        IMG 1731


Our topic this half term is PETS!  The children have written letters to persuade you to bring in your pets to share with the class.  We have been so impressed with their writing skills and hope it works!  We look forward to meeting lots of creatures over the coming weeks.


Our Great Fire of London topic came to a fiery finale this week when we set fire to the Tudor houses we had designed and built.  The fire started as just a flicker of flame .........


fire before                       fire start


... but it soon spread through the houses, helped by the wind - just like in the real Fire of London.




We made a fire break to see whether it would stop the fire from spreading.  The fire break did a great job and the final few houses were saved.  This was just like the Fire of London when houses were blown up in the path of the fire to prevent the entire city from burning down.


                       fire end                


We used our senses and turned into reporters to write a newspaper article about what we had seen, heard and smelled.  We had to think of the headline for our article, a caption for the picture and then write the main newspaper story about the fire at Sarisbury school.  We interviewed our shipmates to help gather the facts, including eyewitness quotes which we used in our newspaper stories.

Later on in the week, Perform Drama came to visit us again and we travelled in a time machine back to September 1666.  We recreated the sound effect of the flames crackling and used our drama skills to re-enact escaping from the fire and helping to put it out with buckets of water and squirters.  There were even a few casualties as you can see from the pictures!  We have really enjoyed this topic and are looking forward to our next one already ..... PETS.


drama1                  drama2     


drama3                  drama4


Answer: 40


It's the first week back after Christmas and half of us have once again been 'Forest Friends'. After all the recent rain, it was VERY muddy and we loved squelching through the sludgy patches.  This time, we took some equipment with us and enjoyed using the binoculars, a metal detector, a torch and a tape measure.  The only 'treasure' we found though, was an old drinks tin can!!

holly hill binocularsholly hill metal detector

Mrs Grover also showed us how to whittle a branch using a paring tool. We were closely watched by Mrs Grover while she let us have a go at whittling ourselves.

holly hill whittling



It's Panto day! What a fabulous day it's been!  The costumes looked fantastic and I'm sure you agree that they spoke, acted, sang and danced brilliantly. Thank you for all your help with providing help with costumes.  Have a wonderful Christmas.  Mrs Coull, Mrs Hawksworth and Mrs Ditchburn.

pirates 2          pirates pic



In science, we have been thinking about what seeds need to enable it them to grow. Mrs Hawksworth explained that the aliens from our 'From the Sky' topic think that seeds don't need any water, light or heat so we had to think of a fair test to prove to them what the perfect growing conditions are.  We set up three trays exactly the same, but had to keep one away from the heat (we put it in the courtyard); one away from the light (we kept that one in the cupboard); and the final one we decided not to water so we put that one on the windowsill.

One week later and look what happened! 




The seeds that were kept out of the light grew the most but we decided that they didn't look very healthy! The ones we didn't water didn't grow at all.  However, the seeds that we put outside were the best.  We now need to let the aliens know!