Year 2

Welcome to Year 2 2017-18


              Sharks Class are ready to 'hunt' learning with Mrs Copestake, Mrs Hawksworth, Mrs Harrington & Mrs Clemo

       Whales Class are ready to 'swim about' with Miss Webb, Mrs Pyrke & Mrs Rixon

Dolphins Class are ready to 'jump and dive' with Mrs Bennetts, Mrs Griffin and Mrs Nesbitt

Welcome to year 2 Sats preperation meeting

Year 2 Presentation



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In Year 2, we have lots of fun learning and challenging ourselves in everything! Sometimes we might work with an adult to develop our skills and deepen our learning through independent 'Crew Challenges. Each week we have six challenges to complete. We find these great fun! Being part of the Year 2 CREW has great responsibility. We can show our skills of following the Sarisbury Charter, to stay onboard the challenger. We support other CREW members by gently reminding them the skills. We aim to 'fly high', to 'look ahead' and support others.


Autumn 1 in Year 2

This half term we will be sailing across the seven seas to explore the seven continents of the world. Are you ready to set sail?  

In English, we will be writing messages in a Bottle, Instructions to find Peter Pan, persuasive letters and invitations.  We will also be learning poems and sea shanties, which will work alongside our music work. In Maths, we will be using number skills to partition and understand place value.   We will be working on addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. In Science, we will be asking questions about animals, plants and materials. We will be sorting and investigating materials and looking at how trees change through the seasons. In Geography we will be looking at points on a compass, maps and keys as well as naming the continents. In History we will be looking at famous sea travellers including Admiral Nelson and Ben Ainslie. In RE we will be exploring the festival of Harvest. In Art and Design we will be painting seascapes, making treasure chest and making sandwiches. In PE we will be moving like a pirate in Dance and thinking about how to fly using the gymnastics apparatus.

It will be a busy half term!


In Year 2 we have lots of different places to learn and play. We use all these areas to complete our Crew Challenges!

y2artarea y2comstation
Art Area Communication Station
 IMG 9226 IMG 9229
       Courtyard        Computing Area
IMG 9227 IMG 8179
Small World Area Role Play Area