Year 2


Thank you to all of the parents that attended our Year 2 information presentation. If you were unable to attend the Year 2 Parent Presentation access to the Power Point is below.

Year 2 Parent Presentation


Starting the year with books...

The children have had a very busy first week in school. They have followed our full timetable including their independent Crew Challenges. Well done to everyone for being resilient like Rosa and adapting to their new year group so well.

This week we have focussed on books. The children have been really challenging everyone’s thinking skills sharing their book boxes. It was great to see the level of effort and attention to detail that children had put in to their boxes. It is always nice to update our own knowledge of the books the children in the year group enjoy.

We used the week to complete our first RE unit on Special Books. The children brought in a very diverse range of books and used some excellent reasoning skills when explaining what made their book special.

Throughout the week the children were considering what it means to be a Caring Carla and they developed their own class charter to help everyone look after themselves and their class. The idea of following some rules continued within our RE work as the children considered how the Bible and Torah contain ideas that people of different religions might follow.

The whole year group have been very physically active with 2 weekly sessions of PE plus their outside Crew-a-Cise time.

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Welcome to Year 2 2018-19


              Sharks Class are ready to 'hunt' learning with Mrs Copestake, Mrs Hawksworth, Mrs Griffin, Mrs Evans, Mrs James & Mrs Rixon

       Whales Class are ready to 'swim about' with Mrs Swinger, Mrs Pyrke, Mrs James, Mrs Collins and Mrs Harrington

Dolphins Class are ready to 'jump and dive' with Mrs Bennetts, Mrs Harrington and Mrs Jenkins





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In Year 2, we have lots of fun learning and challenging ourselves in everything! Sometimes we might work with an adult to develop our skills and deepen our learning through independent 'Crew Challenges. Each week we have six challenges to complete. We find these great fun! Being part of the Year 2 CREW has great responsibility. We can show our skills of following the Sarisbury Charter, to stay onboard the challenger. We support other CREW members by gently reminding them the skills. We aim to 'fly high', to 'look ahead' and support others.




In Year 2 we have lots of different places to learn and play. We use all these areas to complete our Crew Challenges!

y2artarea y2comstation
Art Area Communication Station
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Explorer Zone Computing Area
Maths Zone Maths Zone