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This half term our topic is called 'Queens and Castles'. We had an amazing time today dressing up and celebrating the end of our topic. Throughout the day we were involved in lots of activities and games. The best we thought was 'jousting' and hoopla.

Castles1o1 Castles1o2


Castles1o4 Castles1o5



Colin the Cultural Crab has helped us with learning about three Queens: Queen Elizabeth 1st, Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth 2nd. We have learnt lots of fun facts.


A box arrived at school today.


There were lots of wonderful artefacts inside it. We carefully looked at each one and decided which queen it belonged it. We had some great ideas about what the items were. We then used some of this information to create a 'lift the flap' fact file about Queen Elizabeth 1st.



This half term we are focusing on The Hampshire Book Award. Out of 4 books we get to choose our favourite. So far we have read about a dragon, a magic book and poem book. We can't wait to show you our learning in our class assembly.


We had great fun dressing up for World Book Day. Can you guess what characters we are?





This half term our topic is called 'Jack and The Beanstalk'

Image result for jack and the beanstalk

We have learnt how to write questions using a question mark. We practised by writing questions to the giant at the top of the beanstalk.




This half term our topic is called ‘Light and Dark’.



We were fantastic in our Christmas Play. Mr Swift is so proud of you all. You should feel very pleased with yourself. Congratulations to you! :)



We have been working very hard and so excited to show all of our families our Christmas Play called 'Baubles'. We hope you can all come and watch.



In R.E. we have been learning about 'Journey's End' in The Nativity. We looked at the journies of Mary and Joseph, The Shepherds and The Three Kings.


 We made a link between the end of their journies and that Jesus was born. We talked about how Christmas was important to some people and that if Jesus was not born, we wouldn't have Christmas. Christmas is an important celebration to those who celebrate it.


For Children In Need we dressed spotty. Throughout the day we read about different children which the money raised from school will help.



We found a crime scene in our classroom. We talked about left different items. Some of us thought the white powder was flour for baking and some of us though the Queen had visited and left her crown.


This week we learnt all about The Gunpowder Plot. We learnt a special rhyme:

“Remember Remember, The fifth of November, Gunpowder Treason and Plot.”



Autumn 1


We went to Forest Friends this week and had an amazing time. We went with Mrs Grover and walked to Holly Hill. We crossed the road very sensibly. Following the paths, we learnt about the different types of trees. What type of trees don't lose thier leaves? Afterwards we found some conkers. What type of tree makes conkers?

Image result for clipart forest


We have been learning about how to stay safe online.

Click on the images below to read and watch the stories.


thumbnail4  Lee and Kim  Image result for hector's world



Octopus Class have been so busy in school already. They have impressed Mr Swift and Mrs Arkell. The children have been exploring the classroom and the new shared areas. We have been learning about our class rountines, remembering the Sarisbury Charter and suggesting important ideas for our class charter. We are beginning to understand Crew Challenges and the children are already showing their independent skills. 



Look at our classroom!





Octopus 2016-2017


This week was our school trip. On Monday we went to Itchen Valley Country Park and had a wonderful time. Mrs Swinger was very impressed with how well we behaved and we loved the activities. We got to build a campfire and toast marshmellows on it.Yum Yum. We also had to build a den that was waterproof and the ranger threw water at us. Luckily we are super den builders and did not get wet! We also went on a mini beast hunt and played a game of hide and seek in the woods. When we were playing hide and seek we got to put on face paint. That was lots of fun. On Thursday we also went to Forest Friends and walked up the river. Octopus class are very tired from all of the outside activities this week. We have done some super writing this week and Mrs Swinger had a massive smile on her face. In maths we have been problem solving missing number sentences and complicated word problems. We are ready for year 2 with our greater depth thinking! Finally on Wednesday afternoon we went outside and played some challenge games and working as a team in our topic groups. It was lots of fun and we had to communicate with each other lots. We can not believe we have one week left in Octopus class but we are going to make it our best week yet :).

itchen valley 1

itchen valley 2

itchen valley 3


This week we have impressed Mrs Swinger with our amazing story writing. We wrote like year 2's and she was very proud of us. They are going in our new writing books which is very exicting. This week in maths we have used our new maths books and they have sqaures in them.  We have tried very hard to put the numbers in the squares! On Wednesday we had a 3D maths shape day. We did some problem solving in the morning and then in the afternoon we made a 3D shape city out of junk modelling. It was lots of fun but we painted ourselves more than our junk modelling. On Friday we are going to Shark's class which we are very excited about.


We have had a wonderful Health and Fitness week. On Monday we got to do some yoga. It was lots of fun and we felt very calm afterwards. We enjoyed showing Mrs Swinger the balances we learnt. Then we had football and it was a very good work out. We learnt lots of new skills. On Tuesday we had a mini sports day outside and we have practised our skills ready for the whole schoo sports day. Wednesday was very exciting as we tried out Judo. It invovled lots of shouting and many of us want to do Judo now. We also had a healthy eating workshop and got to try out lots of fruits. Then on Thursday we had a tennis session outside. It has been a busy but exciting week.



It has been lovely to see the sunshine this week. The children have enjoyed lots of learning outside. This week we have started the story The Rainbow Fish. We have thought about how Rainbow Fish felt at different parts of the story. In maths we have been taking away using diennes and Mrs Swinger was impressed with how good we were. We have been doing lots of dancing and singing ready for the Strawberry Fayre. It was lovely to see so many of you at the family picnic on Friday. See you at the Strawberry Fayre :)



We have come back to school very grown up and looking ready for year 2. It has been geogrpahy week this week and the children have been comparing Dubai to Sarisbury. It has been really interesting to learn about another culture. The children have learnt what man-made and physical features are. In maths we have been doing some complicated addition number sentences. Mrs Swinger was very impressed with our skills. We had to count in tens and ones. Finally we have been practising our Strawberry Fayre dance. It is going to look super.



This week has been very exciting for Octopus class. On Monday we looked fantastic dressed as our heroes. In school we had the Police, Hampshire Search and Rescue and Ambulance in to see us. We got to go on a polic bike which was awesome. In the afternoon the Air Ambulance came to see us and we got to meet Pilot Paws. We are very lucky to have such special heroes looking after us. On Thursday we got to go on Forest Friends and enjoy the sunshine. It was lots of fun walking through the water. It cooled us down! We are ready for half term and we are hoping it is going to be sunny!

octo hero 1



This week has been a fantastic week of learning. The children have been writing fact pages about Sarisbury Infant School for the new year r chidlren starting in September. They have come up with some super facts about our school. In maths we have been problem solving and solving time word problems. The children had to work out what the time would be in a hour or hour earlier. We have been learning about plants and naming common plants. Mrs Swinger was very impressed with our plant knowledge. In P.E we have been continuing with our sports day prep and we have been jumpimng. Fianlly we have enjoyed some sunshine and been creative in the outside area. Come back next week to see what we have been doing on heroes day! We are very excited!



Wow we have had a messy and creative week this week. It has been Magic of Colour Week. The children have learnt lots of new skills and enjoyed getting very messy! On Monday we did splatter painting and learnt to mix powder paint to create a colour wheel. We have learnt about primary and secondary colours and how to mix them. On Tuesday we looked at abstract art and had a lovely class discussion on how the art work made us feel, what shape and colours we could see. Mrs Swinger was very impressed with the language we were using. Then we created our own piece of abstract art using objects around the classroom. The following day we painted them and they looked fantastic. On Wednesday we used masking tape to create our next piece of abstract art. They have turned out fantastic. Fianlly on Thursday we picked our favourite and have named it for the gallery next Tuesday. We are very excited to show our parents our art work. We have had a great week but I think we are looking forward to a normal week next week.

art week 001 1




The children have worked very hard this week. It has felt like a five day week not a four! We watched Neil Armstrong landing on the moon and learnt lots of facts about him. Then we impressed Mrs Swinger with our writing of the facts. We are getting very good at non-fiction writing. On Wednesday we had sponsored bounce. It was lots of fun going on the bouncy castle. Some of us did over 100 bounces in a minute. Mrs Swinger did not take any photos as she was busy writing down our bounces. In maths this week we have been learning our number bonds to ten as well as recapping doubling of numbers. We had to go on a number hunt inside and outside (in the cold) to find numbers to double. Next week we have a Magic of Colour week. We are going to be doing lots of painting activities. We can not wait.  Here is a picture of the history work we have been doing.

history 1




Welcome back! The children have come back to school with such a positive attitude. They all look like they have grown over the Easter holidays. This week has been all about money. We have been problem solving using money and Resilient Rosa would have been proud of us. At the begining of the week we started our new topic on Explorers. Mrs Swinger showed us picutres linked to Neil Armstrong and Christopher Columbus. We had to sort the pictures into two piles and predict what we thought they could be about. Once Mrs Swinger had introduced the two names to us we had to think of questions to ask them. Wondering Walter helped us. We remembered to use a question mark. The next day we learnt about Christopher Columbus and we discovered lots of new facts. Finally on Thursday we were very lucky to have Perform drama come and do a workshop with us. It was all about the Wild West. We had great fun acting like cowboys and cowgirls. Come back next week to see what we have been up to.



What a wonderful last week of term. The chidlren have worked very hard. We have done our writing through our R.E lessons based on the concept of welcoming. In art we reproduced Monet's Bridge over Lillypads. They are fantastic and have brightened up the classroom. It is now looking like an art gallery with all of our art work. This week in maths we have been problem solving and Mrs Swinger was very impressed with our resilience and so is Rosa! Finally on Friday we had a visit from the Easter Bunny. It was very exciting and we enjoyed showing of our bonnets. I hope you have a wonderful Easter break and I will see you in Summer 1 :).

a bunny oct



This week we have been writing stories. It has been very exciting and Mrs Swinger is very impressed with them. We have made the stories into books and next week we are making front covers. In maths we have been solving problems and we worked really hard. We all wrote the number sentences correctly and used a variety of resources to help us solve the problems. In art we have continued our work on Monet and we produced some lovely art work this week. We are very much looking forward to next week as we have Easter Fun Day and we may even have a special visit from the Easter Bunny!



This week has been action packed once again. We started the week by writing wanting posters for a knight. We came up with lots of fantastic ideas. We have also been planning our own stories and showed Mrs Swinger our fantastic imaginations. In maths this week we have been telling the time experts. On Thursday we were very lucky and had an exciting morning. M and M productions came in and did a performance for us based on the story 'The Little Princess'. It was great fun. Finally on Friday we raised money for Red Nose Day. We had fun wearing red, telling jokes and having a disco in the hall led by DJ Mrs Weavers.




This week has been science week. We have really enjoyed conducting lots of experiments. First on Monday we had Eddie from Exon Mobil teach us all about solids, liquids and gases. He did some really cool experiments. Then on Tuesday one of our parents came to teach us all abut the solar system. She had massive blow up planets and we learnt lots of new facts. On Wednesday we discussed how our envirnment is changing by looking at the book 'The Windw'. On Thursday we conducted our own experiment involving coke, mentos, skittles and a penny. We had to predict what change would happen. Our favourite was the skittles in the coke. It erupted for ages. Finally on Friday we concluded our week long experiment of how food has changed outside all week. The carrots went mouldy, the apple went soft and the bread went hard. Wow what a busy week and we did our class assembly. Mrs Swinger was very proud of us.



This has been an exciting week for Octopus class. This week we had the fire engine come to visit. First we learnt how to be safe at home. Then we got to go inside the fire engine, drive to a fire and put out the fire using the hose. We all loved putting out the fire. Even Mrs Swinger had a go! We have also been travelling around the world again. This week we have been to Australia and India. In Australia we experienced some scary Australain animals and then went to the beach to go surfing. In India we looked at thier famous symbols and created art based on this. We are looking forward to next week as we are doing our class assembly and having science week.




Welcome back. I hope you had a lovely half term. This week has been an exciting first week back. For the next two weeks we are travelling around the world. We have been to the United States of America and we explored New York! It was lot's of fun in the Big Apple. Next we went to the United Kingdon. We explored London and then learnt about a coastal town. Finally on Friday we touched down in Italy and we have spent the morning making pizza. Whilst making our pizza we had to think about half and quarters.

As well as travelling around the world we also celebrated World Book Day. The children's costumes were fantastic and we had lots of fun sharing our favourite stories.

Come back next week to see where we have explored.

world book day 2017

9th February 2017


We have had an action packed week in Octopus class this week. At the start of the week we impressed Mrs Gardener with our P.E skills and how much we have remembered. As we showed such fantastic skills we got to explore the big equipment. It was lots of fun. We have been working hard on our handwriting this week and thinking about our ascenders and descenders. Mrs Swinger has been very strict this week. In maths we have been recapping tens and units using dienes. We really challenged ourselves and worked hard. Finally our highlight of the week was the Year 1 disco. We showed of our dancing skills and Mrs Swinger loved watching us taking up the middle of the dance floor.

February 2nd 2017

We have had a busy couple of weeks in Octopus class this week. In the freezing cold we went to the woods. It was lots of fun but we did get a little cold. We have also been innovating characters from Jack and the Beanstalk. First we had to change the story path using post it notes. Then we had to draw our new character and describe it. We had lots of fun using our imagination. In maths we have been looking at doubling, money and measuring. It was lots of fun using a ruler and we have enjoyed playing shop. This week we have changed our role play to doctors. Mrs Swinger is getting concerned about how many injuries we seem to be having in Octopus class. In P.E we have had Mrs Gardener teaching us. She has worked on our balancing skills. We have become experts now.



January 20th 2017

This week has been action packed in Octopus class. On Monday we were very lucky because Mrs Brown brought in some old toys for us to look at. They had mould on them and holes where they had been used so much. We enjoyed comparing what the toy kitchen was made from to our toy kitchens. In English we have been thinking about good and bad characters. We had a discussion on whether Jack and the Giant were good or bad characters. Some of us were undecided. What do you think? In maths we have been telling the time. We are now experts at telling the time to o’clock and half past. Finally in Computing we have been writing algorithms and we checked each other’s algorithms to see if they were correct.


January 13th 2017

We have been learning how to ask questions this week and how to use a question mark. Using Wondering Walter to help us we thought of questions we would like to ask the characters from Jack and the Beanstalk. Here are some of the questions we came up with:

To Jack

What other adventures would you like to go on?

Why did you take the beans?

What did the castle look like?

To the Giant

Do you get lonely in the castle?

Why do you live in the clouds?

What clothes do you wear?

To the Old Man

Why did you sell the beans?

What are you going to do with the cow?

In maths we have been finding ¼ of a shape and finding as many different ways as we can to make then number 9. We have also had fun in the outside area this week and enjoyed looking at the ice. In science we have been thinking about animals and their habitat and how they are adapted to that habitat. Finally in Computing we learnt the grown up word algorithm and we have been using BeeBots to learn all about algorithms.