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Wednesday 18th April

Welcome back after what was hopefully a wonderful and restful Easter! Already this week we have been very busy launching our new topic which is 'Queens and Castles'. We have spent lots of time this week talking about the Queen and her Coronation learning more about the special objects like an orb and sceptre which she holds during this ceremony. Lobsters really enjoyed watching a real video of the Queen’s Coronation and they waited in anticipation for the crown to be put on her head! 


In maths we have been learning all about repeated addition where the same number is added together lots of times (e.g. 2+2+2+2+2). We have been spending time exploring this practically with different maths equipment.



In science this term we are learning all about the properties of materials. This week we had to order objects from around the classroom from heaviest to lightest. Miss Moore was really impressed by the children’s enthusiasm for this task!


In PE today, we had our first opportunity to go outside and we were practising the skills we would need for tennis. Take a look at some of us in action!





Monday 19th March

Lobster class had a wonderful time this morning out enjoying the snow. We went on a walk around the field and a few snowballs were thrown along the way! The children then enjoyed making a snowman and did a super job working together. Once inside we warmed up by listening to a story with our snack whilst our socks dried on the radiator!         



Wednesday 14th March

This week Lobster class are really enjoying Science week! The children have considered what life would be like without plastic and how we can reduce the use of plastic to protect the environment. We have then learnt about aeroplanes and the history of flight. We had a go at creating our own aeroplanes and helicopters which we then flew outside.



            Tuesday 13th March 

In Geography we have been learning developing our maps skills and learning all about the language of north, east, south and west. We played a game with our shipmates where we had to get our counters to different pictures on the board through giving instructions to our partner using the new words we had learnt. 

GameLob1     Gamelob2

Friday 9th March

Lobster class really enjoyed dressing up as their favourite story book characters for World Book Day! We spent time throughout the day sharing our favourite stories and Miss Moore read lots of stories to us all. Which characters can you spot?


Monday 26th February

What a super start to World Book Week! Today we enjoyed listening to stories and it was made even better as we were wearing our pyjamas. We were lucky enough to have hot chocolate and biscuits as we listened, it was a real treat! 


Thursday 22nd February

Lobster class had a fantastic week as the Fire Service came to visit. We had chance to explore the inside of their fire engine and use the hose to put out a ‘fire’. We learnt lots of important facts which will keep us safe from fire. The children particularly enjoyed seeing the firemen change into their uniform which they wear when they are going to put out a fire. 


Lobfireengine2        Lobfireengine1

Lobfireengine3  Lobfireengine4 


This week we have also begun our 'Hampshire Book Awards' topic. Each week we will be reading a different story and we will vote for our favourite at the end. So far we have read 'There's no dragon in this story', you could ask your child what this was about.


 Wednesday 31st Janurary


In Lobster class this week we have been learning all about money in maths. We’ve spent lots of time exploring the different coins and notes and have been finding out how many 1p’s make up each coin. We’ve also begun considering how you can make the same total in lots of different ways.


In writing we had a problem to solve! After creating story paths for Jack and the Beanstalk, we found out the Giant had sold his castle and moved out! We created our very own creatures to live at the top of the beanstalk which we described with lots of fantastic adjectives.


We have continued our learning about toys but this week it was our turn! Lobster class had to design their own toy using only a cup, a ball, string, card and a stick. The children were so creative and everyone’s ideas were brilliant!


Lobster class have had another vote for their next role play this week. After many ideas were given it was decided by the children that we would have a toy shop. Our Lobster toy shop has opened this week and the children have thoroughly enjoyed creating shopping lists, receipts and adding up the money in the till!


Tuesday 16th January

Welcome back and a very Happy New Year!

This half term we will be learning all about Jack and the Beanstalk and other Traditional Tales. In English we have been busy writing questions to the giant and Jack about their choices in the story. Our current role play is a Stable and Lobster class have thoroughly enjoyed pretending to ride a horse with our saddle, wearing the riding hat and creating winner’s rosettes for competitions. Lobster class were so excited when they had the opportunity to discuss the old toy they brought in for home learning. It was so wonderful for the children to retell the stories behind the toys so thank you for your help with that. After discussing our toys, we created a museum display with our own labels about the story of the toy. In maths we have been focusing on counting in 10’s. Miss Moore has been amazed by how brilliantly the children have remembered them! Ask your child to show you how fantastic they are by counting from 0-100 in 10s!



Friday 15th December

What a fantastic week we have had in Lobster class. As I’m sure you will agree Lobster class did a fantastic job in our Christmas Play! Miss Moore was so proud of the classes beautiful clear singing, their wonderful acting and all the lines they all managed to remember! We really enjoyed wearing our costumes and being part of the show.


In class we have been learning about why Christmas is important to Christians through the Nativity story. We discussed the significance of journeys and how they can sometimes lead to both happy and unhappy endings. We ordered the journeys of different groups of people throughout the Nativity story.

IMG E0313

Wednesday 6th December 

Christmas has arrived in Lobster class! We have our very own Santa's Grotto role play equipped with our beautiful class Christmas tree. We will soon be writing letters to Santa and posting them in our class post-box. The children will become elves designing gifts and wrapping presents in wrapping paper and boxes.

We have been learning all about the days of the week and the children have been enjoying taking turns to open the class advent calendar and seeing who’s names are in the draws.


IMG 02841



Wednesday 29th November

Lobster class have had a super afternoon continuing to learn about floating and sinking. We made boats using different materials which we tested to see if they would float or sink. The children were so creative and made boats which included anchors, treasure chests and some even had passengers on-board! Well done Lobster class and thank you to all of you for the various containers you provided.



LobsterMaterial 2


Thursday 23rd November

Today we took part in an anti-bullying drama workshop. We learnt about what bullying is and discussed what we should do if we think we are being bullied. In class we thought about what makes a good friend and how we can be just like Caring Carla to others. We pulled names out of a hat and wrote a compliment about that friend. Miss Moore was so impressed by how thoughtful and kind all the children were.

Anti-bullying workshop LOB 1




Wednesday 15th November

This week we have enjoyed learning more about the Owl Babies and have acted the story out thinking of our own actions.  We then used these actions to help us write our own story paths to order the key events throughout.

In science we have been thinking about how we can group materials as to whether they are made out of wood, plastic, metal or glass. We have been naming the materials of everyday objects around school. You could ask your child to name the materials of different household items, they are all experts at this now!

This week we have really enjoyed our Monster Phonics sessions and we are being just like Enthusiastic Eddie with all of our phonics activities. When we learnt the 'ay' digraph, we practised this by writing words using chalk outside. 

ay Lobster Phonics ay Lobster phonics 2







Thurday 9th November

In Lobsters this week we have started our 'Light and Dark' topic by reading Owl Babies. We have been very busy making predictions about the story and then came up with some amazing adjectives to describe the owls.
This week in maths we have been learning all about counting in ones on a number line. We played Snakes and Ladders to help us learn that we must bounce our counters in every square as we move across the board. We then moved onto counting on number lines and counted carefully along these.

Lobsters Snakes and Ladders

Thursday 2nd November 

Lobsters have already had a brilliant start to this half term! This week we have been learning all about Guy Fawkes and The Gunpowder Plot. We discussed what democracy means and how important it is. We then had a class debate about whether Guy Fawkes was right or wrong for what he planned to do. Miss Moore was very impressed by the ideas the children came up with during this discussion. We also have a new Hairdressing Salon as our role play (as voted for by the class). The children have thoroughly enjoyed providing treatments for their friends, take a look at a few appointments in action! 

Hairdressers Lob1

Hairdressers Lob2

Hairdressers Lob4 





Friday 20th October

This week in Lobsters our grown-up's came to join us in class for Family Reading. We all enjoyed sharing stories with our families and Miss Moore read the class her favourite story book. We all discused our favourite stories and why we liked them so much. 

LobstersFamilyReading Autumn 17 2

LobstersFamily Reading Autumn 2017

Tuesday 17th October

We have been very busy in Lobster Class this week as we have completed our Jungle dioramas which we have been working on for the last few weeks. Today we have been thinking about the things we like about our diorama and ways we could make them even better. Miss Moore was particularly impressed by how thoughtful the children were when coming up with ideas on how to improve their dioramas helping each other to think of ideas. 

Lobsters Diorama 1   Lobsters Diorama 2


Monday 9th October

We have been very busy in Lobster class learning more about our topic, The Jungle Book.  In RE (Religious Education) we have been discussing the different life events that we celebrate and what we do to mark these special occasions. Miss Moore was very impressed with the children’s ideas which included birthdays, Christmas, Easter, a new baby being born, weddings, Mothers Day and many more!

There was a class vote in Lobster class to choose what our role play area would become. After many possibilities were discussed a police station had the most votes and was the winner! The police station is now a very popular area of the classroom and the children really enjoy playing in there. On Friday Miss Moore was even arrested for robbing a bank! 


Monday 25th September
Lobster class have really enjoyed learning more about The Jungle Book. We have been sorting the characters from the story into ‘good’ and ‘bad’ and, have thought of different ways to describe the characters. Miss Moore was amazed when the children came up with words like terrifying, wicked, evil and wonderful, fantastic and friendly! For one of our Crew Challenges this week Lobster class made their own animal masks and decorated them, don’t they all look fantastic! 

Lobster Animal Mask


Tuesday 12th September

Lobster Class have had a super first week in Year One. We have enjoyed exploring our new classroom and particularly like baking in our new role play area.

Our new topic of the Jungle Book has been introduced and we cannot wait to find out more!


1L ipad


Miss Moore was particularly impressed by how caring Lobster Class are to each other; just like 'Caring Carla'!

We have been working really hard this week to ensure we complete all of our Crew Challenges and Lobster class have been brilliant at remembering to do all of these!


Welcome to Lobster Class 2017 / 2018 







July 2017

Lobster Class enjoyed learning all about Dubai. The children learnt about the physical and man-made features of the country and comapred them to our own. We also looked at the main buildings in Dubai and compared the schools to those in England. The children loved the freedom of being able to show us what they had learnt in their own way and built models out of junk, lego and painted buildings to show us all that they had learnt. In English we have enjoyed learning all about the Rainbow Fish and are beginning to learn the oral story. We have story pathed the story and used interesting adjectives to describe the feelings of characters. In Maths we have been practically adding and taking away using diennes to support us. All of the children found this method useful and were able to demonstrate it well. On Friday we had a lovely family picnic and all of the children had a brilliant time sitting on the field to eat lunch with their family and friends. All of the children have also been practising our songs and dance for 'The Strawberry Fayre'  next week and we cant wait for you all to see it.


22.5.17- 29.5.17

Lobster Class had a fantastic day when real life heroes visited our school. We got to meet Police Officers from the community and Incident Response, Ambulance Paramedics, Search and Rescue team, who were actually put on 'stand by' whilst they were here, concluding with a talk from the Hampshire & Isle of Wight Air Ambulance. We asked lots of questions, used our excellent listening skills to show respect (Captains Challenge)and to learn lots of new information. We also got to go into and explore all the Emergency vehicles, sit on the Police bike, switch the lights on and some of us were lucky and got to press the siren! For English this week we will be writing about what we learned and what our favourite part of the day was. For one of our Crew Challenges we are making medals to give to our own hero.  











8.5.17- 21.5.17

WOW Lobsters had an amazing time during Art Week where they produced some fantastic pieces of Art. We learnt how to mix powder paints focusing on primary and secondary colours. We mixed the powder paint with PVA glue and created our own abstract art in the outside area. We also researched Mondrian and re-created our own art based on his work. We hope you enjoyed seeing our brilliant pieces of art in the art gallery. In English we wrote facts all about Year One to inform the Year R children ready for September. We then got to share our fact file with the Year R children and loved showing them all around the different areas we are lucky to have here. In Science we learnt about different plants and also the function of the parts of the plant. We used magnifying glasses to get up close and explore the plants in detail. In Maths we looked at time specifically an hour earlier/ later and we also looked at rotating a shape a quarter turn and a half turn.


web art 2   website art 1    



This week Lobster Class learnt all about Neil Armstrong. We learnt lots of facts about him and the children were challenged to find extra facts of their own using non- fiction books and the internet. The children all really enjoyed this and were excited to share their facts with the class. In Maths we looked at number bonds to 10 and had a doubling hunt set up around the classroom. The children had to find number cards hidden around the classroom and in the outside area. They then had to write the doubling sentence on their whiteboard and work out the answer using a resource. All of the children really enjoyed this activity and challenged themselves by finding bigger numbers. In R.E we looked at the Judaism religion focusing on 'passover' and learnt all about the 'Seder plate'. We also looked at our own special objects and talked about why they were meaningful to us. The children also took part in the 'Sponored Bounce' this week. The children had a minute to complete as many bounces as they could and all thoroughly enjoyed it. 

sponsored bounce


24.4.17- 30.4.17

This week Lobster Class have been learning all about Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong for our 'explorer topic'. The children were presented with clues in two suitcases and wrote questions based on what they saw. They then learnt lots of facts about Christopher Columbus and wrote these down to suppor them when they create a fact file later on. In Maths we looked at money and the variety of ways that we can make 20p. We also added up shopping lists from Waitrose, Sainsbury and Tesco to see which supermarket was the cheapest. In Geography we looked at positional language and practised this language on the field with a beanbag. We also learnt about the parts of the tree and the function of each part. We went onto our playground and looked at the different trees to see if we could find the different parts and explain the purpose of it. Our highlight of this week was 'Perform' where we went on an adventure to try and find the 'horse with the golden mane'. All of the children love the Perform Drama Workshop and show great imagination when acting.







 Happy Easter! We enjoyed showing off our bonnets at our 'Easter Bonnet Parade' and were lucky enough to get a visit from the Easter Bunny!


aaaabc                                       aaab


Lobster Class loved their class treat! Everyone brought in a game from home to share with their friends. We all got changed into non-school uniform and had a lot of fun throughout the afternoon.                                       



aa11                            aaa                      

We practised our counting outside by throwing a hoop and working as a team to count how many daisies we caught. We also threw balls, beanbags and rings into the hoops and practised counting in 2s (beanbags), 5s (rings) and tens (balls) when adding up how many we could get into the hoops Eveyone enjoyed doing this!



Lobster Class really enjoyed having the theatre company come in and perform 'The Little Princess' to us. In English we have been planning our own story using a storypath and then we created our own books. We illistrated them and wrote our stories using amazing adjectives. In Maths we have been looking at capacity and learning to use the language: full, half full, nearly empty, empty and nearly full. We have also been practising using the number line to work out addition and subtraction number sentences. Some of the children were challenged to number sentences over 100. In Art we have been looking at Monet and have been practising the 'dabbing' painting technique. We had a go at painting Monet's famous 'haystack' painting using the same colours and technique as Monet. We have also enjoyed digraph spotting in books to practise finding and reading digraphs. We had a competition out on the field to see which shipmates could find the most digraphs.




13.3.17- 19.3.17

This week it was National Science Week and what a fun week we had in Lobster Class. We started the week off with 'Eddie' a local science engineer who came in to speak to us all about solids, liquids and gas. He showed us some impressive science investigations that included: flames moving to music based on the beat of the music. We also had a talk from Mrs Master-Coles all about the solar system and the children were all really engaged on the different types of planets and where they were in the solar system. We also learnt a rhyme to help us remember this: My (Mercury) very (Venus) excellent  (Earth) mummy  (Moon) just (Jupiter) served (Saturn) us (Uranus) nutella (Neptune). We learnt that Pluto is in fact a dwarf planet. We also carried out our own experiments where we looked at change particularly in a carrot, piece of bread and an apple as we monitored the change over the week. We also looked at what would happen if we put mint mento's, a dirty penny and a packet of skittles into a bottle of diet coke. The results were interesting and not as we were expecting (so make sure you ask the children to let you know our findings). In English we looked at the book 'Window' and wrote descriptions based on what we could see from Lobster class window. We also practised our comprehension skills as we predicted what we thought the book would be about along with the title of the book. In Maths we looked at sharing cirlces and how to share a number (with remainders).

 mrs master cole  man


This week Lobster Class enjoyed travelling across the world to Australia. We enjoyed learning about the Sydney Opera House, Great Barrier Reef and Uluru Rock. We also stopped off in India and learnt some Bollywood dancing. On Tuesday, we were lucky enough to have a visit from the fireman. The children loved learning all about keeping safe around the home. All of the children got to sit in the fire engine and looked at the fire fighters journey to a fire scene. They even got a chance to fire the hose at a pretend fire. In Art we created our own mosaics and printed different animals from India. The children were really creative with their art work and enjoyed getting messy.


james rosie



27.2.17- 5.3.17

This week we looked at one of our 'Hampshire Book Award books- Poles Apart. Just like the penguins in the story, we decided to travel around the world and visit the countries too. First stop was New York and we enjoyed seeing 'The statue of Liberty' and enjoyed the view from the top of the Empire State Building. We then put on our seat belts and headed to our capital city London. Here we visited Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and took a ride on the London Eye. After that we flew to Italy where we enjoyed making our own paper plate pizza (practising our 1/4 and 1/2 symbol). We also visited Rome and enjoyed learning all about the Colosseum and The Vatican. We also took a Gondola Ride in Venice and threw money into the Trevi Fountain. The children all loved learning about these cities and wrote a post card from each place to tell you all about our wonderful trip. In Geography we also looked at Great Britain and the 4 countries that are part of it. We looked at the flags of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales and where each country was situated on the map. The children also enjoyed making their own passport and playing in our 'Travel Agents' role play.


13.2.17- 17.2.17

boys writing

This week the children really enjoyed learning the days of the week and the months of the year. There are a variety of songs that Lobster Class like to sing to help us with this and we could all identify our birthday month. In English the children were shown a 'mystery mixture'. All of the children were able to touch the mixture and wrote adjectives to describe it on post it notes. We then had a discussion about what the mixture could turn into and the children used their imagination to decide what they thought would come out of the mixture. The class were then given the freedom to show us their design however they wanted. Some of the children chose to draw their design on large bits of paper, whereas others chose to paint and make theirs out of junk modelling. It was really nice to see the creativity of indivdual children and everyone really enjoyed doing this. Each child then wrote some descriptive sentences to describe their design using a variety of adjectives. In Maths we introduced diennes to the children to help them understand the concept of partitioning a number into tens and units. We also looked at solving a variety of maths word problems. The children found it tricky to understand what the question was asking them to do; however the majority of the children managed to solve problems independently by the end of the session. I hope you all have a lovely week off and I look forward to seeing you all for another fun- filled half term!


6.2.17- 12.2.17

This week Lobster Class had a lot of fun at 'Forest Friends'. The children enjoyed building dens, exploring the woods, looking at the different types of trees and playing team building games. In Maths, we used diennes to help us understand how to partition a number into tens and units. The children were all fully engaged in this and even made their own 'challenge books' to complete extra work! In English we have been focusing on our handwriting and looking at our ascenders (letters that are taller) and descenders (letters that go below the line). Last week we looked at money and focused on coin. We also began to add up small amounts which a lot of the children found quite tricky. In PE the children have been using all of the equipment, ropes and wall bars to form 'point' and 'patch' balences. This week we also had the school disco which was a great success. All of the children loved turning up to school in their party clothes and really enjoyed dancing, playing games like musical statues and musical bumps! 



This week Lobster Class have been working hard with their Crew Challenges. The children particulary enjoyed asking questions to their favourite characters frm movies such as: Frozen, Star Wars, Moana and Harry Potter. The children were all very creative with their questions and remembered to use a question mark. In English we looked at the characters from Jack and the Beanstalk and used adjectives to describe Jack and the Giant. In Maths we looked at telling the time to o'clock and half past the hour. Some of the children were challenged to think about an hour later than a given time. We also looked at splitting a number into quarters. In History we continued to look at toys from the past and discussed how come toys have changed over time and how others such as teddy bears have remained similar. In Science we looked at how animals in Africa have adapted to their habitat and the ways in which different animals keep cool. In Maths Marines we practised counting in our 10s and 2s. The children all appear to be very confident when counting in 10s but need more practise with their 2s.



I would just like to wish you all a Happy New Year! The children have all come back to school refreshed and willing to learn which is lovely to see. This week the children have used their comprehension skills to predict what a story is about by looking at a variety of clues. Some of the children guessed straight away that it was 'Jack and the Beanstalk' but it was interesting to hear some of the children's ideas as the symbols from the story were slowly revealed. In Maths we looked at our number bonds to 10 and used a number line to solve addition and subtraction number sentences. All of the children were really enthusastic when completing this Maths as they picked number cards to form their number sentences and rolled a dice to decide if it was an addition or subtraction number sentence. In RE we looked at the meaning of 'authority' and how this is shown within our society and our individual lives. We then watched a few videos of Jesus' Miracles and discussed who we thought showed authority in them.


Here are a couple of photos from our 'Class Treat' back in December.






This week we wrote our letters to Santa and put them in our BIG post box ready to send off to Lapland! In Maths we looked at ordering a variety of numbers from smallest to biggest. We also recapped our 3D shapes and are completing mixed multiplication (arrays) and division (sharing circle) number sentences to see if we can remember the method to work them out! We have finished our phase 5 phonics and will recap these after Christmas. The children are all doing really well in Christmas Play rehearsals and we cannot wait for you to come and see our performance! In PE the children learnt a 'christmas pudding' dance that was based around the children being the ingredients to produce the cake. All of the children really enjoyed this and performed it to a small audience enthusiastically.


cake 1   cake 2

I would like to wish you all a 'Happy Christmas' and a brilliant New Year and I look forward to seeing everyone back in January ready to learn. The progress so far this year has been amazing for every single member of Lobster Class. Keep practising your reading (Bug Club), Maths (one more/ one less, ordering numbers, number bonds to 10 and 20 and number recognition to 100) as well as writing sentences using capital letter, finger spaces, full stops, adjectives (describing words) and conjunctions (and, because). Alongside Phonics Play here are some good websites that contain fun Maths/ English games.





21.11.16- 2.12.16

Christmas has started in Lobster Class. The children have enjoyed role playing in Santa's Grotto pretending to be the elves and reindeers. They also helped wrap up boxes to put into the role play area as well as decorate the Christmas tree. The children also wrote letters to the 'Bad Elf' that left Lobster Class a note in the register informing us that our decorations were up too early and needed to be taken down!

lobster christmas 1  lobster christmas 2                                                    lobster christmas 3

In English all of the children wrote the story of the 'Owl Babies'. All of the children were confident to write the story as they had all learnt it orally.  In Maths we have been looking at working out half of a number using sharing circles. We also learnt multiplication using an 'array' to help us solve the number sentence.

For example 2 lots of 3 = 6

1  x x x

2  x x x

We have also been practising very hard with our Christmas Play and cannot wait for you to all see it. We are also near the end of learning our phase 5 phonic sounds, so please recap these as well as the phase 3 sounds with the children to ensure they have a secure understanding of all the digraphs and trigraphs. A sound mat can be found here for phase 3 and 5.


There are also lots of fun, free games here on Phonics Play that the children can play to recap the sounds. We play some of these in class so the children should be familiar with them.





This week, we have been learning the oral story of the 'Owl Babies'. The childen have enjoyed putting actions to the story to help them remember it. In English we made predictions at certain points of the story. We also desribed the setting and the characters using a varierty of adjectives. In Maths, we looked at addition and subtraction equations to solve using the number line. We also attempted partitioning numbers up to 100 as well as finding one more/ one less than any number up to 100! The children challenged themselves to see how many they could solve. In Science we looked at materials and sorted them into a venn diagram. We looked at materials that could twist, bend and be squashed. On Friday we also learnt about 'Children in Need' and dressed up to raise money for the good cause. We also had a cake sell which raised a lot of money for the various charities. All of the children had a fun day and enjoyed learning all about 'Pudsey Bear'.

children in need



This week Lobster Class went down to Holly Hill woods to think of adjectives to desribe what they could see, hear, smell and touch. We then built up class word bank of adjectives that could be used in our descriptive writing. All of the children enjoyed this piece of writing as they could relate to their own experience of the woods. In Maths we were learning to tell the time to o'clock. Some of the children were challenged to think about the time an hour earlier/ later. The children needed to be able to tell the time as well as draw the time on the clock (remembering that the hour hand is shorter). We also learnt about 'Remembrance Day' and carried out our own 2 minute silence on Friday. All of the children were very keen to learn about the subject and enjoyed understanding why we wear a poppy. In P.E the children performed their 'Firework Dance' to each other and enjoyed having the freedom to choose their own 'prop'. We also looked at materials and began to sort them into their properties: glass, plastic, metal, wood etc.

dancing 1   dancing 2



This week Colin the Cultural Crab helped Miss Webb teach the children all about the 'Gunpowder Plot'. The children arrived after half term to a rather peculiar set up in the classroom and were all asked to write a sentence about what they think had happned. The children were then told the story of the 'Gunpowder Plot' and began to relate specific clues in the classroom to the story. Molly the Moral Mataray helped us debate weather Guy Fawkes was right or wrong to try and blow up King James and the Houses of Parliament. The children really enjoyed this debate and it was interesting to hear their reasons for what they believed in. We then spoke about Bonfire Night and explained the reaons as to why we celebrate this. The children also designed their own safety posters to remind people to keep safe on Bonfire Night. In Maths we learnt the half symbol and looked at halving a variety of shapes. All of the children were then challenged to find an object or to show a 'half' in their own way which they all enjoyed doing. Mrs Master-Coles also came in to talk  to the children about 'Diwali' and how it is celebrated. Lobster Class also went to the woods on Thursday and all of the children had a lovely time there. The children were practising their team building skills when building dens and also used their imagination skills to tell stories. In PE the children learnt a 'firework dance' using material to represent the flames which they all enjoyed performing to one another.


10.10.16- 21.10.16

This week in Lobster Class we have been writing instructions. We looked at the book 'Monstersaurus' and began to plan our own instructions on how to make a monster. The children had creative ideas on the things they wanted to put into their bowl to create a monster. We looked at different 'imperative verbs' such as pour, cut, slice, throw to make the instructions more exciting. In Maths we looked at height and ordered a variety of monsters starting with the smallest right up to the tallest. We also watched videos of 'pets' and 'wild' animals and discussed the differences between the animals that live at home and those that live in the wild. The children enjoyed this discussion and related it to their own pets at home. This week we also had PERFORM drama group come in to carry out a workshop with us. The children loved pretending to be on a plane to Australia to search for a 'boomerang'. They were pretending to be a tree to trick the naughty crocodile every time he wandered into the swamp. The children all loved acting and joined in with all of the activities well. Lobster Class also learnt some Bollywood dancing this week in relation to India. I hope you all have a lovely week off and are ready to learn again next term!

picture 1     picture 2


This week the children had great fun painting and making their 'Jungle Book' diorama. The children all sat outside on the grass and spent a long time cutting and sticking material and animals to put into their diorama. All of the children put a lot of effort into their work and I was really pleased with how brilliant they all looked. In English we began to look at the content and layout of instructions. In Maths we looked at partitioning a number and explored how many tens and ones specific numbers have. The children were also given a '4 number card challenge' where they had to make as many number sentences as they can using the 4 numbers provided. In Geography we also compared our school to a school in India and looked at the differences between resources and layout of the schools. The children were all really interested in this and used brilliant vocabulary to explain the similarities and differences between Sarisbury Infants and a school in India.


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Lobster Class enjoyed writing 'speech' for some of their favourite film character this week. All of the children were very creative with their ideas and enjoyed acting out their speech in a variety of voices. In Maths we looked at one more and one less of a number and continued to practise our number formation. In Science we began to look at animal variations and talked about the ways that we categorise animals. The children enjoyed sorting a variety of animals into mammal, amphibian, reptile, fish and bird categories. All of the children are enjoying year 1 and are beginning to show more independence when choosing to complete their 'Crew Challenges' throughout the week.


The children have settled in well to Lobster Class in Year One and are beginning to cope with the work load! The majority of the children have completed all of their 'Crew Challenges' so far and are enjoying the learning that is taking place. So far the children have learnt how to add using a number line and have been challenged to recognise numbers up to and over 20. Currently our theme is 'The Jungle Book' and the children have all enjoyed writing  sentences with adjectives to describe different characters from the film. In RE we have been looking at celebrations and discussed all of the different occassions that we celebrate. The children have enjoyed exploring the different areas of the classroom.

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All of the children have settled in well and are really enjoying their new classroom and the responsibilities of being in Year One.