Year 1 Home Learning

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Due in 24th April 2018

Welcome   back to our final term in Year One! This half term our topic is about ‘Queens   and Castles’.

We have   been learning about the four countries which make up the United Kingdom. Can   you find out the four flags for England, Wales, Scotland and Northern   Ireland? Also, what are names of the capital cities of these countries?

Thank you   for your hard work practising Phonics over half term. Please   continue to practise any sounds your child found tricky. Keep up   with the Reading Challenge – there’s no limit to how many books your child   can collect!

Many   thanks, Year 1 Team

Monster   Phonics

How many   words can you find that have the oa sound family? Watch out for the alien words!

oa – boat / shoapop

oe – toe / froebab

ow – blow / strowing

o-e – cone / sogeph

Don’t   forget to add the sound buttons!

Maths   Marines

We have   been learning about odd and even numbers.

What do   you notice with even numbers?

What do   you notice with odd numbers?

We have   been using this learning to see if a number can be halved.

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