Year 1 Home Learning

Home   Learning

Due in Tuesday 15th January 2018

Welcome back! We do hope you had a lovely   Christmas break.

In Year One, we are going to be starting   something very new and exciting.

It’s called My   Sea Journal.

The children will have the opportunity to write   and draw every day in their Sea   Journal. For example, they could write about their favourite hobby,   something they are excited about, something they got up to last night. We   believe that the daily opportunity to write about personal circumstances in a   Sea Journal will enhance   personalisation, develop children’s engagement, support daily mindfulness,   resilience as well as readiness for learning. Your child will keep their   journal in their own drawer and your child’s class teacher will read and   share it with your child.

Today,   your child is bringing home a orange book. We would like your child to cover   the outside of the orange book with whatever your child wants. For example:   football wrapping paper, princess stickers etc. Don’t forget to make sure the   child’s name is clearly labelled.

Additionally, we will be reinforcing the early   morning routine with your children.

When your child comes in they are expected to:

  1. Hang   their coat and bags up
  2. Take out   their reading folder, if needed
  3. Choose   their lunch and sign in
  4. Go and   change their reading book, if needed
  5. Write in   their Sea Journals / or read to an   adult

Don’t forget, Phonics Stay and Play is on Monday   21st January 2019, 9:15am

Many thanks,

The Year One Team