Year 1 Home Learning

Home Learning

Due in Tuesday 25th September 2018

This week for your home learning we would like you to be ‘Phonic Detectives’. You have been provided with some words. We would like you to sausage and bean the words looking carefully for the digraphs we have been learning in school.


quilt                        quack                   quiz            

  quit                                                          quill                                        

buzz               fuzz                                                 jazz

yell                   yet                                            yes            yuck

zoo                zip

 Why not challenge yourself and think of some more words containing these digraphs.

Many thanks, Year 1 team


Monster Phonics

How many words can you find that start with z, zz, qu, y?

zz – fuzz

z – zip

qu – queen

y – yellow

Don’t forget to add the sound buttons!


Dory Wavy Words

Please practise these spellings by writing them and playing games e.g. snap or bingo.





Practise these letter shapes: j y r n



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