Year 1 Home Learning

Home Learning

Due in Tuesday   16th October 2018

In English this week we are learning to write instructions. We have   been learning to use a bossy verb at the beginning of the sentence e.g. get,   pick, put. We would like you to write a set of instructions on something they   are interested in, for example it could be about getting ready for school or   baking a cake. We are looking forward to reading your instructions.

Many thanks for your continued support this half term. This will be   the last home learning until after half term. Year 1 Team


Monster   Phonics

How many   words can you find that have oa, ar, or, igh

Don’t   forget to add the sound buttons.


oa – boat, float

ar – car, cart

or – fork, cord

igh – high, light

Dory’s   Wavy Words

Please   practise these spellings by writing them and playing games e.g. snap or   bingo.





Practise these   letters that we have learnt. Remember to start at the top of each letter and   finish with a flick

b ______________________________________________________________________________  

h ______________________________________________________________________________

k ______________________________________________________________________________

m ______________________________________________________________________________

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