Year 1

Welcome to Year 1


Lobster Class

Miss Moore, Mrs McCarthy and Mrs Grover


Octopus Class

Mr Swift, Mrs Arkell, Mrs James and Mrs Collins


Seahorse Class

Mrs Davies, Mrs Dessurne, Mrs Evans, Mrs James, Mrs Clemo and Miss Wilson



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Summer Term 1


Our topic this half term is called 'Queens and Castles'. In English we will be focusing on non-fiction writing and we will be creating our very own fact files about castles. We are continuing with Phonics and preparing the children for the 'Phonic Screening Check' that happens next half term. A letter will be sent out to you nearer the time explaining the screening check. In Maths we are cointinung to deepen the concepts the we have learnt and will be working on our problem solving skills. We are also going to be working on our mental maths skills and using the knowledge we know to solve problems. In Science we will be investigating which material will hold the most amount of weight and learning about what a fair test is. In R.E we are going to be looking at the Jewish festival of Passover. The children will learn why this festival is an important part of the Jewish calender and how it is celebrated. Our P.E lessons will now be taking place outside (weather dependent). We will be working on our athletic skills ready for sports day. We will be focusing on our running, throwing, jumping and catching skills. In Design and Technology we will be creating our own carriages fit for royalty! 

If you have any questions please come and speak to a member of the Year 1 Team. 



Spring Term 2


We cannot believe how quickly the year is going and we are half way through Year 1.This half term we are taking part in the Hampshire Book Award. The children will get to vote for their favourite book out of 4. Then we will be taking part in science week with the focus being change. The children will get to complete numerous science experiments and we will be talking about change in seasons. At the end of the half term we will be learning the Easter story and the children will have an Easter fun day. The Easter Bunny might make an appearance. In Maths we are continuing to develop our number skills and we will be working on our problem solving skills.In Phonics we are now looking at sound families and thinking about which digraph to use when we are spelling unknown words. In our handwriting sessions we are thinking about our ascenders and descenders as well as joining up our letters.



Spring Term 1

 We hope you had a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year. We have got a busy half term planned. Our topic is about Traditional Tales with particular focus on Jack and The Beanstalk. We will be having Phonics twice a day, once with a familiar adult in Year One and once with your child's class teacher. In English we will be learning the oral story Jack and the Beanstalk. We will be thinking of questions to ask the characters and learn how to use a question mark. We will also be learning to write setting and character descriptions thinking about the adjectives and conjunctions we use. Finally we will be innovating the story. In Maths we are continuing to develop our number skills. We are working hard on counting in tens, twos and fives. We are also learning about quarters and finding a quarter of an amount or shape. Alongside this we will be looking at doubles and number bonds to ten. In Science we are looking at animals and how they are adapted to their habitat. We will then be designing clothes for Jack so he can survive in different habitats! We are also looking at seasonal changes and thinking about what clothes we wear in different seasons. In History we are looking at toys and seeing how they have changed over time. We are looking at toys from long long time ago, long time ago and now. Within these lessons we will be seeing how toys have changed and why they have changed over time. In Computing we are learning how to type. Finally in R.E we will be looking at authority. We will be thinking about what does authority mean and who has authority in our lives. Then we will be looking at authority in Christianity and how Jesus shows authority in bible stories. Finally we will be answering the question is authority good or bad?


Keep checking our class pages to see what we get up to each week. Keep practising your Phonics skills.

Many thanks, Year 1 Team.



Autumn Term 2


 Welcome to the festive, glittery half term! We are basing our learning around the theme of ‘Light and Dark’. For the first week back we will be learning all about the Gunpowder Plot and deciding who was right or wrong between Guy Fawkes and King James. Within this week we will be making firework pictures and learning how to be safe around fireworks. Our learning will be then based on the story ‘Owl Babies’. We will be learning to retell the story, innovate the story and then write our own versions. Our maths and science learning will also be linked to the characters in this story. In science we are learning about materials and we will be conducting some fun science experiments. This half term we are very lucky to have a P.E specialist coming in to teach us dance. In DT we will be using clay to sculpture nocturnal animals. For the final part of the half term we will be doing many Christmas activities and practising our Christmas play. Our R.E this half term will be based on the birth of Jesus.


Keep looking at our class pages to see what we have been up to each week! Don’t forget if you have any questions please do not hesitate to speak to your class teacher.

Many thanks, Year 1 Team.



Autumn Term 1



Welcome to Year 1. The children have come into school brilliantly and are learning the routines of Year 1. This half term we will be using the film ‘The Jungle Book’ as a stimulus for our learning.


Year One Phonics Workshop 

Year 1 Parents’ Information Meeting (September 2017)


In English, we will be working on our sentence writing skills. The children will be learning to use a capital letter, finger space, adjective and a full stop. We will be writing about the Jungle Book and other Disney characters. In Phonics we are going to be recapping phase 3 sounds and then moving onto phase 5 sounds. We have enjoyed looking at alien words already! In Maths we are learning numbers up to 100. We are also adding and subtracting using numbers up to 50. We will also be learning all about place value. In Design and Technology, we are going to be making a jungle diorama. In Science we are learning all about animals and the human body. We are also going to be doing some experiments which is exciting. In our R.E. lessons we are learning all about the Christian festival of Harvest and the Jewish festival of Sukkot. During our P.E sessions we have Mr King coming in to teach us multi-skills and we are going to be learning to balance on the equipment in the hall.


Keep checking our class pages to see what we have been up to throughout the week.

Many thanks, Year 1 Team


In Year 1 we have lots of different places to learn and play. We use all of these to complete our Crew Challenges. 


In our Shared Area we have seven different zones to learn. These are: an Art Area, a Small World Area, a Role Play Area, Funky Fingers, Maths Marines, Monster Phonics and Game Station. 

Year1SharedAreas1 Year1SharedAreas2

 Year1RolePlay Year1SmallWorld


In our Outside Area we have a digging, construction and a new reading boat.

Year1Outside1 Year1Outside2





 Summer 2 2017

Welcome back to Summer 2. We cannot believe it is your child’s last half term with us. They have worked very hard this year and we are very proud of them. We have got an action packed half term and we are looking forward to lots of special events and learning.

We will be going on our school trip which is very exciting and will be a brilliant learning experience for the children. Details will be sent out in a couple of weeks.

The first week back is geography week. We will be looking at Dubai as a country and then comparing it to the United Kingdom. The children will be looking at houses in Dubai and then they will be learning about the physical and man-made features of Dubai.

In English we are going to be learning the oral story of Rainbow Fish and rewriting the story ourselves. Then we will be moving on to non-fiction writing and writing about our school trip and a letter to our new teacher.

In maths we are going to be taking our learning to greater depth and doing lots of problem solving to use our skills in a variety of ways. As well as this we are going to be learning to add and take-away with diennes.

In science we are going to be lots of investigations based on materials. This is going to be very exciting and we are going to become scientists. Hopefully the sun will shine so we are able to take our learning outside. We will also be going to Forest Friends again to further our learning about plants and trees.

In art we will be developing our sketching skills and thinking carefully about shading. We will be using a variety of sketching pencils.

Our last R.E unit of the year is Special Places. In this unit the children will be thinking about what places are special to them, what makes a place special, churches as special places for Christians and answering the question do we need a special place?

During this half term we have Health and Fitness week which includes sports day. Our P.E sessions will be getting us ready for sports day as well as team games. We are very much looking forward to getting outside for our P.E.

Finally we have Strawberry Fayre at the end of June. The children will be busy learning the dances and songs this half term. We are very much looking forward to showing it to you.

Don’t forget we have family picnic on Friday 16th June. We hope to see you there!