Voice of thew Crew 2018-19

The Voice of the Crew is a group of school representatives that have the very important job of speaking up for the other children in the school. Their opinion is called upon for many of the school’s decisions and they are entrusted with making decisions about how some school money will be spent and how we will raise money for PTA and charity events.


 15th November 2017

In our Voice of the Crew meeting we discussed our upcoming school charity cake sale which all of the children were eager to help with. Each of the children were also given a coloured sash which they will wear at lunchtime. This will mean the Voice of the Crew members are easy to identify on the playground.


We also showed the team the plans for our new playground. All the children loved the proposed ideas and were excited for it to be implemented.





28th September 2018

When The Voice of the Crew asked their classmates what we could do to help the local community at Harvest, it was decided that we could collect food for homeless people. The Voice of the Crew members then put on an assembly for the rest of the school asking the children to bring in food for our local food bank. All the class representativesmade wonderful posters and explained how important it was that we helped others in need.  


11th September 2018

Our new 'Voice of the Crew' members have been nominated and selected across both Year 1 and Year 2. Our new team were very excited about our first meeting and having a chance to represent their class. Each class was given a book and some questions which they have taken back to their class to collect answers. These were based around helping others at Harvest, ideas for replacing the bridge on the playground and ways we can help the new Year R children around school. 

We also disucssed our new special boat from Mrs Brown which she gave the school when she retired. The children discussed how this could be used as a reward and decided it would be a 'CREW Class Award' which would be given to the class who showed the best CREW skills.





















Helping our local food bank at Harvest 10.10.17

Our first job of the year is to lead an assembly with Mrs Marston on how and why we will be supporting the Fareham and Gosport Food Bank this Harvest.  We have made posters of the food banks requirements and will help the rest of the school learn about why this is so important.

VT assembly

Our Harvest Assembly and Collection!

We would like to say a huge thank you for everyone's food bank donations.  As a school we raised over 20 LARGE bags of food which will go to those people in our community who need a helping hand. A very successful Harvest!

VT basics bank

7th March 2017

Voice Team meeting

Comic Relief was the focus of our meeting on the 7th March. The Voice Team had got lots of ideas from their peers about what we could do to raise money on Friday 24th March. These included:


  • Play games
  • Tell jokes
  • Wear red noses
  • A party
  • A cake sale
  • Face paints
  • An open mic
  • A dance off
  • A sports race
  • A penalty shoot out
  • Wear PJs
  • Singing


As a team we decided that dressing up in something red, a cake sale and a dance off would be a super way to raise money for a the charity.


March 2017


VT Dojo Assembly

The Voice Team helped Miss Barnes with an assembly all about ‘perseverance’. They told a story, asked questions and encouraged the rest of the school to reflect on what they need to do if they get stuck in the ‘dip’ when they are learning. We talked about how perseverance was something that Resilient Rosa is very good at!


February 2017


The Voice Team spent time with the children across the school to get some feedback about our school. Their responses and suggests were very enthusiastic and they offered helpful suggestions as to what we could do next.


Do you like our new playground markings?

‘Fantastic! Stunning! Fab! Awesome! Much more detailed and better than before.’

‘Good! Fabulous! Amazing! Cool!’

How can we make better use of our playground markings?

‘New games from our teachers.’

‘Balls and beanbags to throw on them and play sound games with.’

‘Add more colour and make them glow!’

ACTION: Miss Connolly has ordered some new balls and beanbags to play with on the new markings.

ACTION: Miss Barnes is going to share some game ideas with the lunchtime supervisors and teachers.

What do we enjoy at Sarisbury?

‘Pirate phonics, ‘The Great Fire of London’ learning, messy play, chilli challenges.’

‘Maths, geography, reading, writing, making books, parents helpers, assembly, history.’

‘Football, ipads, class treats, drama, drawing, animals visiting, fun topics, ‘Crewasize’.’

How could we make learning even more fun?

‘Use toys to help us learn, more clubs, more playtime and more time to do painting.’

‘A class pet, football goals, more ICT.’

‘Fidget cubes, dancing and singing to help us remember.’

ACTION: Miss Barnes has given feedback to all of the teachers and support staff about what you enjoy most and the others things that you would like to try.

ACTION: Miss Barnes will ask the PTA about the possibility about buying some football goals for the summer term.

January 2017

Resilient Rosa for website

The Voice Team worked alongside Miss Barnes to create an assembly which taught the school about Resilient Rosa. We worked together to think of different scenarios that we could act out to show children being resilient. We had a boy playing football and needing some encouragement and a little girl wanting to give up on her Maths, but having a peer nearby to help her persevere. The Voice Team then asked the children about what they had learnt. This was a wonderful way to introduce our new ‘Crew’ character Resilient Rosa!  

December 2016

In December, The Voice Team met with one of our governors Mr Paddick. They confidently told him about all the things that they had been organising across the school and the assemblies that they have held to the school. Mr Paddick challenged the Voice Team to seek more opinions from their peers and to record these in their ‘Voice Team’ books.

November 2016

The Voice Team organised an event for everyone to take part in to raise money for ‘Children in Need’. They asked the children to bring in cakes and dress up in fancy dress of their choice. This included onesies, pyjamas and superheroes! All the children were asked to bring in a £1.30 donation and this meant that everyone got to choose a delicious cake too. The day was a great success and an amazing total of £561.04 was raised.

Children in need cakes