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Voice of the Crew

The Voice of the Crew is a group of school representatives that have the very important job of speaking up for the other children in the school. Their opinion is called upon for many of the school’s decisions and they are entrusted with making decisions about how some school money will be spent and how we will raise money for PTA and charity events.


21st September 2020


Today we had our second Voice of the Crew meeting. For this meeting we discussed their peers responses to the questionnaire. The first question was about what the children like about school to which we had a range of responses including lunchtime, reading and playing with friends. The second question focused on how we can keep ourselves safe and healthy at school. The children fed back that it was important to wash their hands, always walk inside school and to not eat too much chocolate! The final question was about how we could make school even better. The children's responses included more colouring, a bigger playground, more school trips, a flag for the boat on the playground, football goals and a swimming pool!


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15th September 2020

Children from across the Year 2 classes have now been elected as our new Voice of the Crew members. Today we had our very first meeting to introduce ourselves and learn more about what we will be doing over the coming year. Each member was given a red sash so they can be recognised on the playground at lunchtime and each class was given their own folder with some questions in. The children were so excited to collect their classmate's responses!


Introducing our new Year 2 Voice of the Crew!

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March 2020

Following our previous meeting the Voice of the Crew have met today and went out to count the number of bikes/scooters stored in the various shelters around school. The Voice team went to count in area outside the office, the Year R garden and the storage area by the school gates. We found that across the whole site there were 14 bikes and 23 scooters.

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 February 2020

Voice of the Crew met to discuss the results of the survey which they had asked within their classes. It was found that across the year group, the most popular mode of transport to get to school was by car. The children suggested many ways which we could promote more children waling to school which included; making posters, leaflets and giving prizes to encourage more people to walk/scoot/cycle to school.


Janurary 2020

Today the Voice of the Crew met to discuss the events we have completed as a team so far. We talked about our plans for the coming months focusing on how we can encourage more children to walk to school. The children were given some questions in their folders to ask their peers back in class. We are looking forward to meeting again and discussing their responses.


18th November 2019 

 Today, Sophie returned to school and did another assembly about the money we had raised through 'Buddy's Big Workout'. As a school we raised a fantastic £663.83!  Thank you to everyone your contributions, every penny counts.

A special well done to Jellyfish who were the class which managed to bring in the most sponsorship forms out of the whole school.

NSPCC total1 


  5th Novemeber 2019 

All the children at Sarisbury had so much fun taking part in 'Buddy's Big Workout'. They stood in goal for the final station of the course which a penalty shoot out. The children had a big smile on their faces as they attempted to kick the ball into the goal. Well done and thank you to the 'Voice of the Crew for their help!

NSPCC Buddys Workout


21st October 2019

Today the Voice of the Crew met with Sophie from the NSPCC. She introduced us to the NSPCC mascot called Buddy and told us a bit about what the charity does. Together, we thought of ideas for what we could do for ‘Buddy’s Big Workout’, which we would then use as a way to raise money for the NSPCC. The Voice of the Crew decided that it would be a great idea to set up an obstacle course which the whole school could complete. Each member of the team suggested one station for the obstacle course; some of these included dribbling a football round cones, jumping over hurdles, climbing the wall bars and racing with a sack. Good luck to all the children in collecting their sponsors, we can’t wait to take part in Buddy’s Big Workout on 5th November!













7th October 2019

Today we discussed the answers to the questions which the Voice of the Crew had asked in their classes. The feedback across Year 2 was that we could help the new year R children by introducing them to the lunchtime staff, making sure they know where things are and also helping them walk from the lunch hall to the playground. The children talked about how they loved the climbing frame and play equipment but thought we could have more toys outside to make it even better.


September 2019  

Introducing our 2019-20 'Voice of the Crew' members!

 Voice Team Group

3 children from each Year 2 class have been selected to represent their peers. As part of their role they will attend meetings, collect information from their classmates and talk about current events in assembly.

Each class was given their own folders with a list of questions to take back and ask their class mates. These were based around the things which went well last year and how we could make lunchtimes at Sarisbury even better! Each Voice of the Crew member was also given a sash which they can wear at lunchtime so that other children can identify them on the playground.

All the Voice of the Crew members were very excited to take on this responsibility and eager to meet again soon to discuss what they found out.  




Voice of the Crew 2018-19


In our Voice of the Crew meeting we discussed our upcoming school charity cake sale which all of the children were eager to help with. Each of the children were also given a coloured sash which they will wear at lunchtime. This will mean the Voice of the Crew members are easy to identify on the playground.


We also showed the team the plans for our new playground. All the children loved the proposed ideas and were excited for it to be implemented.






When The Voice of the Crew asked their classmates what we could do to help the local community at Harvest, it was decided that we could collect food for homeless people. The Voice of the Crew members then put on an assembly for the rest of the school asking the children to bring in food for our local food bank. All the class representativesmade wonderful posters and explained how important it was that we helped others in need.  




Our new 'Voice of the Crew' members have been nominated and selected across both Year 1 and Year 2. Our new team were very excited about our first meeting and having a chance to represent their class. Each class was given a book and some questions which they have taken back to their class to collect answers. These were based around helping others at Harvest, ideas for replacing the bridge on the playground and ways we can help the new Year R children around school. 


We also disucssed our new special boat from Mrs Brown which she gave the school when she retired. The children discussed how this could be used as a reward and decided it would be a 'CREW Class Award' which would be given to the class who showed the best CREW skills.