Jolly Sailors

Pizza Express

4th March 2020 Yr1

We got to knead the dough for our pizza's then roll it out and finally flip it!

PE 4 3 20 1      PE 4 3 20 2

PE 4 3 20 3      PE 4 3 20 4



 12th February 2020 Yr2

On our arrival the children handed over the blankets and towels that they had collected from school donations.

These would help the RSPCA staff look after the animals.

JS rspca 12 2 20 1      JS rspca 12 2 20 2

     JS rspca 12 2 20 3      JS rspca 12 2 20 4    


Royal Armouries

29th January Year 1

We went round the exhibits and explored the Tunnels underground at Fort Nelson.

We wrote in our books what we had seen.



JS RA 29 1 20 1      JS RA 29 1 20 2

JS RA 29 1 20 3      JS RA 29 1 20 4


Pizza Express

Year 2 15th January 2020

We all made our own pizza at the resturant.

Then back at school we made up our own pizza recipies.

JS PE 15 1 20 1  JS PE 15 1 20 2


Hundred Acres

27th November 2019

Having fun in the rain!!!!


 IMG 1402 IMG 1406


 IMG 1408IMG 1412





Film Festival Trips

7th November, Whiteley 'How to Train Your Dragon'

13th November, Gunwharf Quays, 'Luis and Tha Aliens'

20th November, Ashcroft Arts Centre, 'Gnomeo and Juliet'


 JS 13 11 19 1


Victoria Country Park

2nd October 2019 Yr2 



Hundred Acres Wood

18th September 2019 Year 1


JS HAW 18 9 19 1       JS HAW 18 9 19 2

JS HAW 18 9 19 3     JS HAW 18 9 19 4


Victoria Country Park and Beach

2nd October 2019 Year 2

JS VCP 2 10 19 1     JS VCP 2 10 19 2 

JS VCP 2 10 19 3       JS VCP 2 10 19 4




Victoria Country Park and Beach

19th June 2019 Year 1


We all explored the beach and found lots of interesting natural things. We wondered how the fairy castle was made and found a notice board that we could all read all about it.  Next we climbed a tree and played on a Landrover while we had a break.

JS VCP Y1 19 6 19 1      JS VCP Y1 19 6 19 3

JS VCP Y1 19 6 19 4      JS VCP Y1 19 6 19 5

JS VCP Y1 19 6 19 7



Spinnaker Tower

Year Two 24th April

Children from Year Two went on a trip up the Porstmouth Spinnaker Tower.

We used the interactive computers to look out for land marks that we could recognise. We used our class i-pods to take photos to put up at school so that we could make a photo display to talk about with our friends.

JS ST 24 4 19 1      JS ST 24 4 19 2 

JS ST 24 4 19 3      JS ST 24 4 19 4



Portchester Castle Year 2

3rd April 2019

Year 2 honed their sketching skills, we looked at shading and texture.

JS PC 3 4 19 1      JS PC 3 4 19 2



RSPCA Year 2

Year 2 children organised to collect cat and dog treats in school to donate to The Ark.

We learn't all about how the RSPCA look after and rescue animals in need.


JS RSPCA 27 3 19 1       JS RSPCA 27 3 19 2

JS RSPCA 27 3 19 3      JS RSPCA 27 3 19 4




 Pizza Express Year 1 

13th March 2019


We enjoyed making Pizza to take home for our families.

We learn't how to knead and toss our dough into a circle to fit in the tin.


JS PE 13 3 19 2    JS PE 13 3 19 1

JS PE 13 3 19 3    JS PE 13 3 19 4



23rd January 2019


Our entrepreneneurial Year Two Jolly Sailors organised a collection of bedding for their donation to the RSPCA.

They made great posters and sent out a text to parents and managed the donation collection every day.


Y2 23 1 19     Y2 23 1 19 2


Y2 23 1 19 3    Y2 23 1 19 4



Jolly Sailors Pizza Express Presentation

January 2019 (Click here to view)



November Cinema Trips


7th Tad the Lost Explorer

8th Peter Rabbit

14th Rock Dog

21st Early Man

js PR 8 11 18 1     js PR 8 11 18 2


Royal Armouries

Get Writing

3rd October Year 2

 17th October Year 1

RA 3rd oct 2018 1     

RA 3rd oct 2018 2

RA 3rd Oct 2018 3


Victoria Country Park

26th September 2018

The new Fairy Garden taking shape, we talked to the wood carver and watched him carve the castle. 

We hope to come back when it's completed.


 RVic 26 9 18 1    


Hundred Acres wood

19th September 2018

Year 1

100 19-9-18 1          100 19-9-18 2

100 19-9-18-3         



Hundred Acres Wood

We worked as a team with our friends to build fantastic sand sculptures.

JS 9 5 18 1      JS 9 5 18 2

JS 9 5 18 3      JS 9 5 18 4


Pizza Express

Year 2

We had great fun learning how to shape and toss our pizza dough before pressing it into the tin. After we spread tomato sauce and cheese on it the chef put our pizza in the huge ovens. While the pizza cooked we cleaned up the tables. When we got back to school we designed our own pizza recipe.

PE 15 4 18 1     PE 25 4 18 2

PE 25 4 18 4    PE 25 4 18 5


Get Writing at the Royal Armouries

Year 2

When the Year 2 children returned to school they used their 'Get Writing' books for reference to really extend their writing on what they had seen on their trip to The Royal Armouries Museum.


JS FN 3 18 1     JS FN 3 18 3

JS FN 3 18 6

JS FN 3 18 5     JS FN 3 18 4


Making Pizza

We found out about the history of the Italian pizza, ingredients and even got to make our own pizza.


PE Y1 7 3 18 1         PE Y17 3 18 2

PE Y1 7 3 18 3         PE Y1 7 3 18 4



Get Writing at the Royal Armouries

Year 1

The children had a tour of Fort Nelson and the museum, there were lots of facts that the children felt needed recording in their 'Get Wrting Books'.


 RA Y 1 7 2 18 5          RA Y1 7 2 18 1

 RA Y1 7 2 18 2            RA Y1 7 2 18 4 




Pizza Express Whiteley

We thought up some wonderful pizza recipes and gave them wacky names.



Rock Up in Whiteley

Year 1 Jolly Sailors went to experience the climbing walls and activities at Rock Up!

First we had our climbing harness strapped on tightly and then we learned the rules.

It really tested our courage climbing up so high and we had to find the right hand and foot holds to help us climb safely.

.      RUp 17 1         RUp 17 2

RUp 17 3

        RUp 17 5           RUp 17 4



Film Festival in November

We have been taking part in the November Film Festival which has included taking groups of children to the cinema. We have watched 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid' in Whiteley, 'Dispicable Me 3' at Eastleigh and 'Sing' at Port Solent. 

All the children have worked really hard completing their assignments on their return to school with some children going into the 'Treasure Chest'.



100 Acres Wood

Year One and Two have been exlporing the hundred acres play area

while forging friendships and team building.


web 9 17 1


     web 9 17 2                                web 9 17 3                                    


Summer Term 2017

Pizza Express

Year 2

We kneaded and shaped our pizza dough by throwing it in the air from hand to hand.

When we got back to school we made up our own pizza recipies.

  PE 6 17 1     PE 6 17 2   

PE 6 17 3     PE 6 17 4


Lee-on-the-Solent Beach 


14th June Years 1 and R 

We've had a really sunny day for our educational visit to the beach.

B 16 2            B 16 1


Pizza Express

17th May Year 2

Year 2 designed their own pizza recipes after their pizza making visit.


 PE 17 y2 1         PE 17 y2 4

  PE 17 y2 2         PE 17 y2 3



10th May Year 1

We learnt how to remember what the RSPCA stands for by using actions.

Royal (made a crown with our hands)

Society (pointed to our friends) of the

Prevention (held our hand up as a stop sign) of

Cruelty (punched the palm of our other hand) to

Animals (made our hands into animal ears on top of our head)

RSPCA 17 1     RSPCA 17 2

RSPCA 17 5

RSPCA 17 3          RSPCA 17 4


Pizza Express

26th April

Year one made their pizza the traditional Italian way, finding out about the history of this popular meal and the ingredients used to  make it.

PE 4 17        PE 1 17

               PE 2 17

PE 3 17       PE 5 17          




Spring Term 2017




RSPCA 1          RSPCA 2

While we were at the RSPCA we got to look around at all the animals and find out about how the animals are looked after.

We talked about how the charity raises the funds to pay for things the animals need. 


Get Writing at

The Royal Armouries Museum

22nd March


RA 1b      RA 2b

Wow the Jolly Sailors impressed us with their enthusiasm

for writing notes in their 'Get Writing' books.

RA 3b      RA 4b


When we got back to school we wrote about our amazing trip.

wsheet RA 17


Our adventure to a little corner of Italy

to make Pizza.


 3 17            1 17

We found out about the history of the pizza. Flipping the dough from hand to hand to stretch it and make it thinner, testing our co-ordination skills.


7 17

Eddie the Italian pizza man told us lots of facts about pizza making.

   8 17

When we had finished making our pizza's they were baked in the oven

for three minutes and thirty seconds.

We got to take them home, yummy, thank you Eddie .




Get Writing at

The Royal Armouries Museum

February 2017


RA1 17          RA2 17 


RA3 17         RA4 17




Summer Term 2016

 Get Writing at

The Royal Armouries Museum

Year 2


RAM 2 1                                RAM 2 2

'Whoa, look at the size of that gun'                                        Getting the facts, for our writing.

'I can see the Spinaker Tower'.

RAM 2 3                  

     RAM 2 4a                           RAM 2 5



 Year 1


RAM 1                                RAM 2

Checking out our 'Get Writing' books.                   Matching photo's and sharing facts.


A definite awe and wonder moment, looking up at the big guns.

RAM 3                           RAM 5

Everyone decided that the museum was awesome.


Year R

We went to Fort Nelson with our writing bags

and our special Royal Armouries Writing books.

RA R1             RA R2

The Jolly Sailors decided the Fort was awesome.


We were really interested in the information in the signage.

 RA R4                RA R5

There were lots of exciting exhibits to look at and write about.


We were such keen writers that on the way home

we just decided to get our books out and

'Get Writing'.




We found out about how the RSPCA looks after sad animals.







Spring Term 2016


Manor Farm


MF donkey        MF Lambs

The naughty donkey kept biting the other donkeys.   Which babies are born in spring? 

 MF Milking       MF School house

      The cow needs to be milked twice a day.  The Victorian school room. 

 MF War Kitchen       MF picnic

We looked at the differences between the war time home and our moden homes, then we had our picnic..



A Trip to Experience a Little Bit of Italy.



The Jolly Sailors went to Pizza Express in Port Solent

to find out about the production of Pizzas.

We even got to make our own Pizzas, from the dough to the topping.

While we were there we also got a chance to look at and talk about the boats moored in the marina.

Pizza 1      Pizza 2

Pizza 4     Pizza 3



Southampton Art Gallery and workshop

The Jolly Sailor trips to the Colour and Print Workshop at Southampton Art Gallery have been very enthusiastically embraced by the pupils.

With the gallery's art teacher we have looked at how to interprite the art in the gallery looking at colour and shape.




We were shown how to use warm and cool coloured pastels

in our pattern and shape design.

Learning about mono printing and using inks.

We were given free time to explore the art gallery for ourselves.


 You can see our beautiful display of some of our

finished art work by the school office.

web displayboard



September 2015

Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

The Jolly Sailor’s had a wonderful time preparing for their Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. They made sandwiches and cakes, decorated table cloths and plates, and even created their very own Mad Hatter’s Hat!





We then went over to Holly Hill Park to set up and enjoy the feast all together. It was a wonderful morning and the children showed their understanding of manners, sharing and enjoying time together.








October 2015

Jolly Sailors visit to Hundred Acre Woods.

We had lots of fun using our skills to balance and climb.

Hundred Acre 5

Hundred acre 1

Hundred Acre 3




We all helped and encouraged each other if it was tricky.

Hundred Acre 6

Hundred Acre 2