Forest Friends




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Forest Friends termly activities.


Forest Friends offers a unique educational experience using the outdoor environment of the forest as a classroom. In our version of Forest School our Yr1 and Yr2 children get the chance to experience their learning in the forests natural environment. In the summer term the Reception children will be joining in the adventure at Forest Friends.


        6 SH Ravine           


  • At Forest Friends we learn to be a team member, looking after and helping our team mates. 

    Y1 17 5 


  • When climbing trees we increase our physical stamina and gross motor skills.

 FF SF 2          


  • We develop an interest in our natural surroundings and have respect for the environment.


      sf 2017 5        


  • Fascination creates an enquiring mind.


     Y1 17 1     

  • At Forest Friends we have the freedom, time and space to learn and demonstrate independence.


        web 17 3

  • We become ‘Team Player’s’, through team building activities such as helping our team mates negotiate obstacles, hauling wood and den building.


      web 17 1     


  • In the woods we find out how recent rainfall can affect our environment and safety.



Y1 17 2   


  • At Forest Friends our language development is prompted by our sensory experiences.


Termly Activities


Summer Term 2018

Year 1

Map and compass skills in the forest.

FF  6 18 4     FF 1O 6 18 2


FF 1O 6 18 3      FF 6 18 5


Year R

The Reception children will be learning all about Forest Friends and how we can keep safe in the forest and outdoor environment

We found some woodland flowers Bluebells, Violets and Forget-me-nots and we've noticed the difference between Fern and Braken, even though they look the same

We have been making boats out of natural things we've found in the forest and then  seen if they float in the stream.

FF RJF 24 5 18 1      FF RJF 24 5 18 2


FF SF 10 5 18 1      FF SF 10 5 18 2

FF SF 10 5 18 3


Year 1

Human and Physical features

Map and compass skills in the forest

FF 1L 1 5 18 1    FF 1L 1 5 18 2


FF SH 26 4 18 2    FF SH 26 4 18 3

FF SH 26 4 18 4    FF SH 26 4 18 5


Spring Term 2018


Year 2

Last Yr 2 Forest Friends in March

Manmade and natural features

How can rain affect our environment and safety?

Exploration of the ‘Ravine’.

FF 2D 3 18 1    FF 2D 3 18 2

FF 2D 3 18 3  FF 2S 3 18 2

  FF 2S 3 18 1    FF 2W 3 18 1

FF 2W 3 18 2    FF 2W 3 18 3



Year 1

In Year One we are finding out about animals
that live in the forest and their food, habitats, camouflage and which ones might be nocturnal.


FF 1L 2 18 2    FF 1L 2 18 4


   FF 1L 2 18 1    FF 1L 2 18 3



Year 2

We were all being like 'Enthusiastic Eddy' while story telling on the 'Dinosaur Trail'.

On the way we have been learning how to climb trees safely and spent time at our den building clearing.


1 18 2D 1     1 18 2D 2   

1 18 2D 3      1 18 2D 4

2W 1 18 2    2W 1 18 3

2W 1 18 4    2W 1 18 5


Autumn Term 2017

Year 2

Year Two have been studying the tree in autumn and winter looking at their bark and nuts.

We have had a lot of fun den building and exploring our woodland glade.

FF 12 17 2S 1     FF 12 17 2S 2  

FF 12 17 2S 5    

FF 12 17 2S 6  FF 12 17 2S 3    

Year 1

In year 1 the children have been looking at identifying different trees in autumn. We have had the excitment of collecting pocketfuls of conkers and comparing them to the sweet Chestnut. We've enjoyed the stream and den building too.


Y1 17 4

Y1 17 3                                      y1 17 6

y1 17 7 

   SH 17 1     SH 17 2

SH 17 3    SH 17 4

   SH 17 6       SH 17 5




Summer Term 2017

Year R

The Reception classes have had a lot of fun playing in the forest.

We have been learning the rules of Forest Friends and how to

keep safe in the forest environment.

RJF 6 17 4    RJF 6 17 6a

RJF 16 1    RJF 16 2


Year One

We've been building bridges and dams over the stream.

We've been identifying trees in the forest and talking about 'ever green' and 'deciduous'.

1 Lobster Class

1L 16 1      1L 16 2 

1L 16 5    1L 16 4


1 Seahorse Class

1SH 16 1    1SH 16 2



1 Octopus Class

1oct 17 1         1 oct 17 2


1 oct 17 3      1 oct 17 4




The Reception children on their first Forest Friends morning.

Starfish Class

sf 2017 1     sf 2017 2

sf 2017 3    sf 2017 4


Jellyfish Class

jf2017 4          jf 2017 3

JF 2          jf 2017 1

 Angelfish Class

  YrR 3           YrR

 YrR 2           YrR 5 

Spring Term 2017


The Year Two children have gone on their last adventure with Forest Friends, we explored the Ravine and imagined where we could be if we used this setting in a story.

 Ravine 1         Ravine 2


Ravine 3        Ravine 4



Autumn Term 2016

Autumn with the colourful change to the leaves on the trees and a crispness in the air.

 At Forest Friends the children have the opportunity to go foraging and explore this changing season out in the forest.


Year 1

We are finding out about the animals of the forest going into winter.

Stopping under trees to find out how we can learn to identify trees through their fallen leaves and nuts.

Conkers in hands                         Conkers and feet

web conkers SH


Year 2

In Year 2 we are studying trees, looking at the changing leaves, nuts and fruit at this time of year and in different seasons. We are using the maps in Holly Hill to help us find our way.



Summer Term 2016

The glorious summer term, perfect for our outdoor learning

and the Reception children's chance to experience Forest Friends.


Year 1

Adventuring into the darkest depths of the forest, an exploration of the forest ravine.

1 SH Ravine                 FF 1O Ravine 4         

 Firing the imagination...

2 SH Ravine                            3 SH Ravine


FF 1O Ravine                           FF 1O Ravine 2

Challenging ourselves and helping others.       How does the weather affect this ravine?

4 SH Ravine                  FF 1O Ravine 3   

Staying close and making firm friends.


Year R

web sf1                                       web sf2

JF 1

JF 2                                         JF 3

JF 4




Spring Term 2nd half 2016

This second half of term we will be having outdoor fun learning:


Year 1

Getting to our clearing using a map and then building an enormous outdoor compass

using our i-pad compass app to help us put North, East, South and West on it.

(Naughty Elephants Spray Water)

We will be continuing to use our techology bag of goodies

and have instruction on using our sawing skills safely (1:1).

Also enjoying wild woodland play.

Building Giant Compass 1L



Sharks Environmental Change 

 Year 2

 Looking at the plants and animals that live in the forest and ponds,

considering how environmental change might affect them.

We will be advancing our whittling skills (small instruction group)

and making good use of the contents of our techology bag.

We will be having lots of fun with wild woodland play.



Spring Term 1st half 2016

This first half term we are having an exciting time with:

Year 1

Look up; imagine what could be happening up in the tree’s canopy?

Investigating the contents of the Technology Bag.

Instruction on using a saw safely to coppice trees.

web sawing 1

Year 2

Some things are living, some things were living but now not living,

some things never lived.

Whittling wood with potato peelers

and how we can keep safe during this activity.

 web wittling 1


Teaching children outdoors encourages curiosity and stimulates all the senses in a way that indoor learning simply can't do.

 Y1 17 3