Starfish Class

 Welcome to Starfish Class 2017-18


RSF starfish picture

The Awe and Wonder of Butterflies!

As part of our 'Mad about mininbeasts' learning we have bene learning about the lifecyle of a butterfly. We were very excited to have 5 caterpillars arrive in our classroom and have been watching them grow and change. When we came in on Monday morning the butterflies had emerged from their cocoons. We let the butterflies get stronger then we released them outside!


Health and Fitness Week

w/b: 25.6.18

We have enjoyed a whole week of keeping fit and healthy. We learnt about healthy eating and got to make our own fruit kebabs. We experience a circuit lesson with CM Sports, which made our hearts beat very fast. We enjoyed a Kidzfit session, where we learnt lots of different skills, like jumping and hula hooping. 

Thank you to everyone that came to support us during our Sports Afternoon and well done to our winners, the white team. 

We have had an active and hot week, well done to the children for working hard throughout the hot weather. 

Have a lovely sunny weekend :) 


World Cup

w.b 11.06.18

We have started our PLOD about the World Cup this week and have been busy practising our football skills.  We have been working hard on our sentence writing and thinking about what we would like to be when we grow up! In maths we have been adding footballs together and identifying missing numbers.

Next we look forward to learning about different countires who are taking part in the World Cup. Australia, Japan and Italy will be the focus countires that we learn about.  We will even try some Japenese noodles!

Don't forget to look smart for school photos on Tuesday 19th June!

We look forward to seeing you at the Strawberry Fayre on Friday 22nd June at 1.45!




Week Beginning 30th April

We have been very busy this term learning all about Dragons and Unicorns.

This week we have been practising our assembly. Thank you to all the parents and grandparents who came to watch us. Check out our facebook page to see us singing the 'rainbow' song.


Week Beginning 19th March

Frosty Snow & Signs of Spring!

Well we have had a very busy week in Starfish Class. An unexpected day in the snow and then lots of signs of spring shooting up! On Monday, we went on a welly walk in the snow and we spent lots of time using our senses to describe how it felt as we played. When we came back to the classroom we were inspired to draw chalky snow scenes and write descriptive sentences too.

RSF snow RSF snow 2

As the snow thawed out, we started to see lots of signs of spring popping up in our Year R garden and we wrote all about them too! We have also been rehearsing our subtraction skills using petals on a flower and have enjoyed continuing our Yoga sessions with Sarah too.

Next week we look forward to lots of Easter learning and fun!

Don’t forget to bring in your Easter bonnets in on Thursday! :)


Week begining 12th March

Science Week!

What a great week we have had being scientists!  We have taken part in lots of experiments and even used real scientific equipment in the special Science Lab!  We have all been Wondering Walters and asked lots of questions and made predictions about what we thought would happen.  We have rescued monsters from ice, tested materials to make a waterproof coat for monsters, made fizzing drinks for a Monster Tea Party and planted seeds in different things to see which ones would grow.  Please look on Tapestry to see photos of all our experiments.

There are lots of Science games on EducationCity you might like to play at home.




Week Beginning Monday 19th February

This week we have thoroughly enjoyed learning about everything in the circus! We have learnt circus tricks to perform to our peers and practised them over and over again – just like Resilient Rosa! We have written some careful invitations to Jellyfish Class to make sure they knew when and where to come for the show. There were jugglers, plate spinners, clowns, tightrope walkers and even acrobats at our Friday afternoon performance. Well done Starfish Class!



 RSF Circus

Our first school disco was also a great success. We were very impressed with the children’s confidence and ‘Enthusiastic Eddie’ dance moves! Thank you to everyone who came along to support the school.

Next week is ‘Book Week’, we look forward to Pyjama day on Monday 26th February and World Book day on Thursday 1st March where we will dress as a book character.


Week beginning 5th February 2018


This week we have enjoyed learning all about the Chinese New Year festival. We have located China on a world map and thought about the similarities and differences in our cultures. We have learnt about how the festival is prepared for and have even had a go at making dragons, lanterns and Chinese signs of our own. Our favourite part of the week was creating a Chinese Dragon dance in PE- we were just like Enthusiastic Eddie! Our sea creature, Colin the Cultural Crab has particularly enjoyed this topic! Have a wonderful half term break!



RSF Chinese writing RSF dance
RSF lantern RSF Dragon







Week beginning 29th January





This week we have continued exploring our learning through the wonderful world of Julia Donaldson. We have read Superworm and have been spotting rhyming words and making rhyming strings of our own.  We got really muddy, digging out worms in their natural habitat and even carried out an experiment to see what the worms wriggled to from a choice of soil, stones, fruit, carrot and basil leaves. Most of the worms ended up finding the soil!


Week Beginning 15th January 2018

This week we have continued to look at Julia Donaldson books. ‘The Highway Rat’ has been a most enjoyable PLOD. We have learnt to measure rats tails using multilink and then went on to try measuring our feet, hands and own height using non-standard units. We learnt to use and mix powder paints to create a sunset coloured wash and then practised our cutting skills to add our own Highway Rat! We have also been improving our writing skills, learning to write simple descriptive sentences about that naughty rat! Finally, we have been filling up our own Highway Rat sacks with two groups of objects and adding the totals by counting on. E.g. 3 apples add 2 ants, totals 5.


RSF Highway Rat


Thank you for all of your wonderful family tree posters which have been sent into school for home learning. The children have really enjoyed talking about their family members and they all look stunning on our display!


RSF Family Trees

Well done to all the children who have started our ‘Reading Challenge’ up to 50. We already have three children on the 10 reads boat! Keep it up and remember to look at ‘Bug Club’ for lots of new stories to read.

Next week we look forward to learning about ‘The Smartest Giant in Town’!

Week beginning 8.1.18


Welcome back! We hope you all had a lovely Christmas and are all rested for another busy term. We have begun a new PLOD on Stickman. The children have really enjoyed reading the story and watching the DVD too. We have been writing postcards from Stickman to his Stick Lady Love and his Stick children - have a look in the classroom for our amazing writing! We also went outside to gather sticks, seeing if we could order them from the shortest to the longest one. We are continuing to practise our teen numbers and the sounds that we don't know. We have started learning our phase 3 sounds now!


The grown ups in Starfish class are very pleased with how the children have settled back into school - its like they've never been away! They must have been practising their tidying over the Christmas holidays because the classroom is looking amazing!


Week beginning 4.12.17

Christmas is just around the corner and Starfish have been very busy! From card making to wrapping to using repeating patterns to make our own wrapping paper. We are continuing to practise for our Christmas play and we can't wait to perform it to you next week!


IMG 5256  IMG 5258


IMG 5257



Week beginning 27.11.17


This week we started a PLOD all about celebrating birthdays. We talked about how to prepare for a party, thinking about writing invitations, cards, make a cake, buy and wrap presents, decorations and much more. The children had lots of fun!

0 - birthday cake


We have also been practising for our Christmas Play  - learning songs, remembering when our special part is and remembering to sing up when we're on the stage. We hope to see lots of you at the performance of The Nativity.


0 - nativity scene


Week beginning 20.11.17


This week we have had our Sponsored Nursery Rhyme Sing-a-long where the children performed lots of different nursery rhymes to people in their family to help us raise some money. We intend to spend any money raised on new toys and equipment. The children looked amazing in their costumes and did such fantastic singing - we were so proud of them!


dress up whole class


Week beginning 6/11/17

This week we have thinking about Firework night on the 5th November. The children could choose to create a firework picture by blowing through a straw or using a straw with sliced ends to create different shapes. We also had to make a firework for our home learning activity this week. Take a look at our fabulous display!


IMG 5116


We also welcomed our parents into school for a Stay and Play session. We focussed on improving our physical strength and had a range of activites out for the children to explore. We were pleased to see so many parents join us and Starfish class loved showing their grown-ups our classroom. Here are a few photos to show what the children have been up to.


IMG 5117  IMG 5127


IMG 5119


PC Paddick also came to visit us.  We got to ask him lots of questions and really enjoyed trying on some of his real Police kit!


RSF PC Paddick RSF police 2
RSF Police 3 RSF Police


Week Beginning 31st October 2017

Welcome back to school! This week we have been learning about ‘People Who Help Us’. We have really enjoyed our new fire station role play area and we have had a visit from a real fireman – Fireman Tom! He showed us his uniform, what all the different part are used for and we had an opportunity to ask him questions.


We also learn a rhyme about match safety:


‘Matches, matches, never touch. They will hurt you very much!’



Next week, PC Paddick will be visiting school to tell us all about the role of a policeman!

Week beginning 16th October

This week we have being learning about autumn. We have been spotting the signs of autumn and creating some autumn art – painting trees and collaging using natural objects.

We have also enjoyed learning about road safety through our ‘Be Bright, Be Seen’ day. Thank you for supporting us by dressing so brightly for the day! We have learnt the importance of stopping, looking and listening when we cross a road and of course to always be with a grown up.

RSF crossing road  1 RSF crossing road

We have earnt our first class treat too, an afternoon of PJs, popcorn and film – well done Starfish Class!

After half term we will be learning about people who help us and the children have chosen a ‘Fire Station’ as our new role play area. Enjoy the half term break!


Week beginning 9th October


This week we have been thinking about autumn and we have created some autumn art pictures - they are on display in our classroom so come and take a look! We also went to a whole school Harvest Assembly where Reverend Matheson came to tell us a story and we thought about the people who are less fortunate than ourselves. Thank you for all of the food you donated.

In  Phonics we have learnt i, n, m, d and the Dory words no and to this week and we are continuing to spot these in our play, as well as when we're reading and writing too! We are becoming real experts.

Our number focus this week has been 'the 3ness of 3' where we have been looking at the number 3 in lots of different ways. We have also been showing what we know about 2D shapes and we have created some shape pictures. Look at the display in our classroom!


IMG 5001  IMG 5002


Week beginning 2nd October


This week we have been learning about the ‘Twoness of the number 2’! We have been representing the number two in lots of ways, for example: clapping it, stamping it out, using object or people to show it and of course learning how to write it.


We have also started to learn our sounds and have become super sound spotters, recognising s, a, t, p all around the learning environment. Next week we will begin to bring home reading books with words in them to start showing you our sound knowledge.


In PE, we got the apparatus out for the first time! We showed Mrs Marston that we could listen and use the equipment safely. It was lots of fun jumping from the gym tables and benches.


RSF gym


Next week we will start to learn all about Autumn, so please bring in your Autumn finds from the weekend for us to use in our learning!

Week beginning 25th September

This week we have been much more settled into our new classroom and routines. We have learnt to use Education City to play lots of games which rehearse our counting skills and next week we will teach you how to do this in our home learning!

Our Starfish Class display is now up on the wall, we all helped to create this by colouring a starfish and then adding our faces! We have also learnt more about ‘Salty the Sarisbury Sea Turtle’ who helps us to stay calm when we get frustrated.

Another super week in Starfish Class, well done everybody!


starfish display

ed city turtle display



Week beginning 18th September 2017


Starfish Class have completed their first full week of school and have done so well! There have been lots of new things to learn about, including our hot school dinners and PE. We have learnt to line up sensibly, collect our dinner plate from Emily our school cook and even how to clear our plates once we have finished. During our PE lesson we have been learning to get undressed and dressed as independently impossible. Everyone did really well, with just some stubborn buttons and tricky tights slowing us down. Once in the hall we loved playing lots of new games. Our favourite game was ‘Beans’ – pretending to be baked beans, string beans and runner beans! Our first reading book and library book have also come home for you to share and enjoy. Well done Starfish Class!


Week beginning 11th September 2017

Well done for a fantastic first week at school! Thank you for inviting us into your homes - we really enjoyed learning a bit more about you and your families. Here are some photos of our new classroom!


IMG 4815  IMG 4816


IMG 4821  IMG 4820





Monday 3rd July 2017

FUDGE Afternoon

Thank you to all of those Dads and Grandads who were able to attend our FUDGE afternoon today. It was a great success where all of the children got to find out more about lots of new and exciting things. Including: gardening, electrical engineering, accountancy, estate agency and even some CV writing for our future careers!






Week beginning 26.6.17 - Health and Fitness Week

We have had a very busy week indeed! We have been talking about how to keep ourselves fit and healthy by doing exercise and eating well. We were lucky enough to have lots of visitors who came to share their skills with us.

We have been...

- learning yoga

- practising for sport's day

- making posters to explain how to keep safe in the sun

- listening to Sharon from Asda who told us all about good and bag sugars in our food and drinks

- doing multiskills with Jamie

- learning about world athletes, thinking about mascots, medals and scoring


 0 - health and fitness 1  0 - health and fitness 2


Week beginning 19.6.17

This week we have been very busy preparing for our annual Strawberry Fair! We have been practising singing the songs and our dance ready to perform to our families on Friday. We were asked by the PTA to colour in Joseph's coat to be used at the bunting for the fair which we did very carefully. Can you spot your child's blowing in the wind?!


We have also been continuing to learn our number bonds to 10 using Numicon which we found really helpful. We are practising for our home learning this week too!


In our Literacy, we have been writing our own stories based on the ideas in The Very Hungry Caterpillar and we have also been learning about non-fiction books, looking at labels and captions.


16th June Watching & Waiting!

This week Starfish Class have continued to enjoy our mini-beast topic.  They have been making bug hotels, making observations and finding out more about different insects through informtation books. 

We have also had the exciting arrival of our class caterpillars.  The children have been watching closely as the caterpillars have grown and changed each day.  By Monday we think that they will have gone into their cocoons - watch this space!


RSF caterpillars 1 RSF caterpillars 2


Heroes Week 22.5.17

This week the children have been thinking about our heroes and the people who help us. They have had a fun packed week with lots of visitors and activities in relation to this. As you may have seen on Tapestry, we started off the week with a Heroes Day where lots of heroes from our local community came to visit us and talk to us about their jobs. The children all dressed up as their own hero and the costumes were fantastic!


We then had a visit from Firefighter Tom who showed us the uniform he wears to keep him safe, we talked about 10 things that can burn you in your house and he also read us a story about Frances the Firefly. We were excited about the stickers that he gave us!


Fireman Tom


We also had a visit from William's mummy who is a paediatric doctor. You will have seen on Tapestry how she showed us the special equipment she needs in her job!




We had our last PE session with Mrs Gardner this week where we did multi skills to practise using the equipment ready for sport's day. We will continue to learn ball skills after half term.




Have a great half term Starfish and we look forward to seeing you back for your last half term in Year R. From Mrs Noble, Miss Barnes and Mrs Britton.


Week beginning 15.5.17


This week we have been focusing on learning about CREW through reading the story of The Rainbow Fish. Each day we are going to be thinking about a different aspect of being a good CREW member by being Caring, Resilient, Enthusiastic and Wondering. We started off by reading the story and thought about how we can show that we are caring like the Rainbow Fish. Keep an eye out in our classroom for a display showing our amazing writing! We have had a go at weaving using a fish template which was very tricky and fiddly but we persevered like Resilient Rosa. We also had to write questions to give to the Rainbow Fish which link to the story to show that we are wonderers like Walter.


0 - rainbow fish  0 - Rosa 1


We had the opportunity to visit the Sarisbury Gallery in the hall on Tuesday so we could see the work we had chosen in a frame. We were so excited to see our art and very hopeful that mummy or daddy would buy it so we could take it home!


0 - gallery


We have also been learning different rhymes and rhythms in music and have had lots of fun playing the instruments!


Magic of Colour Day and Art Week WB 8.5.17

We have had a super fun and messy week exploring abstract art. We have been using the primary colours and have explored the effects using different paint techniques. The children have been looking at art work and talking about what they can see, how it makes them feel and whether they like it. The children have chosen their favourite 'masterpiece' to be framed and displayed in our art gallery on Tuesday! We can't wait to show you!


RSF magic1 RSF magic 2


 Starfish Class also enjoyed their first Forest Friends trip.  There was stream paddling, den building and lots of exploring!

RSF forest



Week Beginning 2.5.17


This week the children have taken part in the sponsored bounce to raise money for our school PTA. They all thoroughly enjoyed bouncing as many times as possible in a minute…Miss Barnes even had a go! Please return the sponsorship money to us as soon as possible. The photos are a little bit blurry with all of the amazing jumping!


0 - bounce 2  0 - bounce 3  0 - bounce 7


We have also continued our Pirates PLOD. We have considered the foods which make a balanced diet and created our own pirate meals. Pirate maths has also been fun, the children have been adding and subtracting from numbers up to ten. We have written our own pirate adventure stories too, what a busy week!


Week beginning 24.4.17

Welcome back after the Easter holidays! The children have come back ready to learn as we enter our last term in Year R - where has the time gone?! This week we have started a new PLOD on Pirates. We received a letter from a pirate who we had to write back to to tell them about our holiday. - we were very proud of our writing. Come and have a look at the display in our classroom! The children have been learning how to read maps and find treasure. They have also had a go at creating their own too! Thursday was a whole school Math's Day where we were developing our problem solving skills by doing a variety of maths acivities linked to pirates. The children thought it was lots of fun! We have also been lucky enough to have a drama workshop linked to the Wild Wild West.


Spring 2 



Friday 7th April


Happy Easter Starfish Class!


Thank you to everyone who came to watch our assembly on Wednesday. We're sure you will agree how fantastic all the children were!



Today we had a very special visit from the Easter Bunny.  We had a parade with our super hats that we had made for our Home Learning and he picked our winners.  They were all brilliant!

Week beginning 27.3.17


We started the week by doing some painting of a tree with blossom. We used cotton buds to create the blossom which we dipped carefully into the paint. The paint has been out a few more times this week too for us to have another practise! Keep an eye out for a new display coming soon in our classroom.


We have learnt another dance in PE with Mrs Gardner all about the story of The Ugly Duckling. Doing the 'duck dive' was very funny as our bottoms had to be high up in the air which made us all laugh! You might be lucky enough to see one our dances at our assembly next week.


We have also been thinking about stories and which ones are our favourites. As it is Easter very soon, we have been thinking about the Easter story and why we have Easter eggs. Reverend Matheson from St Paul's Church has been in to visit to tell us the story too.


In Maths, we have been showing what we know about 2D and 3D shapes, thinking about how to describe them which is actually quite tricky! We will keep practising with these.


Spring 20.3.17

This week we have been learning about signs of spring and we have also been thinking about our mummies! We started off the week by looking for signs of spring around school, both in our outside area and on the playground. Our challenge has been to use the iPad to take a spring selfie to create a display in our corridor - it's been tricky with all the rain we've had this week! We have also learnt a new dance in PE all about spring. We have been talking about what our mummy does for us, what they like and what we do together. We had to draw a picture and write a sentence about our mummy. We have also made them a special card to give to them on Sunday. We hope all you lovely mummies have a great Mother's Day.


We have been wowing Mrs Noble and Miss Barnes with our phonics knowledge this week and also how many of Dory's Wavy words that we know too! Take a look at Tapestry to see how your child has got on and what they need to be doing next.


RSF Comic R 1 RSF comic R 2 RSF Comic R 3 RSF Comic R 5  


We have ended the week with Red Nose Day where we all came dressed in red. We shared our funny jokes, rhymes or tongue twisters that we have learnt to make the children laugh!


Science Week 17.3.17

Starfish have absolutely loved Science Week!  We have loved being scientists and doing our own experiments!  Mrs Copestake showed us dry ice in assembly and we explored making gloop with cornflour and water. We made rainbows in water with Skittles and warm water and also investigated what happened to food colouring in milk when we added washing up liquid.  There are some great videos on Youtube if you would like to see what happens!


RSF Science 1 RSF Science 2



2.3.17 - World Book Day

Today we have all enjoyed 'World Book Day'.  Our classroom was full of colour and interesting book characters which we were all keen to share and talk about.  We have been writing about who we are and have even created an amazing book to share with you on parents evening.  We finished off the day with a 'Family Reading' session...the perfect end to a week full of inspiring stories and authors. 


RSF World book day



After an enjoyable week of new stories and learning, we have decided that our new faviourite authors are 'Sue Hendra' and 'Claire Freedman'.

Thank you for making such a wonderful effort at home with your costumes, all of the children loved our day!


Spring 1


Week beginning 13.2.17

This week we have been reading Room on the Broom and have used the story to help us with our learning. We have been doing lots of witchy activities! We started off the week by reading the book and watching the film version too to make sure we knew the story really well. We tried to make witchy legs using 2D shapes, we used our colour mixing skills to create some witchy art we sequenced the story and wrote a sentence to go with it and we also did some witchy maths! As it was Valentine's Day on Tuesday, we were thinking about who we love and why. The children were so thoughtful and loving, just like Caring Cara! To see what it was like to be flying high up in the air like the witch on her broomstick, we used Google Earth to help us find our school and to learn about bird's eye view. We've also been thinking about a new role play for our classroom so listen out for what we have chosen!


We would like to wish you all a happy and restful half term holiday and look forward to seeing you back on Monday 27th February. Mrs Noble, Miss Barnes and Mrs Britton


Week beginning 31.1.17


RSF Stickman


Starfish have had another busy week! We have started our new PLOD on Julia Donaldson and have used Stickman as the stimulus for this week with other books to follow. We have read the book, watched the DVD and have answered questions about different parts of the story. We have written postcards from Stickman to either Stick Lady Love or his stick children. Have a look at some of our amazing writing which is on display in the classroom. We have also been revisiting shortest and longest - we worked in pairs to order some sticks and then had to order the Stickman pictures which was lots of fun. In PE we are continuing to work on our balances and we have also practised subtracting again, this time using sticks to help us count. Counting backwards is much trickier than counting forwards! We are continuing to practise writing our names throught lots of different ways too.


Starfish have worked very hard to collect all of their tokens in order to get their Starfish treat. They have tidied up, listened and worked hard. They chose a DVD, popcorn and to wear either pyjamas or fancy dress. Here they are all changed and very excited for the treat to start!


0 - marble treat photo



Week beginning 23.1.17

This week we have been learning the oral story of The Gingerbread Man and we have been using actions to help us tell the story in the write order. In maths, we have been subtracting and used gingerbread men and raisins to help us. When we had taken the right amount of raisins away, we got to eat them! We have been looking at artists who print and then we had a go at printing on our own. We printed onto a giant gingerbread man using lots of different resources. It was lots of fun! We also did some writing about the gingerbread man. We got to choose a character from the story and then wrote speech bubbles to tell us what the characters were saying.



printing 1  0 - printing 2


Week Beginning 9/1/17

Starfish Class have started a new topic of learning all about Lego this week. We have been taking part in tower building challenges, doing lots of Lego maths and even taking ‘selfies’ of our Lego model making!

In our Maths learning we have been starting to add numbers together using Lego bricks to help us and have even looked at the + and = signs.


RSF lego addition RSF Lego science


We have had the Beebots out to learn new programming skills in ICT. We worked in teams to build roads for the Beebots to travel down. It was a real challenge to get our programming just right so that the Beebots did not crash!

RSF Beebots

We have also had lots of fun getting sticky and messy whilst exploring materials in our Science investigation – I wonder why Lego is made of plastic? We explored lots of materials (ice, jelly, pasta, wood) to see if any other materials would be suitable and started to make comparisons.

Another super week, well done Starfish Class!

Week beginning 3.1.17

Welcome back and a happy new year! We hope you all had a lovely Christmas and the children are all refreshed and ready to learn. This week in Starfish, the children have been thinking about their favourite Christmas present and they have drawn a picture and have written a sentence about it. We were really impressed with their handwriting and how they used their sounds! They have also been writing thank you cards for these lovely presents. Starfish have been showing off their maths skills and we have been amazed with how much more the children know now - well done! In PE, we were very excited to have the ropes out so we could see how strong our arms are.


Our biggest challenge this week has been walking 1 mile which is 2 laps around our school field - we kept on going and we didn't give up! We were superstars and were given 2 more starfish on our marble treat board. We have named this walk Resistent Rosa's Magic Mile and this is something we will be doing with the children every week.


Autumn 2


Friday 9th December

Christmas has come to Starfish class this week! First we had the arrival of Jake Jingles who is our class elf and then we had snow! The elf arrived on Tuesday with a letter from Father Christmas asking us to name him and that he had been sent by Santa to watch over the children to check they were being good. The elf arrived in a box filled with shredded paper and before Mrs Noble could look around, the children had created their own snow storm! The 'snow' went everywhere and they even made snow angels too! We have been very busy little elves making Christmas cards, painting our clay pots, writing a Christmas list for Santa and also practising for our very special nativity next week. We can't wait to wear our costumes!


0 - elf pens 1  0 - elf pens 4


0 - elf pens 6  0 - elf pens 8


Week 4

Thursday 24th November

Today we had a break in! Our classroom was left in a mess and our superhero toys were stolen. We can’t be sure who stole them, but we suspect that a villain was involved. Today we have been investigating and have created ‘Wanted’ posters to help find the naughty villain and get our heroes back!


RSF break in RSF break in 2
RSF break in 3 RSF break in 4



This week in Starfish we have read Supertato and we have made our own! We thought carefully about what a superhero might have - a cape, belt, eye mask and also how we could attach all of these things. The children have been very creative! They also had to think of a name for their Supertato - we encouraged the children to use alliteration! We have also been showing off our phonics knowledge and how well we know our Dory's Wavy Words - what a clever bunch we are!


0 - supertato 1  0 - supertato 2

  0 - supertato 3


Week 3


This week we have read Kitchen Disco and a copy has been sent home with the children. It talked about different fruits and we got to try some too. We tasted coconut, mango, pineapple and lemon. Here are some of our children!

0 - Jonah  0 - Lana


We also had a special Nursery Rhyme Day where the chidlren were invited to dress up as their favourite nursery rhyme character. Here is our class photo! We performed a sponsored sing to all of our grown-ups in the hall to raise money for Early Years to buy new equipment. We did fantastic singing!


0 - nursery rhyme day


Week 2

RSF doctors and nurses

This week we have been preparing for our sponsored nursery rhyme sing by learning lots and lots of traditional nursery rhymes. We have enjoyed exploring each rhyme through role play, writing, maths and arts and crafts. We were particularly enthusiastic following ‘Miss Polly had a Dolly’ where we created our own Sarisbury Hospital and ‘Dingle Dangle Scarecrow’ where we made our own real class scarecrow!

RSF Rememberance day


On Friday 11th November we learnt a little bit about Remembrance Day and all took part in a minutes silence to think about the brave soldiers who fought in the war.


RSF class treat

At the end of the day, we thoroughly enjoyed our first ‘Starfish Treat’ which included cuddling our favourite teddies as we watched ‘The Gruffalo’ and had a biscuit or two!

We look forward to seeing lots of proud faces at our sponsored sing next week!


Week 1 


Welcome back after half term! The children have settled well back into the routines of the day and it's like they've never been away! They have been working as a team to tidy up the classroom and have now collected all of their starfish which means a treat is on it's way to them! Well done Starfish - Miss Barnes and Mrs Noble are very proud of you.


Our new PLOD (Possible Line of Development) is called 'If you go down in the woods today...' We have been reading stories all about the woods - both in books and on the interactive whiteboard. We have even been to visit the woods this week! We walked to Holly Hill with Angelfish and Jellyfish too. We used our senses to help us on our walk, thinking about what we could see, hear, smell, touch and taste along the way. The children were given a list of things to look for along the walk and each group was asked to fill a carrier bag to take back to school. They then used it to create individual wood art, thinking about what we had seen in the woods. We have also been learning about adjectives and thinking of words to decribe what we saw in the woods.


Starfish have been learning about firework safety too this week as we get ready for the 5th of November. We have created our own firework pictures, thinking about the colours and shapes  - keep an eye out for these in our classroom! We have also been practising writing our names and getting to know children in other classes in the year group so that we can make even more friends.


A woods starfish 1      A woods starfish 2


Week 7

This week a new display has popped up in our classroom all about 2d shapes.  We are fantastic at naming our shapes and are even beginning to describe them using corners and sides. 

RSF shape display


Here are our fantastic 2d shape prints - we have some very creative pieces, including flowers, rockets and houses!

RSF family read 1 RSF family read 2


Thank you for everyone who was able to attend our family reading session on Monday afternoon.  Following a day full of fairy tales, we all enjoyed the opportunity to settle down to a story or two.

RSF family read 3 big


This week we have learnt about the story of Little Red Riding Hood and The Three Little Pigs.  We loved joining in with the parts of the stories that we knew.  Our favourite was pretending to be the wolf with some very loud 'huffs and puffs'! We then created masks, WANTED posters, built houses like the pigs and enjoyed acting out the stories too.


Week 6

This week we have been continuing to think about autumn. Thank you so much for all of the objects you collected on your welly walks – we have put them to good use both in the classroom and in the outside areas too. We have all been on a welly walk ourselves around the school grounds and went on a shape hunt. Mrs Noble was very impressed with the shapes we were spotting! We all had a go at creating an autumn painting using tin foil. It created a very delicate effect for the leaves in the trees and we chose to use red, orange and yellow to paint the leaves. We then used brown paint and finger painting to create the trunk and to add texture to it. They are on display in our classroom!


Welly walk 161016


Week 5

Friday 7th October

This week we have been learning all about the signs of Autumn. We came up with some excellent ideas, including the leaves changing colour and the weather getting chilly. We have been collecting and decorating leaves and made a beautiful Autumn display in our classroom. We hope you have enjoyed your Autumn welly walk for our home learning too!


RSF Autumn handprint



Week 4

Friday 30th September

Another super week has passed in Starfish Class. We have been busy learning to be more independent in our classroom and learning our daily routines.

We have been learning to count confidently up to 10 and we have even learnt to form our numbers. So far we can write 0, 1, 2 and 3 accurately!

A wonderful display of our Salty the Sea Turtles has popped up in our classroom and we have been thinking about our families. We have drawn our special family members and have labelled them too!

RSF Salty the Sea turtle


RSF our families

Week 3

Starfish have been learning all about the Sarisbury Charter. We have created our own class charter with Mrs Grover that we all signed up to so we can all be a part of the Sarisbury CREW. We have impressed Miss Barnes and Mrs Noble with our counting skills and recognising numbers - what a great start to school! We have had our first PE lesson this week where we all got changed and played some listening games in the hall. We have been reminding ousleves about the Salty the Sea Turtle story and have created our own turtles to make a display - watch this space!


PE 1         PE 2


Week 2

 This week we have been coming into school a little bit more and we have been learning all about the different rules in the classroom and in the outside area too. We have started to learn how to sign in for our dinners so we're all ready to stay for lunch next week! We have been onto the big playground to explore the trim trail and can't wait to meet all of the year 1 and 2 children.


 Week 1

This week we have been busy getting the classroom ready for all of the new members of Starfish Class to come and explore.

We have thoroughly enjoyed coming to visit you in your homes and finding out about all of your favourite things to do. Thank you for being so welcoming. J

During the afternoon visits the children have been printing their handprints, exploring the school and discovering all of the exciting new things in our new classroom!

Here are a few photos to give you a taster of what Starfish Class is all about!


RSF classroom 1 RSF classroom 2
RSF classroom 3 RSF classroom 4
RSF classroom 5 RSF classroom 6


Starfish Class 2015-2016


We have been having a very busy week in school. On Monday we thought about the Olympics and in the afternoon we enjoyed a Yoga session. We were very quiet and calm and learnt lots of stretches to relax our BODY, MIND and SPIRIT!

Tuesday: Thank you to everyone that came to watch our 'Olympic Afternnon'. We enjoyed a carousel of activities from football, to hula hooping. We then took part in class races, a running one and we then balanced quoits on our head. 



Before half term, the children decided to have an airport as our role play. They have shown much interest in this and today we "flew" to Disney World as a whole class. The whole class was set up as an airplane and the children recieved their passports in order to check in.

They had to check in to get their boarding pass and then find their seat numbers.

Once they had found their seats, they watched an in-flight safety film.

We then "took off" (through the magic of Youtube).

Once in the air we had our refreshements and watched a bit of Disney in-flight entertainment.

We then "landed" and disembarked the aircraft to then get our passports stamped.

The children had a brilliant time and I am sure you will be hearing lots about it.

plane 1  plane 2 plane 3 plane 4  plane 5 plane 6 plane 7


 All of our butterflies have emerged from their chrysalis' now. We have been the first class to have 5 successful releases!!! The children enjoyed holding them and making sure they were ready to fly away.

Here are some pictures of them.

1 butterfly  2 butterfly  3 butterfly 4 butterfly  5 butterfly  6 butterfly


We have had a new arrival in our class!

I am sure you have all heard that we had caterpillars. We have been learning all about the life cycle of the caterpillar and have watched them go into their chrysalis and we now have one BEAUTIFUL butterfly! We are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the other butterflies.

Can you spot it?