Jellyfish Class

Welcome to Jellyfish Class 2017/18!


The Awe and Wonder of Butterflies!

As part of our 'Mad about mininbeasts' learning we have bene learning about the lifecyle of a butterfly. We were very excited to have 5 caterpillars arrive in our classroom and have been watching them grow and change. When we came in on Monday morning the butterflies had emerged from their cocoons. We let the butterflies get stronger then we released them outside!



Health and Fitness Week

w/b: 25.6.18

We have enjoyed a whole week of keeping fit and healthy. We learnt about healthy eating and got to make our own fruit kebabs. We experience a circuit lesson with CM Sports, which made our hearts beat very fast. We enjoyed a Kidzfit session, where we learnt lots of different skills, like jumping and hula hooping. 

Thank you to everyone that came to support us during our Sports Afternoon and well done to our winners, the white team. 

We have had an active and hot week, well done to the children for working hard throughout the hot weather. 

Have a lovely sunny weekend :) 


World Cup

w.b 11.06.18

We have started our PLOD about the World Cup this week and have been busy practising our football skills.  We have been working hard on our sentence writing and thinking about what we would like to be when we grow up! In maths we have been adding footballs together and identifying missing numbers.

Next we look forward to learning about different countires who are taking part in the World Cup. Australia, Japan and Italy will be the focus countires that we learn about.  We will even try some Japenese noodles!

Don't forget to look smart for school photos on Tuesday 19th June!

We look forward to seeing you at the Strawberry Fayre on Friday 22nd June at 1.45!




Week Beginning 19th March

Frosty Snow & Signs of Spring!

Well we have had a very busy week in Jellyfish Class. An unexpected day in the snow and then lots of signs of spring shooting up! On Monday, we went on a welly walk in the snow and we spent lots of time using our senses to describe how it felt as we played. When we came back to the classroom we were inspired to draw chalky snow scenes and write descriptive sentences too.

As the snow thawed out, we started to see lots of signs of spring popping up in our Year R garden and we wrote all about them too! We have also been rehearsing our subtraction skills using petals on a flower and have enjoyed continuing our Yoga sessions with Sarah too.

Next week we look forward to lots of Easter learning and fun!

Don’t forget to bring in your Easter bonnets in on Thursday! :)


Week begining 12th March

Science Week!

What a great week we have had being scientists!  We have taken part in lots of experiments and even used real scientific equipment in the special Science Lab!  We have all been Wondering Walters and asked lots of questions and made predictions about what we thought would happen.  We have rescued monsters from ice, tested materials to make a waterproof coat for monsters, made fizzing drinks for a Monster Tea Party and planted seeds in different things to see which ones would grow.  Please look on Tapestry to see photos of all our experiments.

There are lots of Science games on EducationCity you might like to play at home.



Week beginning 19.2.18

This week we have thoroughly enjoyed learning about everything in the circus! We have learnt circus tricks to perform to our peers and practised them over and over again – just like Resilient Rosa! We have written some careful invitations to the other classes to make sure they knew when and where to come for the show. There were jugglers, plate spinners,  tightrope walkers and even acrobats at our Friday afternoon performance. Well done Jellyfish Class!


 RSF Circus


Our first school disco was also a great success. We were very impressed with the children’s confidence and ‘Enthusiastic Eddie’ dance moves! Thank you to everyone who came along to support the school.


Next week is ‘Book Week’, we look forward to Pyjama day on Monday 26th February and World Book day on Thursday 1st March where we will dress as a book character.


Week Beginning 22nd January

We have continued exploring Julia Donaldson as an author. This week we have been looking at 'The Smartest Giant in Town'. The children have enjoyed measuring shoes and seeing who is the 'tallest giant' and 'shortest giant' in our class. They also all thought of a question they would like to ask the Giant. The children have worked really hard to collect all their class tokens and have achieved this. As their treat the winning vote was to have a disco and popcorn.


Well done to all the children who have started the reading challenge. We already have a lot of children having achieved their first sticker for reading 10 books and 1 child who has read 20 books. Keep going :-)

Week Beginning 8th January

The children have made a great start to the new term. We are exploring the Julia Donaldson books and have looked at 'Stick Man' this week. We have written postcards from Stick Man and have ordered sticks by length. Next week we are looking at 'The Highway Rat'. We have begun 'Show and Tell' on a Wednesday afternoon. Two children will do this per week and you will receive a letter to inform you of this. 



Week Beginning 20th November 2017

This week we had our first performance as Year R’s in our sponsored nursery rhyme sing-a-long. The children looked great dressed up as nursery rhyme characters and did a fantastic job of singing to their grown-ups, it was a lot of words to remember! We are all very proud of them. A big thank you to you all for filling up your sponsorship forms. We will be buying new toys and equipment with the money raised. We have now begun to learn our Christmas Play songs-the glitter fun is about to begin! ’SPARKLE AND SHINE’ ⯑



Week Beginning 13th November 2017

This week we started our Nursery Rhyme plod in preparation for our sponsered sing. Please keep filling up those sponsershiop forms  this weekend :-)  and we look forward to performing to you all on Wednesday. 

To end the week we enjoyed helping to raise money for 'Children in Need' by wearing spotty clothing to school and eating scrumptious cakes.

Week Beginning 6th November 2017

 We have continued our 'People Who Help Us' plod. PC Paddick came in to class to talk to us about his job as a policemen. We had great fun dressing up in real uniforms and hats. Some of the jackets were really heavy!

On Friday we learnt about the reason we wear poppies and watched a beautiful clip from a rabbits perspective on the war (see link below).


Week Beginning 30th October 2017

We hope you all had a fun, restful week off.

This week we have begun our 'People Who Help Us' plod. This started with a visit from firemen Tom on Tuesday. He talked to us about his job and the uniform he wears. He also taught us a rhyme to help us to stay safe.

'Matches, matches never touch, they can hurt you very much'

Next week we are looking forward to a visit from a policemen.


Week Beginning 16th October 2017

This week we have continued our Autumn learning. On Monday we were very curious about the changes in the sky colour. After lunch it was so dark that some of us thought it was bedtime!

The most exciting news this week was that we had a new carpet delivered for our classroom. I think the adults were more excited about this than the children.

carpet 13           


Week Beginning 9th October 2017

This week we have been focusing on 'Autumn'. The children have been busy talking about what happens in season. They have had fun making hedgehogs using acorns and leaves, flying kites in the windy weather and making beautiful, vibrant, Autumn tree pictures.

 Week Beginning 2nd October 2017

We have had another busy week in Jellyfish Class. We have begun to add to our Sea Of Sounds display in our classroom having learnt the sounds, s, a, t and p this week. We have also learnt some Wavy Dory words (keywords) 'I' and 'the' both of which the children have done fantastically at.

As we were such super stars at finding a space and travellng around the hall safely in PE last week, ,we had the apparatus out ths week and had a fatastic time travelling over it and jumping off of it. In our talk time groups we learnt a funny song called 'Go bananas!' I wonder if your child can teach it to you?

Week Beginning 25th September 2017

Jellyfish Class are much more settled this week and are already building strong friendships within the class. We have learnt how to use Education City to play games that help us with our counting skills and Jellyfish have been showing off their number skills by counting and recognising numbers. Mrs Goddard and Mrs Laird were extremely proud of Jellyfish when they went into the Hall for their very first school assembly to say 'Goodbye' to Mrs Swinger who is going to have her baby! The children sat beautifully and listened well to the grown ups. Well done Jellyfish for being such superstars! 


Week Beginning 18th September 2017

Jellyfish Class have completed thier first full week of school and have done superbly! They have had lots of new things to learn, including signing in for their dinner choice in the morning, lining up sensibly and collecting their dinner plate from Emily our school cook. During our P.E lesson we have been learning to get undressed and dressed independently. Once in the hall we had a great time playing lots of fun games. Our first reading book and library book have also come home for you to share and enjoy. Well done Jellyfish.


Week beginning 11th September

Thank you for welcoming us into your homes.

Well done for a super first week at school! Mrs Goddard, Mrs Laird and Mrs Britton have throughly enjoyed getting to know you all. The children have been busy exploring their classroom and the outside areas. We look forward to a fun year ahead with them all.

jel 1

jel 2jel 3jel 4



Jellyfish Class 2016-17

WB 26.06.2017 Still Watching and Waiting!


On Monday, the children were very excited to see that there was a butterfly in the net which had hatched from it's chrysalis over ther weekend. Jellyfish, were very fortunate to see for themselves how the butterflies emerge from their chrysalis! it was awesome!


 WB 19.06.2017 Still Watching and Waiting!

The children came into school with much anticipation, wondering if the caterpillars had grown. We have observed lots of changes this week and have spoken about the life cycle of a butterfly daily!

 IMG 4373 350pxIMG 4386 350px  

 IMG 4389 500px

By Thursday, the caterpillars were in their chrysalis resting for their big entrance into Jellyfish Class!

IMG 4391 500px


I think you would agree that Jellyfish did a fantastic job, performing in the Strawberry Fayre. The whole school were amazing! We all thoroughly enjoyed learning the dance and the songs. Thank you for your continued support, we really appreciate it. 




16th June Watching & Waiting!

This week Jellyfish Class have continued to enjoy our mini-beast topic.  They have been making bug hotels, making observations and finding out more about different insects through informtation books. 

RSF caterpillars 2


We have also had the exciting arrival of our class caterpillars.  The children have been watching closely as the caterpillars have grown and changed each day.  By Monday we think that they will have gone into their cocoons - watch this space!

 WB 15.5.17


This week we have been focusing on learning about CREW through reading the story of The Rainbow Fish. Each day we have been thinking about a different aspect of being a good CREW member by being Caring, Relilient, Enthusiastic and Wondering. We started off by reading the story and thought about how we can show that we are caring like the Rainbow Fish. Look at our lovely display in the classroom showing our amazing writing! We have had a go at weaving which was rather tricky and fiddly but we persevered like Resilient Rosa!


Rainbow Fish writing


We had the opportunity to visit the Sarisbury Gallery in the hall on Tuesday so we could see the work we had chosen in a frame. We were so excited to see our art work!




We have also been learning different rhymes and rhythms in music and have had lots of fun playing the instruments!


Magic of Colour Day and Art Week

We have had a super fun and messy week exploring abstract art. We have been using the primary colours and have explored the effects using different paint techniques. The children have been looking at art work and talking about what they can see, how it makes them feel and whether they like it. The children have chosen their favourite 'masterpiece' to be framed and displayed in our art gallery on Tuesday! We can't wait to show you!

RJF painting1 RJF painting 2




Sponsored Bounce 3rd May

Jellyfish had a great time on their sponsored bounce and all managed lots of bounces! Please don't forget to bring in your sponsor money now!

We have continued with our Pirate theme this week and written our own adventure stories.  We have also thought about what pirates should eat to keep themselves healthy.  Feel free to pop into class after school to see our super writing display!


Week beginning 3rd April


Thank you to everyone who came to watch our assembly on Wednesday. We're sure you will agree how fantastic all the children were!

Today we had a very special visit from the Easter Bunny.  We had a parade with our super hats that we had made for our Home Learning and he picked our winners.  They were all brilliant!





Week beginning 27th March 

Another busy week in Jellyfish!  We have been busy practising our assembly and are nearly ready to perform it for our families on Wednesday Morning!  We have been starting to think about Easter and the Easter Story. As part of this RE work we thought about our favourite stories and why stories are important.  We even had to persuade a Story Stealer not to take all our books!  We have been thinking about 2D and 3D shapes in Maths and trying hard to remember all the shape names. 

Dont forget to make your Easter Bonnets ready for Friday 7th April!  We can't wait to see them!


Week beginning 20th March - The Little Princess Production and Comic Relief

What a lovely week we have had! On Thursday M&M Productions came to put on a show for all of us called The Little Princess.  Our favourite character was the Genie because he was very funny!

We enjoyed telling our jokes for Comic Relief and had a disco in the afternoon too!


Week beginning 13th March 2017

Jellyfish have really enjoyed our Science Week and doing lots of experiments looking at change.  We did an experiment with skittles and water and watched as the colours made a beautiful pattern.  We had great fun making gloop with cornflour and water and explored how it felt.  We also used pipets to put drops of food colouring into milk and then watched as a drop of washing up liquid did something amazing to it!

Week Beginning 9th January 2017

Jellyfish have had a busy week using Lego in lots of different ways.  We have worked as teams to complete Lego building challenges and made lots of our own models too.  We have thought about addition by adding piles of bricks together.  We have done some super sentence writing about Lego characters and investigated what materials are best to make bricks from.  Today we made Lego mazes and directed the BeeBots (programmable toys) around them.  The Lego fun continues next week!

Week Beginning 2nd January 2017

Happy New Year!

We hope you had a great Christmas break. Thank you for all our lovely cards and gifts at the end of last term, it was very much appreciated. The children have settled back in well. They did some great drawing and writing about the presents they recieved for Christmas (these are currently displayed in the classroom). We are going to begin a 'Lego Plod' next week follwing the homelearning feedback.

Monday 21st-Friday 26th September

Another busy week. We started the week off listening to the story 'Supertato'. We then created our own 'Supertato' characters and gave them an alliterative name. On Thursday, Mrs Laird presented the class with some new superhero characters to play with in class. When the children arrived in school on Thursday, the superhero characters had gone, a mess had been created and a note from a 'baddy' saying he had taken them. The children then spent the day creating wanted posters and writing letters asking the baddy to kindly return them. All these fantastic pieces of writing obviously made the baddy re-think his actions and the superheros were returned to class by Friday morning.


Monday 14th-Friday 18th September

We have had a very busy week. The children did a fantastic job singing all their nursery rhymes at our sponsered sing on Monday. Thank you for all your sponsership. Today we also raised lots of money for 'Children in Need' and especially enjoyed eating the yummy cake or biscuit we purchased.  






Friday 11th September


Today the children did a fantastic job of showing respect for those who fought in the war. They all participated in a 2 minute silence in our class to rememember the soilders. We talked about how brave they were and practised our cutting skills when making poppies.


tv pops 2



A warm welcome to our new Jellyfish class! The children have been super stars settling in to their new class and getting to know all of the new school routines!   


IMG 3063 adp   IMG 3064 adp


   IMG 3066 adp




Friday 13th May

Queens Celebration Day

We had a super day celebrating the queen and her role. We had fun getting messy making some beautiful crowns and collaging the queens portrait. Then we had a fantastic buffet in the hall. A big thank you to cook Emily, it was delicious. After lunch we celebrated the great home learning the children had done with many of them reciting the facts they had found out.


Forest Friends Fun! (21/04/16)

Today Jellyfish Class had a fantastic time in the woods. They built dens, hunted for minibeasts and learnt a new song! 15 children went at a time and each group was buzzing on their return.

forest friends JF1     FF web JF 1

FF web JF 2     FF web JF 4

FOREST FRIENDS jf2    forest friends JF3



Week Begining 14th March 2016

Its been another exciting week. We have been thinking about 'Real Life Heroes' who help us and were really lucky to have a visit from a paramedic and a policemen. We enjoyed listening to the sirens from the ambulance and the police van.

Today we had a surprise visit from Mrs Beynon's dog Boris. She told us all about how she looks after him. We also had fun keeping fit by doing aerobic excercise in the hall. Thank you for you donations to sport relief. We made a total of £230.85p which is fantasic!


Week Beginning 29th Frebruary 2016

Wow! What a busy week!

Family Reading

Thank you to all who attended-the children always love to share books with you.

On Tuesday we came to school and found that our writing area had been ruined (tables up the wrong way, pencils all over the floor etc...). We soon established what had possibly happened by some clues that were left (a cape, a mask and a note). The note told us that our new superheroes had been taken. The children came up with lots of ideas about who might have taken our toys including 'Cat Women, Bad Bopper and Mr Frost. They then wrote to their chosen baddie explaining why they needed to return the superheroes. There notes did the trick as on Wednesday we recieved another note from the baddie saying that they felk bad for taking our heroes and had hidden them outside. We had fun finding them.

World Book Day

Everyone looked fantastic in their costumes. Jellyfish class all drew a fantastic picture of their character and wrote a sentence to explain who it was. We also enjoyed listening to stories that we had never heard before.

Week beginning February 22nd 2016

Welcome back! We have had an exciting first week back learning about superheroes. We begun our topic by listening to the book 'Supertato' which is all about a super potato that is trying to catch an evil pea and put it back in the freezer. We had a great time designing our own 'Supertato' characters and coming up with an alliterative name for them. These included Jumping Jason, Super Sally, Bouncing Bob and Powerful Paul.

January 28th 2016

Today the drama company 'Perform' came to visit us. We took part in a practical drama session with them where we travelled in a spaceship on a mission to save the planet from the 'Bad Bopper' who dislikes flowers and everything that makes our world beautiful. We won and also learnt how we can help our planet by reducing, reusing and recycling.

November 30th 2015

Its been another busy week in Jellyfish class. We also had a very exciting parcel arrive in our clasroom Monday morning. When we opened it we found a letter from Santa along with one of his little elves. One of our jobs from Santa was to name the elf, so we have settled on 'Rudolph'. Santa also asked us to look after this elf which is proving to be good fun as he is a bit of a mischief maker.


elf 2


November 23rd 2015

Wow! What a busy week we have had. The children really enjoyed making gingerbread men and had fun drawing them on a computer program. We have listened to the Christmas story and have begun to learn the songs for our Chrsitmas play. We ended the week with a lovely family reading session, thank you for all your support.

November 13th 2015

Today we have been supporting 'Children In Need'. The children looked great in their pyjamas and onesies. Thank you for all the scrumptious cakes you made and for your donations.

children12        children 13

November 12th 2015

Today we sung and thought about the nursery rhyme 'Miss Polly Had a Dolly'. As part of this we thought about who helps us. We then pretended to be doctors and enjoyed it so much that we chose to change our class role play from a den into a doctors surgery.

doc 12      doc 13

doc 14      doc 15

doc 16

November 9th 2015

Today marked the first day of our 'Nursery Rhyme' week. To kick it off we begun with 1,2,3,4,5 Once I Caught A Fish Alive! We had a Sea Bass Fish visit our class for the children to explore. They enjoyed feeling its scales, poking its eye and looking at its insides. This resulted in some great adjectivies being used to describe how it felt, looked and smelt.

fish 11        fish 12

fish 13      fish 14


fish 16     fish1 5





October 20th 2015

This morning we have had fun decorating boiled eggs. They look great and we are looking forward to playing some games with them this afternoon. I wonder how many will still be in one piece at the end!!

egg selection group pic

Amazingly after an egg and spoon race, an 'Under, Over' game and seeing who could throw their egg the furthest some eggs were still in one piece!

 betsy        under over

3 children spoon race         end egg result


October 12th 2015

We have had a busy week in Jellyfish class. We begun our phonics learning and have learnt the sounds s, a,t and p. We have been practicing to write these sounds in our indoor and outdoor environment. On Wednesday we made bread just like 'The Little Red Hen' and came up with some fanatastic adjectives to describe how it felt and tasted.bread 1 JF resizeOur fantastic adjectives included, yummy, scrummy, squishy, squashy and soft. To end our week we had a super time doing 'Write Dance' which is where we do large movements to music in the air to begin with and then do the same but on large pieces of paper with chalk.

September 14th 2015

Well done Jellyfish class for surviving a whole day at school, you were all superstars!

Today our class bear was named as Stuart.

Stuart Bear 2

September 2nd 2015

Welcome Jellyfish Class of 2015-2016

This week we have all been busy getting our classrooms ready for the children. Myself and Mrs McCarthy are looking forward to visiting the children in their homes and hearing all about everyones fun summer holiday adventures. We hope the children are looking forward to their classroom visits. Here is a sneaky peek of Jellyfish class.

 jf class       jf class2

 Can you spot the Jellyfish?

jf class 3    jf class 4

This is our home corner                     This is our making area