Angelfish Class


The Awe and Wonder of Butterflies!

As part of our 'Mad about mininbeasts' learning we have bene learning about the lifecyle of a butterfly. We were very excited to have 5 caterpillars arrive in our classroom and have been watching them grow and change. When we came in on Monday morning 4 of the butterflies had emerged from their cocoons. Amazingly, the final butterfly came out as we were watching! We let the butterflies get stronger then we released them outside on Tuesday! They flew away one at a time, each time we gave them a little cheer!

Butterflyc Butterflyd

 Butterflyb Butterflya




Health and Fitness Week

w/b: 25.6.18

We have enjoyed a whole week of keeping fit and healthy. We learnt about healthy eating and got to make our own fruit kebabs. We experience a circuit lesson with CM Sports, which made our hearts beat very fast. We enjoyed a Kidzfit session, where we learnt lots of different skills, like jumping and hula hooping. 

Thank you to everyone that came to support us during our Sports Afternoon and well done to our winners, the white team. 

We have had an active and hot week, well done to the children for working hard throughout the hot weather. 

Have a lovely sunny weekend :) 

 World Cup

w.b 11.06.18


We have started our PLOD about the World Cup this week and have been busy practising our football skills.  We have been working hard on our sentence writing and thinking about what we would like to be when we grow up! In maths we have been adding footballs together and identifying missing numbers.

Next we look forward to learning about different countires who are taking part in the World Cup. Australia, Japan and Italy will be the focus countires that we learn about.  We will even try some Japenese noodles!


Don't forget to look smart for school photos on Tuesday 19th June!

We look forward to seeing you at the Strawberry Fayre on Friday 22nd June at 1.45!



Royal Wedding Celebrations

We have had a busy few weeks preparing for the Royal Wedding!  The children have found out facts about the Royal Family and made cards for Harry and Meghan.  We have posted some of these to the happy couple and hope that they might write back to us!  We have also held our own wedding inspired by 'The Scarecrow's Wedding' book by Julia Donaldson.  We made our own Betty and Harry scarecrows and held a wedding cermony for them! We also enjoyed a special celebration tea and Royal games in our red, white and blue clothes. Please see Tapestry for photos of all our super learning!


Week Beginning 30th April

We have been very busy this term learning all about Dragons and Unicorns. We have been using adjectives to decribe them and write sentences. We have also made magical doors for mythical creatures!

Dragon unicorn

We are now learning about Kings and Queens and were so impressed with the facts you all learnt about the Royal Family for home learning. The children shared their work with each other in Talk Time.


This week we have been busy practising our assembly. It was lovely to see so many family members to come and watch us. Thank you! Check out our Facebook page to see us singing the 'Rainbow' song.



Week Beginning 19th March

Frosty Snow & Signs of Spring!

Well we have had a very busy week in Angelfish Class. An unexpected day in the snow and then lots of signs of spring shooting up! On Monday, we went on a welly walk in the snow and we spent lots of time using our senses to describe how it felt as we played. When we came back to the classroom we were inspired to draw chalky snow scenes and write descriptive sentences too.

As the snow thawed out, we started to see lots of signs of spring popping up in our Year R garden and we wrote all about them too! We have also been rehearsing our subtraction skills using petals on a flower and have enjoyed continuing our Yoga sessions with Sarah too.

Next week we look forward to lots of Easter learning and fun!

Don’t forget to bring in your Easter bonnets in on Thursday! :)


Week begining 12th March

Science Week!

What a great week we have had being scientists!  We have taken part in lots of experiments and even used real scientific equipment in the special Science Lab!  We have all been Wondering Walters and asked lots of questions and made predictions about what we thought would happen.  We have rescued monsters from ice, tested materials to make a waterproof coat for monsters, made fizzing drinks for a Monster Tea Party and planted seeds in different things to see which ones would grow.  Please look on Tapestry to see photos of all our experiments.

There are lots of Science games on EducationCity you might like to play at home.


Week beginning 5th March

Monsters and World Book Day!

We have now started our Monster Plod and a monster called Muggee  has come to join us in Angelfish! We have enjoyed using the super sock puppet monsters we made for our Home Learning and have thought about what they might say.  We also painted our own monsters by blowing paint with a straw.  In maths we have been working on putting a number in our heads and counting on.


We had a great day celebrating World Book Day and did some fantastic writing about our characters.




Book Week - Week beginning 26th February

This week we have been celebrating book week, ready for World Book Day on Thursday. We have had a whole school focus book 'Into the Forest' by Anthony Browne which we read on Monday.

Into the woods

We made up our own Forest stories by illustrating which characters we would meet along a forest path. We then shared our stories.


In the book there are references to lots of other fairytales so we have been reading and doing our learning through Little Red Rding Hood, Goldilocks and Hansel and Gretal.

We have also had lots of other fun with dressing up in our PJs; sharing stories and drinking hot chocolate and meeting a real life author in assembly! We have been talking about book characters and are very excited to show our costumes on Thursday! 

Website1 Website2

Website3 Website5





Week beginning 19.02.2018

Roll Up Roll Up!

This week we have thoroughly enjoyed learning about everything in the circus! We have learnt circus tricks to perform to our peers and practised them over and over again – just like Resilient Rosa! We have written some careful invitations to the other classes to make sure they knew when and where to come for the show. There were jugglers, tightrope walkers and even acrobats at our Friday afternoon performance. Well done Angelfish!

 RSF Circus

Our first school disco was also a great success. We were very impressed with the children’s confidence and ‘Enthusiastic Eddie’ dance moves! Thank you to everyone who came along to support the school.

Next week is ‘Book Week’, we look forward to Pyjama day on Monday 26th February and World Book day on Thursday 1st March where we will dress as a book character.



Week beginning 5th February

This week we have been learning about Chinese New Year!  We have made beautiful Chinese blossom pictures using cotton buds.  We have also performed our own Dragon Dance in PE.  We had to work as a team and make sure we were all doing the same thing!  Mrs Weavers came to watch and thought it was fantastic! 

We now have 2 children who have read 30 books in our Reading Challenge and we would love it if all of Angelfish could get to 10 books during the half-term!


Week beginning 29th January



This week we have continued exploring our learning through the wonderful world of Jula Donaldson! We have been chanting the Superworm chant and spotting rhyming words. We have also been hunting for worms and carried out an experiment to see what the worms wriggled to from a choice of soil, stones, fruit, carrot and basil leaves! Most of the worms ended up finding the soil!


Can your child chant the Superworm chant to you? Maybe Abi's 'super' writing may remind you!



Week beginning 22th January

The Smartest Giant in Town

This week we have been thinking about the Smartest Giant in Town.  We have measured ourselves to find out who would be the tallest and shortest giant in our class!  We have also been thinking about how art and music can make us feel and designed some pants for the giant! We have been using 3d shapes to build a village for the giant.





Week beginning 15th January

Thank you for all the super Home Learning Family Trees!  They look fantastic up on display!


RAF family tree

This week we have been looking at The Highway Rat by Julia Donaldson and thinking about sharing and making the right choices.  We have also been working on addition and adding up the things the Highway Rat has stolen and recording it in pictures. 

Angelfish have celebrated our first reader who has read 10 books for the Reading challenge and got their first sticker this week.  How many more children will get to 10 reads next week?



Week beginning 8th January

We have made a great start back to school and have begun thinking about Julia Donaldson books.  We have started with Stickman and will move on to The Highway Rat next week.  We have written postcards from the Stickman and thought about ordering sticks by length.  We have also started Show and Tell on Wednesdays .Your child will receive a letter when it is their turn. We'd love to share any Julia Donaldson books your child has with the class if they wanted to bring them in. (Named please!)



Wednesday 13th December

Wow! The children were all superstars performing our Nativity Play for our grown ups! They sang and danced brilliantly and remembered all their lines!  We are all so proud of Angelfish!  Well done!  Thank you to everyone that came to watch! We are now busy getting ready for Christmas making special gifts and writing letters to Santa!



Week beginning 4th December


This week we have been thinking about Christmas and how people celebrate it.  We have made cards and wrapping paper with a repeating pattern on.  We have been super busy practising our Christmas Play! We are now experts at it and looking forward to performing it for you on Wednesday!

Mrs Knight and Mrs Lee look forward to hearing all about your Christmas celebrations on Tapestry for your Home Learning! Don't forget to share any other amazing learning you do at home with us!


Week beginning 27th November

This week we have started learning about 'Celebrations' and have begun with 'Birthdays'. We have talked about what is a birthday, why we celebrate and the ways in which we celebrate. We read Kipper's Birthday by Mick Inkpen and have been busy preparing lots of things for his birthday! Mrs Knight and Mrs Lee decided it was his 10th birthday as this week we have been learning all about the number 10 and the different ways we can make 10 with two numbers.

 We have been writing birthday cards and posting them in our new Post Office role-play area. We have been writing party food lists, invitations, making paper chains with each of us doing a chain that is 10 loops long. We have also been having fun playing party games! We enjoyed the memory game Kyms game (where we had to remember several items on a tray and see if we could spot which item had been taken away). It's been a very busy week learning all about birthdays!   

Kipper post office




Week Beginning 20th November

We have had another busy week in Angelfish! We have been seeing how well we know our sounds and Mrs Knight an Mrs Lee are SO proud of us!  Miss Mayhew has joined us for three weeks and we are helping her learn all about how to be a teacher!  We have been thinking about number 9 and using balances to compare weights in our maths.  We took part in Anti-Bullying Day and Friendship Friday and thought about how to be a good friend and what to do when we have problems with people being unkind to us. Our Sponsored Sing was amazing on Wednesday and we have now started to think about our Christmas play!



Friday 17th November

Children in Need

We have had a lovely day raising money for Children in Need in our spotty clothes and enjoyed our cakes!



We hope you enjoyed seeing our leaning about fish on Tapestry this week!

We look forward to seeing all our grown ups for our Sponsored Sing on Wednesday!




Thursday 9th November 

Today PC Paddick came to tell us all about his job and how he helps people.  He told us all about the different parts of his uniform and let us try some on too!  We talked about how to keep ourselves safe if we get lost and asked lots of questions!  PC Paddick also gave us lots of exciting things to use in our Police Station and has said he would love to see any notes we make in the special Police notebooks he has given us! Thank you PC Paddick!

pcpaf2       pcpaf3




Week Beginning 31st October 2017

Welcome back to school! We hope you had a lovely Half Term! This week we have been learning about ‘People Who Help Us’. We have really enjoyed our new police station role play area. We have had a visit from a real firefighter – Fireman Tom! He showed us his uniform, what all the different parts are used for and we had an opportunity to ask him questions.

We also learnt a rhyme about match safety:

‘Matches, matches, never touch. They will hurt you very much!’

Next week, PC Paddick will be visiting school to tell us all about the role of a police officer!







Time To Shine Day



We had a very 'bright' day learning all about Road Safety.  Our bright clothes meant that cars would be able to see us more easily when crossing the road and we thought about how else we could keep ourselves safe.  We even had a little practise outside!




We were very excited as this week our new carpet arrived in Angelfish! The teachers were almost as excited as the children!


carpet 2

As well as being a lovely new mat for us to sit on and helping us to find our carpet spaces at carpet times, we have been using the new mat in lots of creative ways! We have liked playing games and challenging our friends to find and step on the different sea creatures!



Week beginning 9th October 2017

This week we have been thinking about Autumn. We have been talking about signs of Autumn and we had lots of good ideas. Max said "Hedgehogs hide in their homes." Jake said "It gets chilly." Kayla said "The leaves fall off the trees." and Molly said "The leaves change colour."

We have been using Autumn objects outside, including painting Autumn leaves; rolling conkers down slides; counting acorns and making leaf hedgehogs. 

We have also made some beautiful Autumn tree pictures, using paint with cotton buds to print on leaves in Autumnal colours. Our pictures are displayed in our classroom and look fabulous! 

paint 1 paint 2



Week beginning 2nd October 2017

This week we have been learning about the ‘Twoness of the number 2’! We have been representing the number two in lots of ways, for example: clapping it, stamping it out, using objects or people to show it and of course learning how to write it.

We have also started to learn our sounds and have become super sound spotters, recognising s, a, t, p all around the learning environment. Have a go at spottting these sounds at home and when you're out and about!




Week beginning 25th September 2017

Another busy week for Angelfish! We have been to our first assembly to say "Goodbye" to Mrs Swinger who is going to have a baby.  Angelfish were super stars and sat and listened so beautifully!We have also been showing off our number skills by counting and recognising numbers.  Our first Home Learning task has been sent home and Mrs Knight and Mrs Lee are looking forward to learning about everyone's families.


Week beginning 18th September 2017

Angelfish Class have completed their first full week of school and have done so well! There have been lots of new things to learn about, including our hot school dinners and PE. We have learnt to line up sensibly, collect our dinner plate from Emily our school cook and even how to clear our plates once we have finished. During our PE lesson we have been learning to get undressed and dressed as independently impossible. Everyone did really well, with just some stubborn buttons and tricky tights slowing us down. Once in the hall we loved playing lots of new games. Our first reading book and library book have also come home for you to share and enjoy.


Week beginning 11th September 2017

It has been lovely having all of Angelfish class in school together and we have all been busy getting to know each other! The children are already superstars at coming into school in the morning and remembering where to put all their belongings! We have listened to the story about Salty the Sea Turtle who is going to help us when we feel cross or upset and we worked togther to make a picture of him for our classroom wall!





Welcome to Angelfish Class 2017/18!

angelfish 2

We have really enjoyed meeting the children on their home visits and getting to know them on their first afternoon in school. Thank you for welcoming us into your homes! The children have been busy exploring their new classroon and we look forward to getting to know them better and having lots of fun playing and learning together this year!

Class1 Class2Class 3 Class 5 





Longdown Dairy Farm

We had a lovely day at the farm being farmers!  We fed cows, goats, pigs and horses, held chicks, collected eggs and went on a bumpy tractor ride!  Back at school the children have been busy writing recounts of our day and painting detailed animal pictures.





FUDGE Afternoon

A big thank you to all of those Dads and Grandads who were able to attend our FUDGE afternoon today. It was a great success where all of the children got to find out more about lots of new and exciting things. Including: gardening, cricket, cartoon skills, being a policeman back in the day when they had wooden trunchons and being an air traffic controller (or making paper planes for him!).


fudge 5




Health and Fitness Week

What an active week we have had!  Hopefully you have seen the pictures of our Yoga session on Tapestry!  We have also taken part in a gymnastics session.  A visitor from Asda came to talk to us about healthy eating and showed us how much sugar is in some of our favourite foods.  We have also held our own World Athletics Championships and found out that Angelfish love relay races and Mrs Cook has hidden javellin skills!


Watching and Waiting...

Angelfish are patiently waiting!  We have noticed that the caterpillars have already grown much bigger!




Heroes Day

Wow! What a busy day! We have learnt alot from lots of real-life heroes who visited our school today. We have met heroes from Search and Rescue; Ambulance; Police and Air Ambulance. We went on vehicles and looked at equipment. We all dressed up as heroes too and looked fantastic!

hero 1 hero 2 hero 4

 hero 5 hero 7 hero 6







Magic of Colour Day and Art Week

We have had a super fun and messy week exploring abstract art. We have been using the primary colours and have explored the effects using different paint techniques. The children have been looking at art work and talking about what they can see, how it makes them feel and whether they like it. The children have chosen their favourite 'masterpiece' to be framed and displayed in our art gallery on Tuesday! We can't wait to show you!

Art Splatter Art marble

Art marble 2 Art palette

Art blow Art print 2




Sponsored Bounce

What a bouncy class we are! Our top jumpers both managed an amazing 115 bounces in just one minute! We all had great fun taking part!





Ahoy me hearties!

Welcome back to final term in Year R! This week we have started a Pirate PLOD. It started with a letter from Peg Leg Sam who wanted to hear about our Easter adventures as he was lonely at sea! We've made pirate hats and eye patches. We've used maps to hunt for treasure too. In Talk Time we talked about what three things we would take to a desert island. The children did some excellent thinking and talking!

Desert island

We have now got a new special chair in our class. It is called our Writers Throne. When children do some super writing, their name goes in a pot. After a couple of days we select a name and that child gets to sit on the special throne at carpet times! The more writing we do, the better our chances are! The children have been trying extra hard to do writing to be in with a chance as they are so excited! Even Mrs Weavers wanted to do some writing so she could sit on the chair!

Writers throne



Year R Assembly and Easter Day

Thank you to everyone who came to watch our assembly on Wednesday. We're sure you will agree how fantastic all the children were!

Today we had a very special visit from the Easter Bunny.  We had a parade with our super hats that we had made for our Home Learning and he picked our winners.  They were all brilliant!





Another busy week in Angelfish!  We have been busy practising our assembly and are nearly ready to perform it for our families on Wednesday Morning!  We have been starting to think about Easter and the Easter Story. As part of this RE work we thought about our favourite stories and why stories are important.  We even had to persuade a Story Stealer not to take all our books!  We have been thinking about 2D and 3D shapes in Maths and trying hard to remember all the shape names. 

Dont forget to make your Easter Bonnets ready for Friday 7th April!  We can't wait to see them!




The Little Princess Production and Comic Relief

What a lovely week we have had! On Thursday M&M Productions came to put on a show for all of us called The Little Princess.  Our favourite character was the Genie because he was very funny!

We enjoyed telling our jokes for Comic Relief and had a disco in the afternoon too!



Science Week 


Angelfish have absolutely loved Science Week!  We have loved beind scientists and doing our own experiments!  Mrs Copestake showed us dry ice in assembly and we explored making gloop with cornflour and water. We made rainbows in water with Skittles and warm water and also investigated what happened to food colouring in milk when we added washing up liquid.  There are some great videos on Youtube if you would like to see what happens!






World Book Day


Can you guess which books we're all from?


all class  no joey bella



Room on the Broom

This week we have continued with our Julia Donaldson PLOD and have been sharing 'The Room on the Broom' story. Our morning job this week has been to practise our cutting skills by cutting out the witch. We then created some fabulous art work by making a colour wash sky for the witch to fly across. We had to mix powder paint, choosing which base colour to make. We then added a bit of white at a time to create a varying tone of the colour. 

art 1 art 2

art 3 art 4


Our Exciting Crowns and Glasses!

This week Angelfish have been very excited by our new crowns and glasses and have tried really hard to win their turn to wear them. The crowns are like the Smartest Giant in Town's and you have to be spotted being a Caring Carla to wear one!  The glasses are for when you do something SPECtacular!





"I'm Stick Man, I'm Stick Man, I'm Stick Man that's me!" 

 We have now started our Julia Donaldson PLOD and have spent this week doing lots of Stick Man activities.  We have made our own stick people and ordered sticks by length.  We have also written postcards from the Stick Man and speech bubbles.  We used sticks to learn about subtraction and have started to think about how we can write down our subtraction number sentences.




Run, run as fast as you can...

This week we have begun a PLOD all about 'The Gingerbread Man'. The children did some great home learning to start it off. Thank you to grown ups at home for sharing the story and making the Gingerbread man in such creative ways! Some of the children shared their 'baked goods' with the whole class and got a big thumbs up!

We have been so busy learning all about 'The Gingerbread Man'. We have started to learn an oral story with actions. We have made masks and puppets and retold the story. 

GB mask 1 GB mask 2

We have been learning about subtraction/takeaway using raisins on gingerbread men and taking some away to see how many are left. We also practised drawing on whiteboards and crossing out or rubbing out the number we were taking away. We then got to take all of the raisins away by eating them!!

GB takeaway GB takeaway 2 GB takeaway 3

We have been doing printing in Art. We looked at an artist who has used print techniques in her work and talked about how we felt about the picture. We explored printing using a variety of objects and textures and made a fabulous group piece of work. We are hoping he doesn't run away!

GB art GB print 1

                       GB print 2




 Angelfish have had a busy week using Lego in lots of different ways.  We have worked as teams to complete Lego building challenges and made lots of our own models too.  We have thought about addition by adding piles of bricks together.  We have done some super sentence writing about Lego characters and investigated what materials are best to make bricks from.  Today we made Lego walls and learnt to programme the BeeBots to travel along the paths without bumping into any walls.  The Lego fun continues next week!


beebot1   beebot2


A very Happy New Year to you all and welcome back! We hope you all had a lovely Christmas break. Thank you for all of our lovely cards, gifts and well wishes at the end of last term, it was very much appreciated.


The children have settled back into routine like they haven't been away! They did some great pictures and writing about their favourite presents, currently on display in our classroom. The teachers have enjoyed looking through the 'All about me' sheets and have begun to think of lots of new ideas for our planning. We are considering a Lego PLOD and a Julia Donaldson (to incorporate Stick Man) PLOD based on common interests. Watch this space!



Our mischievous elf, Bauble!

We were delivered a special visitor from Father Christmas. He wrote us a letter explaining he had sent us an elf to make sure we were following the Sarisbury Charter! We had to choose a name and decided to call him Bauble! Father Christmas warned us he may be a little bit mischievous! Look at some of the things that Bauble has been up to!


elf 2 elf 1 elf 3



A Baddie Comes to Visit!

What a day! This morning we discovered that a baddie had been in our classroom overnight and had taken some of our toys and had left the classroom in a terrible mess! We had an emergency meeting and put our thinking caps on to work out how we could get our toys back.  We decided to write him a letter, make 'Wanted' posters and write to Year 1 and 2 to help us search for him.  Outside we looked for any clues he might have left.  The children have been buzzing with ideas all day and have been so engaged in their writing! We are hoping the baddie will come back tonight, see all our letters and realise that he has made a bad choice and let us have our toys back!


RAFbaddie letter         RAFCRtrash



Supertato to the rescue!


Today we read the story "Supertato" by Sue Hendra. It was very funny! We then had the chance to make our own Supertato (thank you for your kind donations!). We also have been thinking about alliteration today. Mrs Knight did the register and gave us funny alliterative names like "Hilarous Hattie, Tasty Thomas and Bouncy Ben." We then tried to give our supertatoes alliterative names. We had some really good ideas, including "Super Steve, Good Graham and Amazing Amy"

potato 1 potato 2

potato 3 potato 4

potato 5



Children In Need

Another dressing up day!  We have been thinking about how Pudsey Bear and Sammy the Social Seal both like to help people and all enjoyed our cakes too!



Nursery Rhyme Singalong

Well done Angelfish for super singing for our Sponsored Singalong! You all looked fantastic in your costumes and we had a great day singing all our songs and writing about our Nursery Rhyme characters.




Fruit tasting

Today we read a story called 'Kitchen Disco' about fruit that love to party! A copy will be coming home for the children to keep at home! We looked at, touched and tasted some of the fruit that featured in the story including  pineapple, lemon, mango and coconut. Some of the words we used to describe the fruit included, "yummy, delicious, saucy, ticklish, pointy, yucky, slippery and sour!"

Can you guess which words went with which fruit?! 

fruit 1 fruit 3

We then had a go at writing a word to describe at least one of the fruits!

fruit 6 fruit 7



Nursery Rhyme Week and Remembrance Day

We have had a fun week learning lots of nursery rhymes.  We have been doctors for 'Miss Polly had a Dolly' and soldiers for 'The Grand Old Duke of York'.  We have also made rainbows for 'Incy Wincy Spider' and scarecrows for 'Dingle Dangle Scarecrow'!  The children loved icing biscuits and adding currants for 5 Currant Buns in a Baker's Shop!  Today we participated in a 2 minute silence for Remembrance Day and made poppies.







 Holly Hill Trip

 We had a great walk to Holly Hill on Wednesday to investigate the woods with our senses.  We had a list of things to try and find on our walk and then, when we were back at school, we made a big picture using our finds.  We have also thought of describing words about the woods and have had a go at writing them down.  We tried hard to use the sounds we have learnt and used special 'magic scribble writing' if we didn't know how to write a sound. 







Perform Workshop

We had fun with Perform Drama pretending to go on a journey to Australia to find a boomerang!



perform1RAF   perform2RAF



Family Reading

A big thank you to everyone who joined in with our family reading session. It was lovely to see so many of you enjoying and sharing books with your children in school!

reading 1  reading 2

reading 3  reading 4

reading 5



Autumn Days

This week we have been talking all about Autumn and some of the signs of Autumn. The children came up with some great ideas, including the leaves changing colour and the weather getting 'chilly'. We have been collecting leaves, decorating leaves, making leaf bunting and have even made a beautiful Autumn display in our classroom! We hope you enjoy a weekend welly walk for home learning too!

Autumn display


Salty the Sea Turtle and our Charter Rules

In Angelfish, we have been learning all about Salty the Sea Turtle and how he goes into his shell when he feels cross to help him solve his problems.  We have also been thinking hard about the Sarisbury Charter and following the rules.


We are kind and helpful

We are honest.

We work hard.

We look after property.

We listen. 

We are gentle.


We are all trying very hard to remember them all!



Introducing our Class Bear...

Fluffy Bear photo website

This is our class bear. We put all of the wonderful name suggestions by the children on their home visits into a hat and picked one out. The bear's name is FLUFFY! Fluffy bear is very much looking forward to spending an evening at home with each child soon! We hope he is a good bear for you, we're sure he will be!



September 2016 -

A warm welcome to our new Angelfish Class 2016-17!

This week we have been busy getting the classroom ready for all the new Angelfish. We are looking forward to seeing all of the children on our home visits and hearing about the exciting things they have been doing in the holidays. We are looking forward to welcoming you into school this week, but in the meantime, here is a sneaky peak at the Angelfish classroom! 

Classrom 1 Classroom 2

Classroom 3 Classroom 5

Classroom 4



YEAR R 2015/16

RAF Airlines

Today, we boarded flight RAF123 to Greece! We had made passports yesterday so used these to check in and get our flight ticket. We found our allocated seats and prepared for take off!

flight1 flight2

flight3 flight4

We watched a safety demonstration and Pilot Zachary gave us a smooth take off! It was very noisy though! We has an in flight snack and clip from a movie. It was quite a quick flight to Greece this morning! Jeorge said it took him longer when he went last month!

flight5 flight6


We arrived safely in Greece and enjoyed the warm sunshine!






Health and Fitness Week

We are having a busy week thinking about keeping fit and healthy! On Monday we learnt all about the Olympics and talked about the different sports that take part. We watched some Olympic races and saw the highlights of the previous Olympic Games in London. We also got to experience Yoga as part of a group called Mitchy Titch. It was very relaxing!

yoga 1 yoga 2

yoga 3 yoga 4

On Tuesday we tasted some yummy healthy melon! We were all sport stars in our first Sports Day. Everyone particpated and showed great resilience! Thank you to all of the supporters too!

Fruit 1 fruit 2





Longdown Dairy Farm

We had a wonderful day down on the farm!  We were all farmers for the day and got to feed and hold lots of animals!  We also went on a bumpy tractor ride where poor Miss Wilson got soaking wet! We fed pigs, cows and goats and a horse.  We were all so brave and gentle!  We all held a chick and some fell asleep on us but some pooed on us instead!

farm1cow   farm2cow

farm3tractor  farm4goat



Road to Rio!

We have had a great day today learning our Greek dance!  We all looked fantastic in our white and blue outfits and used our best listening skills when Danni was telling us what to do!  We are looking forward to performing it for you at the Strawberry Fair!



Another butterfly hatched this week so we let it go! It flew away straight away, making Mrs Knight jump! We then pretended we were butterflies and used our imaginations to decide where we would fly to. We did some amazing writing about it!

butterflies 1 butterflies 2




There was great excitement in Angelfish Class this morning! We had two butterflies! We are hoping our other three cocoons will turn into butterflies over the weekend!  We let the butterflies go this afternoon.




Queen's Focus Day


We have had a lovely day celebrating the queen and her reign.  We enjoyed our special lunch and got crafty collaging a queen and making our own crowns.  We learnt lots of facts about the Queen and enjoyed reading 'The Queen's Knickers'!






Forest Friends

We had great fun at the woods with Mrs Grover!  We built dens, hunted for mini-beasts and learnt a new song!

ff1   ff2

ff3   ff4



Special visitors!

Look what arrived in our class today...

caterpillars 3

5 baby caterpillars!!

We will be watching the caterpillars grow and change over the next couple of weeks and are looking forward to seeing them become beautiful butterflies!

caterpillars 2




St. George's Day

Today (with Colin the Crab) we learnt all about St. George's Day.  We had great fun making dragons, swords and shields and pretending to be knights and princesses!


st george


Welcome Back!


What super writing we have been doing about our holiday news!  Its sounds like everybody has had a lovely Easter!  We tried really hard to use our sounds and remember our finger spaces and full stops.  Please pop in to see our writing up on the wall!





Easter Fun!

Well done to everyone for their super Easter bonnets!  They all looked fantastic! The Easter Bunny loved seeing them all!

easter  easter1


A Busy Friday! 

Today we had a surprise visit from Boris, Mrs Beynon's dog!  She told us all about him and showed us some of the things she uses to look after him.  We thought of questions to ask her to find out even more!



We also had a busy day for Sport Relief.  This morning we did lots of physical activities outside, including an obstacle course and dancing.  Then this afternoon we joined with the other Year R classes to have a big aerobics workout in the hall.

sr1    sr3sr2



The Real Superheroes!

This week we have been learning about 'People who help us'. We have talked about Firefighters, Paramedics and Police so far. We were very lucky to have lots of visitors today, including Paramedics and the Police! We got to look in a real Ambulance and Police van! We were very excited!!

Paramedic 1 Paramedic 2 Paramedic 3

Paramedic 4 Paramedic 5 Paramedic 6

Paramedic 7  police1



Thank you for meeting the challenge of finding your smoke detectors at home. Lots of the children came in telling me where they were and what noise they made! Our paramedics today set the challenge for the children to try and learn their address, either postcode (which we thought could be tricky!) or house number/name and road. Who can meet the challenge?!



World Book Day

Fantastic costumes everybody! Thank you for bringing in your books to share.  We did some super writing about our book characters!


book dayraf



Superhero Art


We have been busy little artists this week.  We looked at the work of Lichtenstein and had a go at making our pictures with bright colours and big shapes and lines.  We also looked at 'Starry Night' by van Goph and made pictures with swirls like his.  We used pastels to do this and added buildings on the top.

lichtenstein      van goph



Visit from a 'Baddie'!

baddie 1 baddie 2 baddie 3


When we arrived at school this morning we found that our writing area was in a complete mess and our new superhero figures had been taken!! There was a mask, cape and note left behind. We thought a baddie had taken them and thought of lots of ways to get them back, including: writing notes to him/her; drawing pictures to show what the baddie looked like; designing and making traps!

baddie 7 baddie 5 baddie 8

baddie 4 baddie 6

Thankfully when the baddie came back to collect the mask and cape left behind, another note was left. This time it told us that the baddie felt bad for taking them after seeing all our hard work. But we did have to go on a hunt outdide to find them all as the baddie had hidden them this time!







Look at our amazing





We have started our learning around a 'Superhero' theme this week! We began by reading 'Supertato' by Sue Hendra. Supertato had to save all the vegetables from the evil pea! We will be looking at lots of her books this term and have enjoyed a few already!



We have got a new Superhero role play area and are enjoying becoming superheroes in it and coming up with plans! 


superhero 5 superhero 1 superhero 2

Today we had to be Superheroes and try to rescue the princess by climbing through the lasers!

superhero 3 superhero 4


Celebration Week

As it was Chinese New Year we spent the day learning lots all about it. We looked where China was on the globe; made lucky money envelopes; made chinese lanterns in red and gold as we found out these were lucky colours; we looked at artefacts from China that some parents kindly brought in; we painted blossom trees and had a go at Chinese writing. We ended the day by tasting noodles and thinking of adjectives to describe them. We thought of words like sticky, yummy, delicious and long!  

chinese objects 

chinese envelopes chinese lanterns chinese map

chinese painting chiese painting 3 chinese takeaway

Chinese noodles Chinese noodles 2

On Shrove Tuesday we talked out why we have pancakes. We learnt that Jesus gave up food for 40 days and nights in the desert so Christians remember him by giving up something for Lent which begins the day after Shrove Tuesday. We had lots of fun tasting pancakes and all wrote an adjective about how it tasted, felt or smelt.

 pancake 1 pancake 3 pancake 2

pancake adjectives pancake adjectives 2



The Smartest Giant in Town

This week we are continuing to look at the author Julia Donaldson and have been enjoying doing our learning about 'The Smartest Giant in Town'. We have been thinking about height and have measured ourselves against the giant in our classroom that we made!

giant 1  giant 2

We had great fun designing new pants for George the giant! We looked at the artwork by Russian artist Sonia Delaunay. She used lots of shapes in her artwork, particularly circles. We created our own designs, then used 'pant' viewfinders to choose the best part! 


pants 1 pants 7 pants 3

pants 2 pants 4 pants 8




Perform Drama Workshop

Today we took part in a drama workshop all about helping 'Super Duper' to save the world from the evil 'Bad Bopper' who lives on The Party Planet.  We pretended to travel on a space rocket and played lots of games.  We defeated Bad Bopper in the end and also learnt how we could help to save the world by trying to 'Reduce, Reuse, Recycle'.

perform1  perform2

perform3  perform4


Holly Hill Walk 

What a lovely frosty walk we had to Holly Hill this morning!  It was so cold even the lakes had frozen!  We watched the ducks sliding over the ice and then splashing in!  Thinking about our work on Stick Man, we chose the tree that we thought the Stick Man would live in with his family.  We had a big surprise at the end of our walk when we found the Gruffalo hidden in a tree waiting for us!  On our way round we collected lots of things that we have started to use back in school to make pictures and maps all about Holly Hill.

hh1   hh3

hh2  hh4





 I'm Stick Man, I'm Stick Man, I'm Stick Man, that's me!


We've had a fun week thinking about the Stick Man story by Julia Donaldson.  We've thought about our own family trees, made stick people, counted sticks and ordered them by length, sequenced pictures from the story and made masks of the characters.  We've also made bows and arrows from sticks and used our imaginations to think of all the other things a stick could be.  Don't forget to pop in to the classroom after school on Monday to see all our hard work!

Stick Man



 Music and History Week

We have carried on our busy week by learning about rationing.  We made our own Rock Cakes.  We looked again at some of the artefacts and decided which things would be most importan to a soldier.  We wrote our own lists of things we would pack in a Kit Bag.  We listened to a band from Brookfield Play to the whole school and we also listened to some old war songs.  We thought they sounded a bit funny!  We carried on playing games that children would have played 100 years ago.  We found out about what schools were like and Mrs Lee showed us how strict the teachers used to be.  We all loved pretending to be a bossy teacher!

aretfact1     aretfact2  artefacts

rock cake  marbles



A HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all!

Welcome back, we hope you all had an enjoyable festive break. It's been lovely hearing all about what the children did in the holidays and the gifts they received.

This week we are learning about life over 100 years ago and World War 1, as part of our whole school History and Music Week. So far, we have created a timeline in our class to try and see how long ago it was. We have talked about our new toys compared to the old toys they played with back in 1914. Today we talked about what life was like for the soldiers and what it was like for them in the trenches. We pretended to be in a trench, looked at some old artefacts and photos of the soldiers.

trench 1 trench 2 trench 3

trench 4 trench 5 




Christmas Excitement is building!

We are very excited about Christmas and are looking forward to performing our play this week. We've also been busy with lots of Christmas activities. We might be tired, but we are still working hard! We've made lists; decorated trees; designed Santa plates; made magic reindeer food. We are like busy little elves!

xmas a xmas b

xmas c xmas d



Our Mischievious Elf!

Elfa has been up to alot of mischief in our class but is very good during the day! Here are some of her antics that have awaited us in the mornings! She has made a snowman out of toilet roll; been fishing; made new friends even wrapped up Mrs Knight's and Mrs Lee's whiteboard!

elf a elf b

elf c elf d



CHRISTMAS has arrived in our class!!

We have had such a fun 1st day of December! We have got a new Santa's Workshop for our role play and have had lots of fun role-playing being elves and making things for Christmas.

workshop 1 workshop 3 workshop 4

We also had a very exciting gift which Mrs Knight discovered when she got to work this morning. We opened it to find a letter from Father Christmas who was sending an elf to join us. The elf is looking forward to watching us follow the Sarisbury Charter and apparently returns to the North Pole every night to tell Father Christmas all the lovely things we have been doing. We had to give our special magical elf a name. We decided on Elfa! Apparently she can sometimes be a bit sneaky so we are looking forward to seeing what Elfa gets up to!

elf 1 elf 3




Baking, Singing and Reading!


What a busy week we've had this week (23rd-27th November).  We baked our own Gingerbread Men and drew pictures of them on the computer.  We have also started learning the songs for our Christmas Play, The Nativity. We finished off our week with a lovely Family Reading session.  Thank you to all the parents who came to share books with us!



Children In Need Day


We had great fun raising money for Children In Need.  We have been thinking about "Miss Polly Had a Dolly" and being doctors so today we bandaged dollys to look just like Pudsey!

Thank you for all your donations and cakes.





World Nursery Rhyme Week

We started our week focusing on "1,2,3,4,5 Once I Caught a Fish Alive" and had a very fishy day!! We made fish puppets; printed onto fish shapes using bubblewrap and paint; listened to fish stories but best of all explored a REAL fish! We enjoyed feeling the fish, including it's scales, eyes, mouth and insides!


fish 1 fish 2 fish 3 fish 4

fish 5 fish 6

fish 7

We also did some observational drawings of the fish. We had to look really carefully with our eyes and draw what we could see.

fish drawing fish drawing 2

Some of us continued to just have a REALLY good explore!!!

 fish drawing 3 fish drawing 4




Autumn Days...

This week we are learning all about Autumn, Fireworks and Darkness.

Today we learnt about Guy Fawkes and Bonfire Night. We watched fireworks on the Interactive Whiteboard then created our own firework pictures as they played in the background!

firework art3 Firework art1 firework art2

You can see our masterpieces hanging up in the classroom!


We have also been busy looking at Autumn leaves, collecting them from around the school and using them to thread onto string and hang in our classroom!

autumn autumn threading autumn threading 2




Using the children's ideas for Little Red Hen

Wow! The children came up with lovely ideas for Home Learning last week which we have used in our learning this week. We have made some super masks for the characters. We learnt how to make a hole for the eyes, by poking a pencil safely through into some plasticine. We were brilliant at cutting independently!

masks 1 masks 2

masks 3 masks 4

We had lots of fun decorating eggs too! We then had egg and spoon races and practised rolling our eggs down slopes. We knew that they would become smelly soon so didn't mind if they cracked! Mrs Knight took a picture for us to keep at home of our finished eggs.


egg race 2 egg race 4

egg rolling 1 egg rolling 2



Family Reading Time

A big thank you to everyone who came to our family reading afternoon, it was lovely to see so many family members sharing and enjoying books with the children. We hope the grown ups enjoyed being back at school!

f reading 2 f reading 1 f reading 6

f reading 3 f reading 4 f reading 5



Making Bread

 On Wednesday we made bread just like the Little Red Hen did. We enjoyed mixing and kneading it and made the dough into little rolls.  We gave it to our cook Emily to bake in her oven.  We all thought it tasted delicious and Emily said that our class made the best bread!

bread2 bread3

bread4  bread5 




 Sound Spotters

We have started learning our sounds this week and have been sound super stars! We learnt the 's' sound on Monday and 'a' on Tuesday. Look at some of the things we have been doing with the 's' sound. Can you spot the sounds we have learnt whilst reading this week?

phonic 1 

Our names all begin with the sound 'S'

Phonic 2 phonic 4 phonic 3

We sorted objects with the 's' sound; made ssssspiders and played with spaghetti in our sensory tray!




Alice in Wonderland

This week we have listened to the story of 'Alice in Wonderland' and been talking about the Mad Hatter's Tea Party. We are VERY excited to be having our own Mad Hatter tea party and have been busy preparing for it. We have made our own mad hats where we learnt about using PVA glue carefully!

making hats 


hats 2

We have also made some AMAZING party lists for things we might need to remember for our Mad Hatter party!

writing lists writing lists 2

writing lists 3

We iced biscuits for our tea party and carefully had to count 5 treats to put on our biscuit. We also made fabulous paper chains to decorate our tea party venue!


We really enjoyed our Mad Hatter's tea party where we decorated the table cloth, played games (including croquet with flamingo mallets and hedgehog balls like in the story!) and ate lots of yummy tea party treats!

tea party 1 tea party 2

tea party 3 tea party 4

tea party 7 tea party 6




Making new friends!

We have been very busy getting know each other and have been having lots of fun playing together!

 friends 1  friends 3 friends 6 friends 5

We have been talking about the new friends we have made so far and drawn some lovely portraits of our friends. Mrs Knight thinks we are AMAZING artists!

Portraits for website






Well done to all the Angelfish for a super start to school!  You have come into school really well and are already remembering where to put all your things!


We have had a busy few days learning where everything is and starting to make new friends. We have learnt about Discovery Time, Tidy Up Time, Snack Time and even had a practise at going into the hall for lunch!  We have also had great fun exploring the big playground!


Today we met Salty the Little Sea Turtle and learnt all about how he can help us when we feel cross or upset. 


And finally, please meet Teddington, our class bear!  We decided his name by putting all your ideas in a pot and picking one out!  What a great name it is!


IMG 3056




September 2015 - A warm welcome to all of our new Angelfish starting school soon!

This week we have been busy getting the classroom ready for all the new Angelfish. We are looking forward to seeing all of the children on our home visits and hearing about the exciting things they have been doing in the holidays. We hope the children are looking forward to their classroom is a sneaky peak at the Angelfish classroom! 

   AFCR1     AFCR2