Ahoy! Welcome aboard the Sarisbury Challenger


At Sarisbury Infant School, we all play a part in ensuring that our children are happy and confident learners.  Staff, governors and parents work together to make the children’s learning journey an exciting one, which provides every opportunity  for them to be themselves and have high expectations.


Our children benefit from a strong learning environment, using the indoor and outdoor school spaces as well as the local community. This provides opportunities for them to develop an understanding of Enquiry, Enterprise and the Environment and deepen their learning. 


We are committed to ensuring that our children feel safe at all times. Their wellbeing is paramount, whether they are in the classroom, taking part in an after-school club or out on one of our regular school trips. Personal, Social and Emotional Development  is a priority here at Sarisbury and we nurture the whole child. Our Sarisbury Charter is at the heart of everything we do ensuring that children and adults alike are respectful and considerate.


At our school, no two weeks are the same: the year is enriched with special days, performances, celebrations, surprises and competitions which excite and delight the children.


If you are part of our crew you will have these skills and traits for your future to be responsible adults.


Caring Citizens





Our dedicated staff and rich curriculum all contribute to ensuring that each and every child that attends Sarisbury Infant school ‘Sails the Seas to Success’.


The Captain of ‘The Challenger’ Mrs C Weavers


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