Sarisbury CREW

At Sarisbury Infants, we encourage our children to be part of the Sarisbury CREW. The children are spotted around school being excellent CREW members and this means that they are aboard the Sarisbury Challenger. Look below to see what CREW stands for in our school and examples of what the children can do to show that they are Caring, Resilient, Enthusiastic and Wonderers. We talk about these characters in our classrooms and in assemblies too so the children are very familiar with them. One child from each class gets chosen every week to show who has been an excellent member of the crew!



sarisbury charter boat



Caring Citizen






                                          A5 cara                    

Caring Carla


  • Carla wants to help everyone and gives up her time to do that without thinking.
  • She makes sure others are feeling ok and helps if they are sad.
  • Carla likes to help the grownups with jobs around the classroom and is always polite.  
  • Carla knows that everyone in school helps her and she appreciates all they do.
  • She is caring to creatures and plants.
  • She uses kind hands and is gentle and always uses kind words.

    A5 Rosa

Resilient Rosa


  • Rosa keeps on trying she doesn’t give up.
  • She loves to see children bouncing back and having another go even when things   are tricky.
  • She is happy and positive even if things aren’t going completely right with friends   or class work.
  • She practices over and over again and doesn’t get cross or upset.
  • She doesn’t mind making mistakes and knows that is how you learn and get better at something.

    A5 eddie

Enthusiastic Eddie


  • Loves everything about school and life he is a great CREW member.
  • He really believes that he can do things and wants to do well.
  • He is always positive and happy.
  • He is keen to try anything new and will always give it his best even if it doesn’t go well to start with.
  • He will always go home and try and find out more to help his learning and impress the teacher.

    A5 walter

Wondering Walter


  • Walter always asks questions as he wants to learn more all the time.
  • He likes to do extra research about topics and loves non-fiction books .
  • He can answer lots of questions in school when adults ask even if he’s not right.
  • He is excited by new learning and loves to share what he has found out.
  • He loves to find out about the world and has a really creative imagination full of ideas.