Sports Funding

 Competition Calendar 2016-17

Mini Soccer - 1st November 2016  Year 2

Multi Skills - 6th December 2016  Year 2

Benchball - 2nd March 2017  Year 2

Gymnastics - 20th March 2017 Year 2

Bike Balance - 9th June 2017 Year 1

School Sport's Day - 27th June 2017 Whole School


Additional funding has been supplied by the Government to be used by schools to promote sporting activities. 

gym routine                   gym group                           

Practising our gym routines                                      Gym Festival team 22.3.16

Sports Funding 2015-16 

Here at Sarisbury Infant School we use the majority of the money to buy in expert P.E. teachers who deliver high quality lessons to our children. This provision is supplied through our partnership work with Henry Cort Community College.  Our own school staff work alongside these teachers to improve their skills, thus contributing to their own professional development, knowledge and confidence. Lessons are planned with the staff, so the staff can observe or team teach alongside the specialist. Further planning has been developed and is linked where possible to current topics and other curriculum areas. We have built a bank of high quality planning ideas for each year group, which will be used and developed in future years. The specialist’s time is also spent helping plan, run and organise intra and inter sports competitions. This current year we have participated in Multiskills, Benchball and Gymnastics festivals/competitions to encourage our both our more able and/or least active to take part in these inter school events. We will also be attending the new Balance Bike festival for Year 1 children in June. All children benefit from improved movement, balance and team work through this use of the funding. For example, all our Year 2 children are able to combine moves for a Gymnastics routine. Through our links with Henty Cort and Brookfield as local secondary schools, the children benefit from working alongside their Sport’s Leaders. These leaders give positive role models, encouraging and interacting with our children.

sports leaders


Working with Henry Cort Sport's Leaders

In addition to this, our Year 1 and 2 children alternate in weekly Tennis and Multiskills/Games coaching for a term which supports their team building skills, co-ordination and confidence. Due to the success of this we are now offering this to our Year R children during the summer term.

We ensure the children have a variety of up to date equipment to develop their skills in Gymnastics, Athletics, team games, Dance. This year we have added 2 new benches to complement our hall equipment.

Staff have attended courses to develop new ideas and initiatives which have been cascaded to other members of staff to support their continued professional development and ensure all children have access to ideas and resources. This alongside the specialist teacher support helps us to enhance and sustain whole school development for future years

Later this year we will also be holding our annual 'Sports/ Health and Fitness Week' where we are once again inviting a variety of experts who will share their skills with the children, to widen their experiences and opportunities. Last year, the children experienced new sports, such as Yoga, Tennis and Judo, and they were then signposted towards specialist after school clubs. These experts will often demonstrate their own skills in sport to inspire the children. Within this week we will also hold our whole school ‘Sport’s Day’. In light of it being an Olympics year there will be a whole school topic on the ‘Olympics’. We will be investing in ‘Rio’ Dance workshops to hook all the children into this major event and inspire them.

Finally, as a school that is very aware of the need to promote a healthy life to all our children, we already work with local providers to provide football, gymnastics and dance after school clubs. We also use members of staff to provide lunchtime clubs, such as Running and Games.


Breakdown of Funding 2015-16




£5000- Henry Cort

£1000- Sports Week

£500- Equipment

Remainder- Cover for courses and festivals Supply, Minibus hire, courses