Early Years Home Learning



Please return PINK HOME LEARNING   book by Tuesday 16th January 2018.


This week we have been looking at books by the author   Julia Donaldson. We have started looking more closely at Stick Man and have   been doing lots of learning based around this story. As part of this   learning we will be thinking about family trees. Please talk to your child   about the people in their family. We would like you to make your own family   tree in any way you wish. You might like to use photos or draw it. We would   like to display it in the classroom so make it as bright and colourful as you   can! We look forward to sharing them with the class. We will be using the   family trees to support our Talk Time in class too.

We have included a Reading Challenge for   each child with this home learning. We would like you to sign and date when   they read a school book or another book with you (including those on Bug   Club). They can then colour the box in. We will also initial a box when we   read with your child too. This is a whole school challenge to encourage your   child to read regularly and gain stickers for each 10 books they read. When   they reach 50 they will receive a brand new book of their choice to keep at   home. Happy reading!

Kind regards,

The Year R Team

This week’s sounds

j (job), v (van), w   (with), x (xylophone)

Keep practising saying these sounds   accurately and try spotting these sounds round and about at home or in the   environment.

This week’s Dory words


We have   also been practising the tricky words which we have called Dory’s Wavy Words.   Can you practise reading these too?

he, she